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    December - March is conditioning LOL... Nobody new this pandemic was coming. These questions were put in place to give fans an inside look of what has happened with this season. BW answered them as how they were asked, and even said “we are not making excuses, every team is in the same situation”... When did he ever blame the turf install on being the “failure” of the 2015-2016 season (semi state finals)... Also Highlands doesn’t run 6-7 plays 🤦‍♂️ You Highlands “faithful” will do anything to get this man out of town even if it comes to lying. To the game, I believe Highlands has a shot, but they are going to have to play one heck of a game to come out on top! Go Birds!
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    I don’t care that they’re down, beating Highlands will ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I also believe that makes Coach Eviston and the staff 49-1 in their last 50 games. An incredible run of success that they should be very proud of.
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    Thank you, CWB. Great updates, and appreciate Guru's color commentary. Shocking margin for me tonight.
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    WDNS FM D93 will be Live Streaming on Facebook.. I just received confirmation on that!! Sporting Times usually Live streams as well. 😊
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    All about the boys upfront tonight, my game balls go to the DLine. The reason we looked different is because 85 is on the field again. Trevor Wilson was an absolute animal and I think this is the first time he’s been out there this year. He’s a difference maker. Dickhaus and Stegman both got after it today as well like usual. Great job to the guys up front, there was a big difference between the teams. CovCath was under 4 ypc against Dixie and BW earlier this year. Do you know what helps that? Having Highlands be out gapped almost every time we had a tight end. I was laughing all game watching them line up knowing we’d get 6 yards running the ball, at minimum, just by alignment. That’s a big reason why we ran for like 350 along with just physically being much much better than them up front. I never would have expected some of our best offense to have Caleb running down hill, let alone scoring on power read from 31. Props to him for developing as an athlete over the last couple years. We’re going to need more of that down the stretch. I think he only had 1 catch, but it’s nice to see Benke get in the end zone. Kid is a player and a good compliment to Reardon. Charlie Noon...I like that guy. Good athlete, strong arm, really good things ahead for him. He just needs some help! No big picture stuff tonight, love beating Highlands, hope the guys enjoy it.
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    I'm a Dixie parent, I watch them every week. They have some injury issues. I'm not saying they aren't without fault on the D-Line. They got beat up front hands down, a few people on here agree with that on both sides of the ball. Ryle scored 44 points at the end of the day so yeah, there is plenty of blame to go around. So Ryle had some decent runs, complimented by a few QB scrambles for chunk yardage, just like SK had last week against Dixie. But the Dixie D line, didn't fumble the ball twice, they didn't get their QB sacked, they didn't throw any interceptions, and they weren't on the field to recover the muffed punt. Sometimes the other team is just better that day. I have faith the coaches will get it fixed. Besides, there does not appear to a lot of depth they can rely on. Poor kids are just worn down at the end of a long game when the offense can't sustain drives. Just my two cents as a casual observer. Dixie will be fine they have a good ball team this year. I'm not ready to say one small part of that team is at fault for 44 points.
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    Summary of game. For full stats and play-by-play, see below:https://stats.digitalscout.com/football/boys/game/12567666 The Newport Wildcats hold on to defeat the Covington Holy Cross Indians 21-20 in a battle at Newport Stadium. Newport QB Ethan Jefferson spread the ball to multiple receivers and threw for 236 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also ran for another score. Holy Cross had the run game in high gear tonight with Jeremiah Hicks rushing for 146 yards and 2 TDs and Lavarr Jones adding 82 more yards and another score. Time of Possession told the story of the different team approaches (HC held the ball for twice as much as Newport). Newport was quick strike while HC grinded it out on the ground. A blocked extra point was the difference. Holy Cross had several opportunities in the 4th quarter to pull ahead, but fell short each time. Covington Holy Cross (1-5) comes back home to take on Lloyd (2-2) next Friday night while Newport (4-2) stays home to take on Beechwood (4-2).
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    Daviess is averaging 39.4 points per game and has a record of 2-3. Giving up 53.7 per game in their losses certainly hasn't helped the cause.
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    One team was ready to play and the other team might have been reading their press clippings all week. Nice win for the Raiders.
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    Outside the injury, really no surprise here. I feel bad that the Eagles face Trinity next.
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    Anybody that thought this game would be close hasn’t been paying attention.
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    Or, maybe that is how good Beechwood and Dixie are.
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    Charlie Noon was 14-27 passing for 197 yards and 1 interception. Rushed 19 times for a net 31 yards. Caleb Jacob was 7-14 passing for 99 yards, 1 TD, and 1 interception. Rushed 10 times for a net 106 yards and 2 TDs.
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    After struggling against Dixie and Beechwood, it looks like the Colonels have hit their stride.
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    I said a week ago, it's hard to win playing freshmen in key postions. I saw Union County earlier and I thought they were much better than I expected.
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    I have my CCH hat on here, no way. Now, if I was a T guy like you, heck yeah!
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    Me either, if I was CCH I wouldn't want anything to do with playing the Shamrocks.
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    Unfortunately, I did see a scenario like this. I was just hoping it didn't happen. The youth and inexperience is really starting to show and they are just overmatched physically. They'll be a force in a few years, but they are gonna take some bumps in the meantime.
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    Thanks for the updates. Union Co. making me eat crow right now.
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    Boyle 7/9 for 133 yards passing and 3 Td’s 7 rushes for 134 yards and 3 Tds Anderson 2/4 passing for -1 yards 14 rushes for -3 yards
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    I've gotta wonder if Cooper and CovCath don't end up being the two teams that play in the NKY freshman championship. Cooper and CCH are both 5-0 and judging from the outcomes of both teams' games against Beechwood, they look pretty evenly pitted against one another. CCH still has Boone and Ryle to play, and Cooper has Campbell and SK left. Cooper 36 Conner 6 Cooper 37 Boone 8 Cooper 26 Ryle 0 Cooper 24 Dixie 20 Cooper 28 Beechwood 14 CovCath 29 Campbell County 27 (Triple OT) CovCath 44 Simon Kenton 16 CovCath 13 Highlands 6 CovCath 33 Beechwood 14 CovCath 44 Conner 0
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    I want to see the Owensboro defense against McKee and Brown. On paper the Devils D has been much better over the past 3 weeks but it has also been against lesser competition(Catholic aside). I think Owensboro scores 40-50. My only question is how much do they give up? Owensboro 42 - Graves 21 You can hear the game here: https://www.owensbororadio.com/player/?playerID=603/
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    Cooper 36 Conner 6 Cooper 37 Boone 8 Cooper 26 Ryle 0 Cooper 24 Dixie 20 Cooper 28 Beechwood 14
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    1. Trinity is excellent. Maybe even a Top 15 program in the Nation this year. I would take IMG by at least 3 scores, maybe 4. 2. IMG is not done building. They are just now getting to the point where their roster of alumni playing in the NFL basically is proving the model works for what they intended. 3.IMG isn't just a football school. Their model is to be the premier Athletic prep school in many sports. 4. It's only getting started in terms of seeing schools like this as a trend. St. Frances (MD) was on their way to being the Northeastern IMG Academy until COVID hit. 5. As recruiting continues to be emphasized more and more and now with the new transfer rules by the NCAA, expect football to start looking more like basketball very soon. The FBU stuff is becoming more and more like AAU every day in the more prominent states. My nephew's Middle School team (8th and 7th Graders) just finished a perfect season but due to COVID only got to play 6 six games. They are really good and destroyed everyone they played and no other Middle School wanted to play them. They picked up one more game, but it isn't against an actual middle school, it is David Pollock's 12U FBU team. Pollock's all-star team may be younger but he wanted the competition.
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    Thanks @Voice of Reason I have followed you for a long time on BGP and you are one of my favorite members!
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    It is gameday. Good luck to all and hopefully we see a competitive game. Beat Colonels!!!! Sweep, what time is the Bluebird gathering at Pee Wees?
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    Hmmm. Well while Giesler was destroying the NKY league Owen and his teammates where playing the GCL league in Division 1. They lost against Visitation, who won the championship. Not trying to come across disrespectful BUT the league are night and day. I will agree I think Cam is a better back Owen Leen is an outstanding MLB and a good RB. Starting tomorrow they will be teammates! So all is good. Both are good talented athletes
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    I go back to what I said this week: coaching will win this game. Eddie had these boys ready-BELIEVE ME. I don’t think Highlands is as bad as as they showed tonight , but after the 1st TD this game was never in doubt in my eyes. You cannot run the ball consistently on this CCH team. Oh yeah...their 2 best linebackers are underclassman. They also owned the line of scrimmage both ways. Pretty good recipe. I honestly thought a 7-10 point win, but certainly not this.
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    Congratulations to Newport Catholic on the win. I thought that they would win. I was impressed with what Dayton did keeping it closer on the scoreboard until later into the game. I look forward to seeing what happens between Dayton and Ludlow . Good luck to both teams going forward.
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    They are 0-4 but have lost to four good teams: Crittenden, Mayfield, Greenwood, and Murray. Scoring points has been a problem but not necessarily defense. Looks like Union County has put it all together tonight.
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    1. Ballard (by a mile) 2. Cov Cath 3. Male 4. ETown 5. Ashland (I’m still not a buyer.)
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    Last Saturday in Arlington, TX USA Today #1 IMG Academy 41 #2 Duncanville, TX 14. I watched the highlights last night. Built up as the game of the year, the contest was men vs boys. It was the closest game IMG has had this year, though. Their other wins.. Venice, FL 49-13. Orlando Edgewater 48-7 Brentwood (TN) Ravenwood 45-14 Chester (VA) Life Christian 52-8 Covid has actually improved IMG with them getting JJ McCarthy from Nazareth Academy in La Grange, IL. Evidently, Nazareth was blocking him from graduating early and Illinois was looking to not play football this fall, so the 5 star Michigan commit transferred to IMG. Long time college assistant, Bobby Acosta took over for Kevin Wright last winter when Wright took the TE assistant job at Indiana. I am not necessarily a fan, but I find the football factory concept interesting. I do not believe the "Blue" or "National" team is eligible for the FHSAA championship, but the "White" or JV team may be.
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