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    Thanks again @TheDeucefor helping out with the rankings. This week we catch up with Chad Pennington to discuss his Sayre Spartans. We also talk to Coach Hawkins about his surprising Defenders and Coach Fox of Oldham county as these two teams meet.
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    Talked to Coach French this morning..... says it was Lee and Dan. Coach French says he inhaled the cigar smoke while my Dad and Coach Hill smoked. Said Coach Hill made corrections on the Mercer scouting report for Washington County. No wonder Mercer won... when the opposing coach shows up to help get your scouting report right, has to help!
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    There's been a few years were numbers have been considered "up," but we've always taken pride in the fact that we always had such low numbers, and were still competitive most years. "The Dirty 30" as we like to call ourselves. Thirty was on the high side a lot of years.
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    That handle immediately goes to the BGP HOF.
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    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a lot of the mis matched first round games are cancelled but I really think you will see at least one maybe two really good teams end their seasons by forfeit in the playoffs also say what you want I very seriously doubt if anyone gets tested the last couple weeks of the playoffs. You can’t test positive if you don’t take a test.
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    I have no problem wearing a mask. The least I can do.
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    Thx for at least respecting and posting the proper Bird CWB. What really would have rubbed the Highlands faithful wrong would have been if you would have used the feathered friendly bluebird instead, lol.
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    Final. Cooper is now 5 and 0 on the season.
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    Game was moved tonight due to shortage of officials.
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    Final, per the update thread.
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    end of one South 14 Seneca 0 FREE broadcast not pay-per-view $7 for high definition, though
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    Cov Cath just put a big hurt on Conner tonight. 44-0, with a running clock going in the 3rd quarter.
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    Join Kevin Connor and Mark Wehry as we will be bringing you this game live on (859) Sports Radio!! Click here.
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    Multiple days to Install 1 play? Well that explains why Highlands only has 6 or 7 plays. Some of the stuff he says is maddening. Highlands has had a Football in their hands working out from Dec to March. Don't let him fool you. It's called a Fieldhouse. They have been running plays up until the days they were shut down but the District. To say that they haven't done anything because of Covid is a complete joke. Doesn't surprise me. He blamed the one season on No Spring Football because the new Football Field turf was being installed during that period. Wow! Highands does have other options in town as in a Turf Soccer complex. Should of thought outside the box that year. With Lights and Turf you can practice around other teams. Excuses, excuses. Good luck Birds but mark it down, Brian Weinrich will have some type of Corona excuse to back his claim up when he doesn't finish the season as strong as some people think they will. Their wins were Conner and Boone Co. OMG
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    Sure there is. The worst team Boyle has played so far is as good or better than the best team Johnson Central has played so far. Boyle's strength of schedule is much better than JC's.
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    Yikes. I'd hope this doesn't happen as I can see major liability coming from that or an uproar if it came out later that a team should have had some quarantined players and chose to cover it up by doing this. I do think COVID is going to create some problems in the playoffs, so I'm just prepared for it.
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    Battle of two error prone QB’s. Who makes more unforced and forced errors?
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    My understanding from the email from the KHSAA unless Scott Co is in the red this goes as a forfeit. The game won’t be made up I’m sure.
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    Great academic school in Fort Thomas too. So most likely that isn’t the reason.
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    True. But contact tracing (sick relative, someone at church, etc.) can put folks out as well.
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    I would think after a loss will come out more hungry plus will be up for a big game like this. I think Frederick Douglass loss has no bearing on how LCA plays.
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    The only people who ever really know what's going on in these situations are the athlete and his family. People make the decisions they think are best for them. No way we can know why unless they share it.
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    There seems to be a lot of negativity around the Highlands program right now. Maybe they wanted to get away from that?
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    So why did this kid leave Highlands? Heard CovCath already has a stud running back? Sounds more and more like a family searching for someone to cater to them and their wants.
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    I think that some will just not get tested so don’t have a positive case. If sick will just stay at home.
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    I have a lot of respect for Frankfort and root for them from afar. They have battled through some low numbers in recent years and still put out competitive teams. Great job by that coaching staff.
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    The way I understand it, is that if can’t play in playoffs then you are out and other team moves on. Maybe once down to Championship and covid arises then might be able to reschedule somehow since only two teams.
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    Exactly. On a scale of 1-100, this registers as a 1 on the sacrifice scale. It is a minor inconvenience and it baffles me to see the resistance movement to them. My basic protocols: - Going indoors and traveling throughout a building, mask is on. Once settled and spaced out I will remove it. - I am big on air circulation/filtration. Outdoor gatherings, even flying I have minimal concern with. - If asked to wear one, I gladly do so. - If there is a mass gathering indoors with no masks on, I avoid it. In short, use some common sense. You do this, life doesn't have to be on pause. I have accepted that the only true way out of this is with a vaccine. We are not to be inconvenienced in our everyday lives and have set the low bar for handling this thing. We are the laughing stock of the world, but whatever. I am beyond blessed our doctors (you know, the people we no longer trust) have found a way to minimize the impact of this thing and are saving lives each day. We are at what, 215,000 deaths? With everything we have (or haven't) done that is remarkable. And for the crowd that disputes the 215,000 and think numbers are cooked, in honor of COVID-19, I always set the number at 19% of this, so about 41,000. That's a lot of people.
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    Pick the upset. I see 4 games with upset potential. Of those four if I had to pick one for an upset it would be Frankfort over Kentucky Country Day.
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    Line returns 2 starters. Dickhouse seems to be the Veteran on the line. Dietz at center I believe is listed at 6’3 290. Eplan and Shram and Eplan up the guards which are quick. They all seem to have good size. As far as the big fella goes I have watched a few games on various outlets and I have not seen a 6’8 kid on the sidelines. I am curios on the status of that guy. He would for sure make the TV games much more interesting. I would think a 6’9 dude would be easy to spot on first.
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    I think Tennessee is a more talented team, but UK could still win this game. I’ll actually take the Cats in this one. UK 28- Tenn 24.
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    The level of competition also decreased for Graves in recent weeks as well
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    He's a difference maker on the DL that I don't think has been at St. X for awhile.
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    Who knows VoR but with nearly 85% of mask wearers getting COVID in that study I will continue to take my chances with no mask.
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    Perhaps your local Pub is doing the pay per view. If so, I will buy dumpster wings at PeeWees, my treat this time. We can get the four boys and wear our Highlands jerseys and sit at the Colonel Corner table and drink some suds...
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    Honest to goodness...the Highlands football angry bird is one of my absolute favorite mascot images in Kentucky high school sports.
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    Timing takes time and they are progressing well. I think Noon is the next great NKY QB and it is starting to show.
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    I think Highlands has things figured out now, I look for a close win by the Birds.
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    The Dixie Heights / Ryle match-up this will be interesting on the line of scrimmage.
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