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    Greetings from the Buckeye State! Just thought I'd pass along what's happening up here this weekend for those of you who may be interested. Our 6-week regular season ended last week and tonight starts the playoffs for teams that "opted in". Usually teams are seeded based on our famous Harbin computer rankings but this year, coaches seeded the teams who opted in by region, by class and they are playing at their higher seed beginning tonight. For those teams that did NOT opt in to play in the post-season, they have the choice to either end their season OR they could schedule a game against another team that also opted out or otherwise had the night free. Where it gets interesting...if your favorite team loses tonight, it may NOT be the end of the season! In an effort to give as many teams a shot at 10 games, if the schools really wanted that, they are permitted to schedule up to 3 more weeks of games against teams that are out of the post-season, by loss or by choice. Will be an interesting month ahead for those of us North of the Ohio River. Best of luck to everyone in the Bluegrass on your continued seasons and hopes that everyone stays health and avoids and Covid shutdowns. -CardinalsFan
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    Well this was the tale of two halves. In first half, I thought there was going to be a repeat of last week's South Warren/BG game with the same result. It was a back and forth grind fest with both offenses sputtering and the defense's shining. BG's offense was pitiful the last six quarters, but for some reason in the second half BG's coaches decided to actually open the playbook a little bit and that got them going. Letting Conner Cooper run in the second half was a big turning point. He's fast and beter mobile than sitting the pocket. When he started doing that he completed some passes and had some good runs. This spread the defense out and took some focus off Bunton. After that Bunton was able to run wild since the offense was no longer one dimensional. why BG waited 6 quarters to do that I have no idea. The offense still wasn't great, but the second half was much better than the previous 6 quarters. BG's defense was outstanding again. Once BG took the lead I never felt McCracken had a chance because they were totally shutdown offensively. Nice bounce back win BG!
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    Great question! Unfortunately, Colerain is suffering from a once in a generation down cycle team. They are averaging 24 pts/game and haven't done that poorly since 1999. They lost 2 conference games this year for the first time in their history and are 4-2 heading into the playoffs. I can see them winning 1, possibly 2 games, but that's it really. Last year's champion, Pickerington Central (Columbus area), is the favorite to repeat. The other 3 likely come from the group of St. Edward (Cleveland), Mentor (Cleveland) and St. Xavier (Cincinnati). A dark horse candidate would be Coffman (Columbus area). Will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Overall, play in Ohio has continued it's downward trajectory in terms of quality of play. It's honestly painful to watch. I hope a resurgence will occur next year when/if things get back to "normal" but there are no guarantees. -CardinalsFan
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    Neither team should be allowed to pass more than 3 times in a half and only 5 passes total in the game. That would truly be an Owen Hauck Bowl.
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    Mayfield played their best half of the season in the 1st half, but ultimately, Tilghman simply couldn't get out of their own way. The very average Tilghman D played just that, very average. The Tilghman miscues were the story of the game. Tilghman gave up 28 of the 36 points directly off turnovers and special teams miscues, at the worst possible times and spots on the field. You can't do that against anyone, much less Mayfield. Mayfield's defense did what I've seen Coach Morris and the Cardinals do many times, and that was take away what the other team generally does best. They basically knew every play Tilghman ran. Tip of the cap to Mayfield on extending the winning streak to 15 games.
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    Lincoln had no answer for Sloan. He tweaked his ankle starting the 4th quarter and sat out the entire quarter but still managed 286 rushing yards with 5 touchdowns. Lincoln has a really good football team and will be a tough out in the district playoffs.
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    First game I’ve been to at BGHS in 33 years. McCracken came out and moved the ball. Bradley got in for a score from the 1 but was called for holding. No worries they moved in again and got a score. 1st quarter I give to the Mustangs the rest of game and in particular the 2nd half Bunton ran wild. Very impressed with the hard hitting defense of the purples. Coaches at least twice cost them delay of game penalties. But back to Bunton, great patience and vision and great speed. If the purples will continue to coach and play like the 2nd half they will be a load. McCracken is a solid team but has to develop a better passing attack. I thought the Mustangs would move the ball but would have trouble getting points. There were some very hard hits both ways. I got to watch Owensboro at the same time! 2 for 1! Congrats BG.
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    Bowling Green Back on Track Like=
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    Mayfield= BGP Viewing Tilghman as a Title Contender Like=
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    Holy Cross Defense celebrating like=
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    What could've happened if Beatty started the regular QB and left West at RB? Not surprised.
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    Birds seem to be getting better.
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    Congrats to the Greendevils!
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    Congratulations to the Green Devils! They finally got the paddle back and improve to 5-0. Dayton is playing great considering that Jordan Marksberry is out for the season. Matthews and Comstock ran pretty well tonight. Dayton also had three turnovers in the first quarter.
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    This is a district battle that could determine a home playoff game. Henderson won 20-13 last year after Apollo lost QB Damien Lovinski in the 2nd half to injury. Both teams coming off a short layoff. Henderson lost a battle to Hoptown to open the season but bounced back with a big win over Central Hardin. The Colonels haven't played the past 2 weeks due to a bye week and a Covid cancelation with Madisonville. Apollo dropped their last game to McCracken County before their bye week. Henderson QB Ben Dalton is putting up nearly 100 through the air and rushing for 100 on the ground. Meanwhile Sophomore Jahiem Williams is putting up 90 per game and averaging about 18 yards per carry. The Apollo defense has given up 36 points per game against explosive offenses such as Owensboro and McCracken. They are giving up right at 260 rushing yards per game and will need to be better tonight to give themselves a shot. Offensively, RB Harold Patterson is putting up right at 100 per game. Like his opposition, Apollo QB Damien Lovinski is just as good with his legs as he has been with his arm. He has put up 75 rush yards per game and 122 pass yards. He has yet to throw and interception but does have some key fumbles thus far. This should be a great matchup at Apollo's brand new Eagle Stadium. You can hear all of the action here: https://www.owensbororadio.com/player/?playerID=2265
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    McDaniel with 14 rushes for 85 yards. 1 TD Gillis 11 rushes for 60 yards. 2 TD’s Boyle with 11 firstdowns.
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    Dating back to 1893, the Male vs. Manual football game might be the oldest American football rivalry west of the Allegany Mountains, but even so, no two rivalry teams in Kentucky have seen the football field against one another than Bellevue and Dayton. Their rivalry dates back to the mid-1920s, and the Tigers and Green Devils have played each other 145 times in the years since. In more than 45 of those years they have played twice. The all-time record for the series stands at 98-44-3 in Bellevue's favor. In more recent years, the district seeding game between the two has been dubbed "The Battle For The Paddle," with the winning team earning possession of the traveling trophy paddle until the next year's district game. Dayton and Bellevue split wins last year, with Dayton winning their first meeting 36-12, and Bellevue turning around in the district game to win 21-12 and maintain possession of The Paddle.
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    That was a really good article! I certainly didn't know Coach Marc Clark (McCracken County Head Coach) graduated from BG in 2003. My buddy said he played QB. I don't remember that, but you learn something everyday! I'm sure he will have a big family contingent at El Donaldson Stadium tonight! They might be in Purple though.... Laughing.
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    Hopefully no rain from the Hurricane tonight!
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    That is interesting! You know before the South Warren game, CALPREPS had BG as the 19-14 favorite over South Warren. At that same time last week, it had BG as a 17-14 favorite over McCracken County. This morning it has McCracken County as a 20-14 favorite over BG at BG. Makes for a better game IMO. And will be interesting to see how it plays out. Also speaks to the injured Purples. Who is playing and who isnt'? Maybe CALPREPS knows....🙂
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    Just some series history...Highlands first played Boone County in 1956 and is 39-3 all time against the Rebels. Boone County won in 1976, 1977, & 1979. The two schools did not play from 1985-2000. The series resumed in 2001.
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    QB that can run harder to defend. Pooler is strictly a pocket passer and easier to sack and not much threat to run.
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    Lexington Catholic Plays 45 155 yards Rushing 14-60 yards (54 on 1 run) Passing 12-31 95 yards 3 Ints
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    North Hardin= Belfry fans watching that botched XP=
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    Sophomore Micah Carter had pick 6, Soph. Jaxon Panariello made several tackles, Soph Teddy Meiers played well, and Freshman Eli Monks had sack and some tackles.
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    Bunton runs another in for BG False start on the XP but it's still good BG 28 MC 6 with 6 minutes even to play in the game. Will post more infrequently as I have a lacrosse game to coach at 8:30 Eastern in the morning.
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    Jackson gets opening kickoff to start the game
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    Final play is intercepted by Lunz. FINAL North Hardin 21 Belfry 20
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    Was close for three quarters before Bell put it away in the fourth quarter.
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    Grundy with an interception and 95 yard touchdown return. Somerset 42-3 4:39 to go.
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    Cam Hergott is 14-14 159 yards and 3 TD’s. Really efficient!!!!! He just keeps on improving every week. I really like the Tiger’s chances in 2A if he continues to stay hungry and improve. I realize the Indians aren’t at the same level as the other teams in 2A but 14-14 in a half is impressive against anyone.
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    Radio broadcast available here: http://player.listenlive.co/42141 Pay-per-view video broadcast available here: https://mountain-toplive.com/belfry-sports/
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    I have said it before that schools should be thinking outside the box and start getting streaming equipment to stream games so all the grandparents and the ones that cant get tickets ...we have to think about all the SRs that's gonna be missing out on the spotlight they have been working hard for and be playing in empty gyms this year can be different but its free to stream on facebook it could be a great revenue stream for athletics too as sponsors would hop on the cause. But I don't think this year should be cancelled but just make adujustments a lot of SRs of class of 2020 missed out on their opportunity to have a change to win a title some didn't get to go play ball in college and these SRs cant be seen if schools don't help out to get them noticed coaches isn't recruiting in person don't even know if that even allowed anymore we just have to adapt to change and pray it gets better so the kids can play
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    Most recent episode of The Black Bluegrass Existence: Racial Trauma In this episode I discuss what racial trauma is and how it has affected me personally and professionally. I also discuss how racial trauma affects society and how it can be dealt with. I also bring back a segment entitled “Dear World” where I have an open letter to the world about things that are on my mind. I hope you enjoy!!!! Feel free to subscribe, rate and review wherever it is applicable!!!!! Thanks in advance! https://anchor.fm/jason-alexander0/episodes/Racial-Trauma-ek6ovr https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-black-bluegrass-existence/id1527159476 https://open.spotify.com/episode/2L2iU0mkc3i92RyiT7gh0a?si=o9hl88SpRdaudhh5IGOLLw
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    I like a lot of these, I am partial to the hand painted ones, although I don’t help much anymore with the paint crew, I have put in my time at Southern, Atherton, Manual, and Fern Creek. Fairdale does the same Bulldog as Holmes but painted on grass with a stencil. Bryan Station wins the biggest, Longest award. I love Danville’s incorporating the state outline and their anchor
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