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    I have a little info on PRP. At QB is A very talented sophomore Kaden Anderson. He’s 6-2 and has a great arm. Could have went to any of the power schools in Louisville. He’s as good as any sophomore in the state. Their best Wide receiver is #14 Derrik Gant. About 5-9 and can move. Gant has 4.5 speed and should be Anderson’s top target. On defensive Cameron Scheisser, Tanner Coyle and Zach Kelly are standouts.
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    Again, where did I say it doesn't? I specifically said (at least twice ) that it can be a good indicator, but that it's not always completely reflective of what the future holds. A lot can happen to a freshman class over 4 years. Somtimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Stud freshman don't always turn out to be stud juniors and seniors, and the opposite can be true too. And sometimes freshman are stud enough to be able to play varsity, or JV which affects the success of the Freshman team. Again, I don't think SK's freshman team last year was necessarily reflective of whats to come, because the QB of that class was the varsity starter. And freshman ball in no way predicts how well the freshman team will mesh with future classes. Sometimes classes don't fit well together, such as when you're really deep at some positions, but not so deep at others. Varsity ball is about how well classes fit together. Freshman ball is about talent in one class. And when you have consistent talented classes, then yes, you will likely be successful. I like my teams chances in the future if I have a succesful Freshman team. I'd rather be successful at that level than not. But all is not lost if you don't. Playing experience and development is more important at that level than wins and losses.
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    A couple of names, such as Jaylin Bross and Jantzen Dunn are absent this week because they have yet to play a game. Others, like Jager Burton and Dekel Crowdus will have to work their way back on because of how events unfolded last Friday. There will probably be more movement to this list from week to week than in previous years. (Alphabetically) Nick Broyles (QB), Franklin County Season to date: 15/18 for 364 yards and 5 TDs/0 ints. Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2ED8vX Week 1: The Flyers' aerial circus is already in full swing after Broyles and his gifted right arm torched Anderson County for 364 yards and five touchdowns on 15/18 attempts. Anytime you have more touchdown passes than incompletions, you've had a great night. He has a touchdown to interception ratio of 62/12 since the start of his sophomore season. Isaac Dixon (RB/DB), Belfry Season to date: 14 carries for 194 yards and 2 touchdowns Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EDK3y Week 1: If Braedon Sloan is the best running back in EKY, Dixon can't be far behind. He doesn't have the numbers to keep pace with the Wayne County star, but ask anyone who's watched him play. Dixon is legit. He carved up Pulaski County's defense for 194 yards and a pair of scores while averaging nearly 14 yards per carry. His fast twitch change of direction and acceleration were on full display on one of his touchdown runs, featured in the link above. It's hard not to salivate over the anticipation of October 9th, when he'll go mano a mano with Lavell Wright. Fred Farrier (WR), Franklin County Season to date: 6 receptions for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EDAZB Week 1: Nick Broyles' partner in crime makes his watchlist debut on the heels of 172 receiving yards and two touchdowns against Anderson County. The Franklin County duo's watchlist status from week to week is likely intertwined, but Farrier is a tremendous football player, independent of his quarterback. Any team in the state would be fortunate to have him making plays for them. Cam Hergott (QB), Beechwood Season to date: 13/22 for 172 yards/132 rushing yards and a touchdown Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2ED2Tn Week 1: In one of the more impressive developments of opening weekend, Beechwood ventured south to Corbin and handed the Redhounds a 20-14 setback. Hergott carried the offensive load for the Tigers, accumulating 304 yards of total offense and a rushing touchdown. Something you won't find on a stat sheet, is the leadership qualities it takes to travel a couple of hours away from home in Week 1, with limited prep time, and beat a ranked opponent. It's a quality that Hergott seems to have in spades. He'll need to summon all of his skills and intangibles this week, as CovCath awaits. Caleb Jacob (QB), Covington Catholic Season to date: 12/22 for 143 yards and 1 TD/2 ints. - 1 rushing touchdown Week 1: Last Friday's performance against Dixie Heights was not exactly Jacob's finest hour. He was picked off twice and never really seemed comfortable following his first attempt of the season, which went for six. CovCath's offense fell dormant in the second half, with Jacob unable to light the fuse that's led to so many explosive nights for the Colonels offense over the past two years. CovCath won in the end, but it was ugly, and certainly not the start to his senior season that we envisioned. Jacobs squares off with the player directly above him this week in a duel of watchlist QBs that could drastically alter the perception of both as Mr. Football candidates. Nathan McElroy (QB), Trinity Season to date: 14/20 for 143 and 2 TDs/1 rushing TD Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2ED5wt Week 1: With McElroy behind center, the Rocks did something that used to be unthinkable: they casually blew out Archbishop Moeller. Trinity was so much better than the Crusaders that McElroy needed to do little more than show up. Unfortunately for Moeller, he did show up, and tossed a pair of touchdown passes while also flashing a little speed on a scoring scramble. Stage 1 of the "Big Three" Louisville round robin begins this week when T hosts H. The last time McElroy saw Male, he was leading his team past the Bulldogs to a state title. Dylan Preston (RB/LB), Johnson Central Season to date: 18 carries for 147 and 4 TDs/1 receiving touchdown Week 1: Johnson Central travelled to Bell County and took a bite out of Log Mountain, mauling the Bobcats, 36-0. Preston was the main cog in the JC machine, picking up 147 yards rushing and scoring all five of the Golden Eagles' touchdowns (four running/one receiving). Jim Matney has helped produce a number of great backs over the years, and Preston appears to be the latest in that long line. Kaiya Sheron (QB), Somerset Season to date: 6/13 for 160 yards and 2 TDs/46 rushing yards and a touchdown Week 1: The UK commit turned in a relatively easy night of work against Whitley County. Sheron accounted for 206 total yards and three touchdowns with his arm and feet. His connection with WR Kade Grundy is already clicking, which is bad news for everyone on the Jumpers' schedule. They hooked up for 113 yards and a score. Braedon Sloan (RB), Wayne County Season to date: 29 carries for 294 yards and 5 touchdowns Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2ED32M Week 1: The final score may have left a bad taste in his mouth, but Sloan reminded everyone in Week 1 that he is on another level, just in case you forgot. His love affair with the endzone that started last year has carried over to 2020 with five touchdowns against Southwestern to go with nearly 300 rushing yards. Sloan went through the Warriors like a hot knife through butter. If you want to see a player personify the term 'inexorable', watch the run at :36 in the hudl link above. Lavell Wright (RB), North Hardin Season to date: 21 carries for 86 yards/4 catches for 39 yards Week 1: On a field packed with FBS talent on both sides, Lavell Wright's star shone brightest on "The Farm" against Frederick Douglass. Whether he was taking a handoff or catching a last second flip from his QB and shrugging off six Douglass defenders to help set up the game winning field goal, Wright was the best player on the field in the biggest game of Week 1. The numbers alone don't tell the story. If you watched the game, you know what this young man meant to his team. Noteworthy performances from Week 1: Kade Grundy (WR), Somerset - 113 yards receiving and a touchdown against Whitley County Reece Jesse (WR), Hopkinsville - 112 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns against Henderson County James Johnson (RB/DL), DeSales - 120 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns/2 sacks against LCA Leetavious Cline (RB/DB), West Carter - 16 carries for 152 yards and 3 touchdowns against East Carter
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    Graves wouldn't play until they thought that they could be competitive and realistically they would have lost every game up to 93. Good move on their part. The 93 team for Graves was one of their best if not their best. The 93 team for Mayfield won a State Title but was a young team that got better as the season went on.
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    And bad freshman teams sometimes turn into good varsity teams. At my high school, the grade behind me won 1 game as freshman, and won the state title as seniors.
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    The Purples were ultra impressive last week. Conner Cooper looked good throwing the football. He had to split QBing duties some last year, but it's entirely his show now, and that can only be a plus for the Purples this season. I think BG is in for a relatively easy night against PRP, then it's an extra week of prep for South Warren.
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    Holy Cross is now in its 23rd season of football, and still stands as one of the "newcomers" to high school football in the state of Kentucky. In his 17 years as head coach for the Indians, the last 3 have to be among the more difficult for head coach Bruce Kozerski. After making it to the 2A semifinals in 2016, the team saw a drop from their 10-4 season to two straight years without a win, going 0-11 in 2017 & 2018, followed by a 2-9 season in 2019. But 2020 started out big for Holy Cross, with the Indians rolling up 8 touchdowns on the 1A Bellevue Tigers for a 55-6 win last Friday. Sophomore WR/DB Javier Ward returned the opening kickoff for a 72 yard Holy Cross touchdown and set the tone for the game. Holy Cross' offense also benefited greatly from field position, never starting with the ball any deeper than their own 43 yard line, and taking over inside of Bellevue's 30 yard line three times. The Indians had 242 yards total offense to the Tigers' 91 yards. NCC had some hiccups on Saturday in their home opener, failing to convert on two-thirds of their nine 3rd downs. Their passing game also struggled to get off the ground, with QB Malaki Herndon going 4-7 for a meager 13 yards in the air. But the Breds were able to get the blocks they needed when it mattered, putting up a stout 243 yards on the ground and beating the 2A Walton-Verona Bearcats 23-7. Senior RB Jahmir Ackerson ran 16 times for 120 yards and 2 TDs, and tallied 5 solo tackles including 1 tackle-for-loss on the defensive side of things at defensive end. The New Cath defense was also very successful in shutting down the passing game on Saturday, only allowing 46 yards on 14 passing plays. This series record stands at an all time record of 26 wins for New Cath to 3 wins for Holy Cross. Who wins the 30th edition of the Thoroughbreds vs. Indians? Overall Series Record 1999: 45-23 Newport Central Catholic 2000: 44-0 Newport Central Catholic 2001: 37-8 Newport Central Catholic 2002: 21-6 Newport Central Catholic 2003: 44-21 Newport Central Catholic 2003: 42-20 Newport Cenrtal Catholic * 2004: 41-7 Newport Central Catholic 2005: 48-21 Newport Central Catholic 2006: 10-7 Holy Cross 2006: 41-7 Newport Central Catholic * 2007: 14-0 Newport Central Catholic 2007: 28-0 Newport Central Catholic * 2008: 23-7 Newport Central Catholic 2009: 38-21 Newport Central Catholic 2010: 28-14 Newport Central Catholic 2010: 56-21 Newport Central Catholic * 2011: 31-14 Newport Central Catholic 2011: 24-21 Holy Cross * 2012: 49-10 Newport Central Catholic 2012: 52-0 Newport Central Catholic * 2013: 48-0 Newport Central Catholic 2014: 50-21 Newport Central Catholic 2015: 20-13 Newport Central Catholic 2015: 46-15 Newport Central Catholic * 2016: 21-0 Newport Central Catholic 2016: 26-21 Holy Cross * 2017: 49-0 Newport Central Catholic 2018: 38-6 Newport Central Catholic 2019: 50-14 Newport Central Catholic
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    I know Jawaun's dad is named Victor, and I think he played football in the late-90s. So with Nate being in his 70s now, I guess that could make Jawaun either a grandson or a great-nephew...possibly. Nate still lives locally. He used to work for Louisville Metro Housing and he's a minister at Newburg Apolstolic Church.
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    I'll take the Bengals. Joe is better than Baker.
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    Yeah, you’re not doing correct cross referencing here. Fort Thomas Jr Football League used to be awesome. It used to prepare a ton of kids for the HHS freshman football. Some different people got control of it and changed it to be more about regional competition as opposed to being more developmental like it was from 1950s to like 2010. Funny thing was that correlates not with freshman football but with highlands state championships. The FT Jr FL Is making strides to be like that again for the past couple of years. The people in control now understand what the old ways accomplished. When you get too competitive early you drive away and miss out on a lot of kids. A lot of those kids are late bloomers/ growth spirts/ hard workers. Highlands used to retain all those kids. I believe the sophomores and juniors are the first classes that experienced a more developmental jr football league.
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    Great job as always @DevilMayCare!
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    Seems like this same conversation and debate has happened the last 3-4 years... Developing players? Playing both ways? Talent utilization? Offensive schemes? Defensive schemes? I feel like I could just go back and copy/paste comments from previous seasons 😁
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    Sally, Paulette, Rene, and Vicky all banging on the door? It's like a cougar convention happening out there!
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    This likely won't be close. Purples easy. And Mike Linnig's is the SPOT.
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    I'm picking the small school! As @Tigerpride94 pointed out, if CovCath is the best in 5A, this should be a win, and a comfortable one IMO.
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    I should have known better than to click that link. Now I'm hungry. 🤤
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    If you happen to be going to the game and want a place to stop to get a bite to each try Mike Linnig's: http://www.mikelinnigsrestaurant.com/viewOurMenu.html GREAT fish sandwish and a landmark on the southwest side of Louisville!
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    The Bengal Curse. The only thing that didn't happen there was Lucy pulling the football away at the end.
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    Absolutely, I will be providing live stats, scoring, and play-by-play at the following link. Create a split screen of the stats with the live video stream. https://stats.digitalscout.com/football/boys/game/12567663
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    Birds respond with a win in a close one. I hope they go with one guy at QB and use the other guy somewhere else. The QB read option with Noon at QB looked impressive to me. Fahlbusch could probably be a great TE/LB or something? Im not sure if they use a TE anymore. Gotta get all the talent on the field.
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    Anyone want some History? There is a great website called http://www.fourseasonsfootball.com/ that has been putting in great work trying to locate and document historical games. As of the last time I synced my records with what they have: All-Time Series: Belfry leads 38-24-2 Haywood is 30-15 all-time against Pikeville. He is 27-9 while at Belfry, he was 3-6 in his time at Prestonsburg. Chris McNamee is 3-20 all-time against Belfry. He is 3-13 while at Pikeville, he was 0-7 in his time at Pike Central. All games were against Philip Haywood coached teams at Belfry. Notes: - Pikeville has defeated Belfry twice since the Pirates great run they are currently are on began in 2003. Belfry has gone 15-2 against the rival Panthers in that time frame and outscored Pikeville 705-237 during that stretch (41.5-14.0 Average Final Score). - The statistical key to success? Only four times since 2003 has Belfry failed to break 30 points against the Panthers, they are 2-2 in those games with the three closest margins being among those four games. When Belfry scores over 30 points they win and win big. In the thirteen games Belfry has broken 30+ point in that stretch only once was the final margin less than a 20+ point delta. - The last time Pikeville won back to back games against Belfry in the series was 1999 and 2000. That was actually the end of a three-year win streak. The Panthers longest win streak in the series was 4 years from 1980-1983. Belfry had a four year win streak snapped last season, their longest win streak was 13 straight years between 2001-2013. - Pikeville, being a smaller classification school, is the only smaller school to defeat Belfry since 2010. Prestonsburg defeated Belfry that year and 2009. Since 2000, those are the only four times Belfry has lost when "playing down" in Classification. - Belfry is 122-27 all-time against other teams from within Pike County boundaries. - Pikeville and Johnson Central went on to win state titles in 2019, Belfry was 0-2 against them. All told, Belfry is 6-23 when facing teams that would go on to win a State Title (including Belfry's seven Runner-Up Finishes). When facing those teams in the regular season they are 6-8 in those games, including a 2-3 record against Pikeville. They are 3-1 against the Panthers the year following their State Title wins. Belfry is 13-14 all-time against teams who go on to State Runner-Up finishes (including their seven State Titles). They are 5-5 in the regular season against eventual Runner-Up teams including a 2-1 record against Pikeville. - Belfry is 810-297-14 All-Time against teams from "EKY" - Last week's victory over Pulaski County improved Belfry's record to 12-0 from teams from Pulaski County.
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    I thought the rumor was that if any B1G teams play, they are all playing?
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    I can not confirm, but I have always speculated it was because of the gap. Like you pointed out, none of the schools before they consolidated had football. So it was a brand new world for most of those kids and their parents.
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    I may eat these words but I am going with Trinity with a running clock.
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    Looking forward to seeing how much Northington has improved since last year.
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    Have a junior league or don't. Developmental or competitive. Either model works. CovCath won multiple state championships without a feeder league. At the end of the day, it comes down to the kids in the program. In the 90's and 2000's, Highlands used to have Power 5 D-1 guys in the program. Who was the last one they had? Those kids obviously make a huge difference. In the larger divisions, when you don't have them, the path to a state title becomes very difficult.
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    Final from Pulaski. The 2 crosstown rivals (in every other sport) were finally able to hook up on the gridiron--even if only for a JV game. In this one the 2A Briar Jumpers were were able to venture across highway 80 and come away with a 2 point win over the 5A Maroons.
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    I never said that. I said it’s not always reflective. Don’t you think SK’s freshman team last year would have been better if Crone had played freshman ball instead of being the varsity starter? Also freshman teams don’t show whole potential, because once freshman ball ends, they are combining with other grade levels, so you don’t see the whole story. So may get a glimpse of what may be to come, you in no way get the whole story of what the future looks like.
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    Thanks! I figured it was close. So this is definitely a big game for LaSalle, which could be trouble for a Manual team making their debut with a new quarterback.
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    Obviously, I am with the Tigers, but Cov Cath has become a 5A powerhouse. The Tigers have had surprise under dog victories in the past, so anything is possible. At the very least, the Tigers have always sharpened their teeth against future opponents following the Cov Cath game. Win or lose they will be better for it.
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    You also have to remember some freshman and sophomores play varsity, thus affecting how good the freshman and JV teams are. One example is SK’s freshman team from last year, with Crone starting last year at the varsity level at QB as a freshman. Freshman and JV levels can be a good predictor if the future, but you never know how kids will mature physically or how those classes mesh with other classes at the varsity level. Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
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    Well, my joke -hence the emoji - (aimed at the Cardinal fan, who I was replying to) obviously went over everybody's head. I'm going to leave my initial replies for these comments out, as it was not my intention to get into an argument over which team/conference is better than another. But, going back to Deuce's original comment over number of games...how many times have we seen a team play an FCS team and some other weak out of conference opponents on a regular basis? So, in reality, aren't they "only playing 8 or 9" real games? I mean, do we really have to see a 62-7 win over The Citadel/Wofford/Mercer/Furman/etc. to know what the team truly can do? The answer is, obviously, no. And just FYI - for the last several years, the teams in the Big 10, Pac 12 and Big 12 all played 9 conference games, while the ACC and SEC each played 8.
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    I like your outlook. Also I think SK is pretty good. Really good HC, real deal QB, solid running game. They may shake things up in 6A.
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    I want to pick Manual, but LaSalle is already realistically at mid-season with 3 games under their belts. Manual at a clear Covid disadvantage here with zero games played; although we are told they played pretty well in their scrimmage with Central (but that's not the same thing). I'm not trying to take anything away from LaSalle. They may be better than Manual anyway, but this seems unfair how it's playing out. But life isn't fair.
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    It really doesn't matter at this point, but Bowling Green is the clear #1. Their week one can't be compared to anyone else's week one. Basing the ranking on anything else doesn't make any sense.
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    At Cov Cath. As head coach at Newport Central Catholic Eviston was 1-2 versus Beechwood.
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    I'm sure it feels good to be a member of a class that never lost to Trinity. Not many senior classes from St. Xavier can say that.
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    Clemson has more titles than the B1G recently. 😎
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    Wow, Cov Cath still at #1 after their sloppy week 1 performance. Except for their 2 play opening drive TD, CCH did not look that good at all on offense. Their offensive line has got to do a better job pushing the line and opening up holes for the RB. Caleb at QB got to be more consistent. Can't have 4 turnovers again either. I was wrong in week 1 prediction, thought they would blow out Dixie. Beechwood with the big win at Corbin. This week's game should be very interesting. I got faith though in my Colonels, Eviston will have them better prepared for this week's game. I would give the number one spot to Bowling Green for now.
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    Just give me college basketball this winter and I don't really care what format happens.
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    Every team already makes the NCAA tournament via a conference championship week, technically. Some just have the luxury of getting another life via the big dance. I don't mind the idea, but I hope it is not overly slanted towards the major conferences where some typical 19-12 11 seed from the ACC is hosting an 8 team bubble of mid-majors for the rights to advance. I hope all conference winners get to host. Now that would be cool if Murray State was hosting teams from major conferences.
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    I'm going with WKU, FSU and Cuse. That package includes two guaranteed night games (WKU and Cuse), with FSU possibly being at night as well. Plus in the second package, the Wake game is December 5th, and I can't imagine any scenario where I'm excited about going to a game against Wake in December. 😂
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