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    I guess you could say the Rockets failed to launch? I'll see myself out.
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    I'll keep the Mercer - Boyle game updated.
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    Unless something crazy happens within next 9 hours, the answer to this thread topic is....Yes there will be football in KY this fall.
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    I know it's late and it's nearly time to kick off, but what does your favorite team look to have in the W-L columns at seasons end? After back to back 9 win seasons to open his Tilghman coaching career, I believe in all likelihood that Coach Smith and the Tornado have a rebuilding year. The last 2 Senior classes at Tilghman have been some of the best in quite a while and Tilghman loses major contributors at many positions on both sides of the ball, too many in my opinion to overcome. I could go through every position on the team and break them down, however, for the sake of time, I'll just get right to it. In a perfect world where everything falls into place, I can see this team going 7-2, which would include wins against teams who are also replacing a lot of people and this team playing better than expected. On the other hand, I could see this team ending up 4-5 and losing to who they should and the 50/50 games as well. I'm gonna say the 2020 Blue Tornado end up 5-4 in a rebuilding year but won't stay down long as this incoming Freshman class has potential to be great.
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    With attendance limited at games, BGP should be bumping tonight. If you are present or watching a game online, please put regular updates into the game threads. I will be moving from game to game on their streaming feeds based on what games look interesting. The updates will be a big help. I am sure I am not the only one who will be doing this tonight.
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    I'll take the Colts, with 6'5 returning James Johnson and his 1,500 yards last year, along with Scroggins returning as QB. Defense will always be stout at DeSales. It's just the culture there. I'll take the Colts by 2 td's at home.
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    Link to game on NFHS. https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/saint-xavier-high-school-louisville-ky/gam70b605e762
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    Bowling Green gets the win and looked like the better prepared team. Tigers defense played well enough to win. Bowling Green defense shows up big tonight behind LB Rece Jones to pitch the shutout. Tigers helped with timely drops by wide receivers. St.X QB Giles Pooler threw some nice balls but Tigers couldn’t get it done in the redzone.
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    What a game, blocked 27 yard FG at the end allows Southwestern to survive...WOW!
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    Somerset goes on the road and gets the win. Defense played really well all night. Offense had some rust to knock off but it was nice seeing new names making plays tonight. Gross came in at QB for Sheron and looked pretty good. Gavin Stevens caught 3 touchdowns (one was called back) and the big TE Hawkins caught a TD from Gross. Doan ran hard all night and when he could find a gap made positive plays tonight. Lack of scrimmage and shortened practice time showed with some uncharacteristic penalties, but nothing that can't be cleaned up.
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    It's because the regular-season in Ohio now ends before that game was scheduled to be played. I believe Cincinnati schools have just three weeks of the regular-season left.
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    I knew Bowling Green could win this game. But with the way Covid took the wind out of everyone's sails with a very inexperienced (on paper) defense I just thought the Formula One Standing Start would be too much on the road at a really talented St X team. For Bowling Green:, the negatives were easy to see:. At least 3 fumbles, the center had snap issues all night that really hurt BG, there were some unnessary penalties to, but for those negatives I thought the Purples showed a lot of poise and always kept coming. And those are things that can be fixed. The positives: where do I start? This was the best play calling from Bowling Green since Coach Wallace wore purple. The defense - WOW! It exceeded all my expectations by a LOT. Most notable were the 2 Sophomore Corners who just kept making plays. Both lines played incredibly well for an opening game. The BG skill guys were really good. Conner Cooper was so poised. His first pass should have been picked off, but after that he was tough to stop. RB Bunton played well. Dingle played like a D1 recruit. New RB Burwash fumbled some but showed real spark. Heck even Eckles a DB got a run in for BG, when has that happened for BG? Never. So refreshing. I was concerned when I saw Bridger Knee playing both ways (from a getting run down when you play better teams standpoint), but they inserted SR Hewitt in the OL and put Knee only at DE and it worked great! Little things, but great coaching! I am really pumped because this is so much better than I expected . I do think X is down a bit, but more so from a Covid timing and repetition standpoint than a talent and effort standpoint. I thought their defense easily played well enough to win, but didn't make a couple of plays that could have given the ball back to the offense. Still they are a good unit, but late BG did what they wanted when they needed to up front. I think the St X O will continue to get better. I thought the X QB Poole looked really good. The X receivers dropped a lot of balls. That is fixable. But the difference in this game and many of the recent past is X couldn't generate much run yardage at all tonight. That if anything would be my biggest.concern for them going forward, but they will improve no doubt. I wish BG played tomorrow. Coming out of Covid, I really needed to get back to the field and do something normal. It was fun tonight. I will end by saying I thought both teams displayed very good sportsmanship. I saw many helping each other up, etc.. I appreciate that from a good team. Good luck to X the rest of the way.
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    If anybody read the prediction thread, at least one poster was calling for a closer than expected game. Dixie will be a solid team this year, as they were a solid team the last 8 games of the 2019 season. Kudos to the Dixie kids for battling after being down 3 touchdowns at the half. They are a big team and have a chance to have a nice season. As for the Blue Colonels, lots of new faces. This team is nowhere near the level they were at last season, but they have good coaches and time to improve. I saw only 1 returning o-lineman and 2 returning defensive starter from last year playing. Things went well enough in the 1st half. In the second half 4 turnovers make it tough to move the ball and eat clock. The defense battled hard and, all things considered, did a nice job. A whole lot of things to clean up, but the good news is working on them up after a W. On to the next one.
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    Football: South Warren 40, Warren East 0, FINAL. Quarterback Caden Veltkamp finishes 16-of-22 passing for 298 yards and five touchdowns to lead the Spartans (1-0) to a dominant season-opening win.
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    Not surprised with Bowling Green winning just surprised that St. X didn't score. Bowling Green my have a really good D.
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    Stats Mercer 48 Plays Rushing 30-64 yards 1 TD Passing 9-18 53 yards 1 Int 1st downs 9 3rd downs 0-9 4th downs 1-3 Penalties 3-15 yards Buchanan 9-18 53 yards passing 1 Int
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    Stats Boyle 38 Plays Rushing 21-123 yards 3 TDs Passing 12-17 196 yards 4 TDs 1st downs 10 3rd downs 0-2 4th downs 1-1 Penalties 5-60 yards McDaniels 10-63 yards rushing 2 TDs Lantern 3-31 yards rushing 1 TDs Gillis 10-17 172 yards passing 4 TDS 0 Ints 4-4 Red Zone
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    Okay, first of all I owe Bowling Green an apology. I was way off on my score prediction here. I feel like I need a self imposed one game suspension from picking scores. Horrible on my part. On the other hand, Bowling Green looked really strong and St. X didn't look as strong as I thought they would. If BG doesn't have a bunch of silly mistakes they probably win 28-0. The play calling tonight from BG coaches was spot on. The Purples dominated up front on both sides of the ball, which surprised me. Conner Cooper looks really good, especially throwing on the run. Great offense drives and work by the Purples. Lots of play makers, great running backs and O-Line was strong. BG's speed just ran all over St. X tonight. BG's defense which was supposed to be their weakness because of their youth was very, very solid tonight as well. They really stepped it up making up for some of the BG offensive mistakes. Can't wait to see what happens next week against PRP.
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    Dixie looked good compared to recent years, for sure. Had some really talented players - especially in Kel Hawkins, Logan Landers, Silas McDaniel, Colin Smith, and Devin Holbert. Dixie has a lot of kids coming in new, and their leaders led. They didn't get discouraged after a first half where there wasn't much coming to fruition, but they fought hard down to the wire and kept Cov Cath on their heels the entire second half. Big tip of the hat to the red Colonels. Cov Cath's O-line looked relatively like a young O-line in their first varsity game together. A lot more to work needed to come together as a unit than a usual "young O-line" would otherwise need, due to two weeks of practice, but that's not an obstacle that wasn't faced by every other team out there. Need a bigger push out of the left side of the line so they don't have to continually go right. Receivers need to work on better separation, and obviously, all skills players on offense need to work on not turning over. 4 turnovers in a game doesn't win state championships. Caleb had some bright points tonight, but it wasn't his greatest game. Lots of open receivers who were trying to catch the ball behind them, jumping for it, or catching it below their waist. He's also been used to having a LOT of time in the pocket - especially last season - and that's just not going to be a luxury he has at the beginning of this season. Cov Cath's defense looked good for most of the game - especially in the first half. Considering they have 9 new starters on D, I'm not complaining. They stopped Dixie on a first and goal with 3 straight stops inside the 1 yard line. The defensive secondary was gassed in the second half after having the offense turnover on three straight series, followed by a long series by Dixie each time. The stat sheet is not 100% accurate because it was being taken by a stat crew sitting in a classroom at Cov Cath watching the YouTube feed on a big-screen...and they didn't have any indications of time on the video or by the announcers, but I'd love to know what the actual time of possession was in the game. I'll bet Cov Cath's D spent minimum 2/3 of the game out on the field. Not thrilled about the outcome, but a W's a W. Learn your lessons, and move on to the next one.
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    Mass technical issues BUT Beechwood just took a 17-0 lead late in the 3rd on a short plunge by senior TB Cole Stammer.
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    17-0 Tigers nearing the end of the 3rd quarter. 2 yard run by Avery Courtney.
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    13-0 McCracken. Mayfield looks good on defense Not so good on offense. MC doesn’t look that good but Mayfield is not productive. The kicking game needs big time work.
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    Considering Covid, I am really proud of how the Purples have played. They have 2 huge turnovers, and our center has had major snapping problems and through all that they managed to get in the end zone and play solid d. St X has played well, especially on D. Their offense isn't bad, but they really need more snaps. WR Smith is really good and I like their RB Goodman who made some nice moves. Going to be a good second half. X to receive 2nd half kickoff.
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    7-0 Tigers on a 1 yard sneak by Hergott.
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    The only school in KY that wasn't already practicing is now allowed to start practicing on Monday.
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    I have been to many St X vs BG games and most all in Louisville and this is the most odd environment of any higher profile game I've been to. The masks and the distancing and the lack of many fans just make it plain odd. BUT, I am very thankful it is happening! Purples come out in Gold Helmets, white jerseys, and gold pants. The Tigers are out in White Helmets, Black jerseys and black pants. Hoping for a good game!
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    TD Trinity-------run by QB McElroy........7-0. Took opening KO and drove down the field.........almost 8 minute drive.
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    Don't know about this year but I do know Tilghman's Freshman class was loaded last year as 8th graders and destroyed everyone around here.We'll see how they play out in the next few years.
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    I don't think anybody is saying that. My assumption is that DMC doesn't know everything about every player in the state, and formed the list based on players he knows about. In DMC's 4th post in this thread, he asked "Is there an off the radar name that could be poised to break through this weekend?" If you feel that McClendon should be mentioned, state your case for him being on the list and maybe he will be on a future list.
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    We'll be broadcasting the Apollo vs Owensboro game here... https://www.owensbororadio.com/player/?playerID=611
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    I'll be Posting score Updates for Russell/Rowan County.
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    I might have a ticket but if not, plan on streaming the game.
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    I'll be keeping tabs on a few games and providing updates tonight. When it comes to updating scores, the more the merrier. It's better to have 50+ different people updating 50+ games than just a dozen or so members trying to do all of that work. Help us set the 2020 season off with a bang here at Bluegrass Preps!
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    One of the unintended consequences of limiting rosters on Friday night. Come on KHSAA, rethink this one. It is not fair to high school athletes on many levels.
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    Correction: Beechwood is NOT broadcasting the game this evening. MOST schools will only be allowing their home broadcasting team to do any sort of event to secure proceeds. Essentially, an agreed up on blackout. The only broadcast of tonight's game is from the Corbin broadcast team. The Beechwood Sports Radio Network's first broadcast will be Week 3 versus Ryle.
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    Here is a link to listen to Beechwood's audio broadcast of tonight's game: Beechwood Sports Radio Network Here is a link to watch Corbin's pay-per-view video broadcast of tonight's game: https://t1073.com/sports.html
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    It's the first Football Friday of the 2020 season!
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    Link to watch game: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/trinity-high-school-louisville-ky/gam1326846406
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    Love it! The Highlands High School Broadcasts have been the gold standard and something every school should be doing.
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    Closer than most thought. Good comeback by Estill after falling 26-0. Estill got to within 8 or 9 but no more.
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    Hard to know what to expect in this one, but I would put the Devils down as at least a couple touchdown favorite. OHS lost a ton on defense but they have an extremely talented sophomore class that will be ready to step in. I also expect Austin Gough to return to All-State form, after some injuries slowed him down last season. Apollo should be able to run the ball behind a very good offensive line and one of the best backs in the state in Harold Patterson. Coach Edge will have to have put his stamp on the defense pretty quickly for the Eagles to have any shot. They gave up around 40 per contest last year. The x factor will be Apollo QB Damien Lovinski. If he can make some plays with his arm, he could keep it interesting. In the end, i've gotta roll with the Devils. 42-28.
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    CovCath 48 Dixie Heights 7 Unless I'm missing something on the Dixie roster, I'm not seeing a big strong experienced back or a glut of returning experienced offensive linemen. While I understand its early and both teams could be rusty without much hitting, Dixie is going to have to ground and pound and eat up as much clock as possible to keep this one close. Just not sure they have the roster for that type of strategy. Also, watching a few Dixie games last year, I was impressed with the overall toughness and tenacity of their 2019 squad. They didn't have a lot of top talent, but they really battled and never quit. What I thought was lacking overall, and I think could hurt them tonight in this game, is a lack of offensive play calling complexity to keep opposing defensive units on their heels. When good teams know what's coming, it's easy to defend. I think the DH Colonels coaching staff sometimes gets too stuck in wanting to accomplish their gameplay and can't easily pivot off of the plan when its not working. Tonight, they'll need to be flexible and adapt to what CovCath does or doesn't give them. Otherwise, it won't be pretty. On the flip side, the reason I could be wrong...there is a solid amount of young talent on Dixie's roster. A good number of these young men have had success in their youth football days and in middle school. Dixie COULD surprise this year IF that core of young talent is put in the right places and the system is adapted to fit them.
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