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    Last night was very uneasy. Today, things seem much better. Thank you to everyone who has supported our kids playing. And, I genuinely believe having our kids in athletics will hold down Covid numbers. Turning them loose right now would be a disaster. Also, one reason I have supported BGPreps and theGuru over the years is how he keeps the conversation civil. Without civility, there is no dialogue. Especially in 2020, we need all the civility and dialogue we can get.
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    If I were a private school, would be very tempting to go on their own and play a regional or national schedule. Many of their students are there for athletics. They need to play athletics to survive as a school, hold on to students to pay the bills. And, if they can draw the best kids from the public schools in the area, could play with most any program in the nation. Could take their football program and school to a whole other level. Crises reveal leadership. The cream rises to the top. The schools and programs that handle this the best will go to an entirely new level. Those that do not, will struggle for some time to come. Personally, I'm just fighting like crazy to make sure that we are working our tails off at Mercer County and doing all we can do to make our program the best it can be, during this time and in the future. Things are so up and down right now... mentally taxing... can wear you down. We're just trying to focus on our kids each day. One thing about it... sure do appreciate a day of football practice much more than I use to. Want to brag on our guys... we practiced all week, 7 am - 9 am... ZERO unexcused absences. Next week we are 6 am - 8 am. Guys have to arrive by 5:45 am. If we can do that again, will be very pleased. Wishing everyone a "COVID news free weekend!" 😀
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    That's time I'll never get back. I kept watching thinking something would have to come out of this meeting. As it stands, I'm not sure what the meeting was about, or what the next steps are going to be. All I can think about is the movie A Few Good Men and Demi Moore saying "I strenously object"
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    I'm watching a few games from Ohio online, I really like the Refs putting down a bean bag for ball spots and the center keeping the ball after each play and placing after huddles. Seems to really speed up the game a bunch.
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    Listening to audio livestream of Elder (OH) vs LaSalle (OH). Glad to hear some HS football.
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    Also there is an actual hs football game on ESPN from Alabama.
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    All things considered that meeting was nothing but a waste of time.
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    I believe most of those board members talked in code. None of them want to be the one to say shut it down. Frankly, Commissioner Tackett answered every question and had to explain everything to them. I don't see how that group is in any informed position to request the KHSAA Board of Control to do anything. With all that said it was mostly a bunch of general blah blah blah so I don't believe any of the Board of Control members should or would be very compelled to act based on anything that took place today.
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    I listened to November Rain 43 times in the time that it took that lady to say what she said.
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    Sounds like that would be an average sized male gorilla.
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    The Commish agrees with Bowling's summary of his son's opinion on kids being safer on the football team than on their own. Same thing Coach Buchanan has mentioned.
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    Bowling's son said look dad these kids are going to play football no matter what (my words) and that the kids are going to be much better off doing it at school. Mike Bowling is a yes in my opinion.
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    In my opinion Dr. Stack wants to delay athletics until 9-28 but that really isn't a date because he says he would revisit it a couple of weeks before the 28th. In other words, Dr. Stack is for delaying high school sports but he is not saying it in plain language.
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    I disagree with too long winded. This BOE is too long winded. This is the absolute best I've ever seen Commissioner Tackett. He is prepared. He is very calm and forthcoming on the whole process. The comprehensiveness of his answer is what is needed for this type group. This is the type of group that will nit-pick/what if you to death - Not Today! I for the first time now believe we will have some form of a 2020 High School Football season.
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    They wanted to get involved, the Commish is involving them. In short I see this as Commissioner Tackett coaching all of them up so they don't object to moving forward.
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    I agree CWB, Commissioner Tackett is doing an excellent job.
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    This link to KDE board meeting at noon.
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    What's the magic training that will make the violently uncooperative, cooperative? Some people (more than most can imagine) aren't going to cooperate no matter what training or de-escalation techniques are used.
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    While the Redlegs continue to struggle at the plate and on the basepaths, starting pitching continues to shine. And here’s today’s factoid. Going into tomorrow’s start, Sonny Gray has had 39 consecutive starts giving up 6 or fewer hits. Most in team history. Most in National league history. Most in major league history. Not Koufax. Not Grove. Not Alexander. Not Cy Young. Gray.
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    LaSalle won 53-52 in 2 OT. What a game!
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    And those Ohio teams broadcasting the games via youtube or a cheap stream is a great idea also. Hope teams in KY do this also.
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    I am seeing high school football everywhere in other states, this is torture.
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    The BOE never had the legal authority to shut it down or "overrule" the KHSAA unless they revoked KHSAA's charter or enacted emergency reg. What they did today was all they could legally do. Chad Collins, KHSAA general counsel, effective communicating that. Tackett, another stellar job. The BOC vote was 16-2. Don't see that changing drastically without major repurcussions and loss of face. Just my .02.
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    I think we all can agree that was an enormous waste of time.
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    Should that have taken almost 4 hours?
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    Like everybody, I’ll be interested in what’s in this letter to be sent.
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    Man, I think everyone can agree that meetings suck. Whew.
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    Exactly. Definitely not a coincidence. There is something that they don’t want us to see. I have my opinion on what it is but it can’t be talked about here.
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    Patrice McCrary addressing mental health now. She is saying there may be a point in time where we can't play. It would be nice if we could play period Patrice. She wants us to act now on kids suffering from depression and such.
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    Can they just please vote. Nothing more to learn 3 hours in.
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    They look bigger in person, maybe it is all the hair.
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    Google says: Wild male gorillas weigh 136 to 227 kg (300 to 500 lb), while adult females weigh 68–113 kg (150–250 lb).
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    Commish talking about the 400lb Gorilla in the room, that would be a pretty small Gorilla wouldn't it Commish?
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    Randy Poe is on here talking in circles now about who he represents, what he represents, and if he is representing them or giving his own opinion...
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    Did Dr. Stack just say "wash your bloody hands"? Bloody? Like covered in blood? Or does he use British slang for some odd reason?
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    He probably calls x-rays "radiographs" too. "Oh..dear me. I believe that I've fractured my fifth metatarsal. Could someone bring the automobile around so we can ambulate to the nearest facility that treats emergent medical needs so I can have a radiograph technologist take radiographs and have a physician look at the imaging and tell me whether or not he concurs?"
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    He is certainly doing his best to make sure we are sufficiently scared.
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    Translation - I have no evidence, but I want to scare you so I can wash my hands of this.
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    Any lost focus is the BOE's fault, not Tackett's. If they want to review the KHSAA's process to make their decision to proceed, then Tackett needs to provide them with the information necessary to show all of that. He's trying to summarize virtually every action of the entire KHSAA for the last 6 months into this conference. That's a LOT of info...and not presenting that info would be a complete disservice to the kids who want to play sports, because it allows members the KBE to think the KHSAA has put in less time and effort than they have.
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    KBE chair Lu Young opens the meeting, and is very clear to state that her intention in calling today's special meeting was never to overrule the KHSAA, but intended instead to educate the board members further in the decision made by the KHSAA. Julian Tackett is then given the floor, and Julian is currently giving a re-cap/play-by-play of the KHSAA's decision to suspend high school sports, and the decisions made since regarding student eligibility, KHSAA sport funding, etc.
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    About 1250 watching via YouTube right now.
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    I think we can all safely say the Big Ten gets a 0% grade in how they've handled this entire situation.
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    False, you can do everything correct and it can still go wrong. It takes two people making good decisions. When one refuses to cooperate, has a weapon and is putting others in danger it puts officers in a position to make a decision that 99% hope they never have to make.
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    No I don't think so Paul Laurence Dunbar cancelled their game at Douglass on Sept. 11 as well. So Douglass picked up North Hardin for Sept. 11.
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