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    It’s Fall or nothing. As seen in other states, if you have to quarantine then you cancel/no contest. The teams with the most discipline off the field may end up being the state champions.
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    Tuesday evening update on remnants of Laura passing through Kentucky. All the models are in agreement that Kentucky will be affected by Laura. For reference Laura is taking almost the same path as Ike in 2008. Portions of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio were hard hit by Ike. Louisville say 75 mph wind gusts. The Greater Cincinnati Airport had 74 mph. Ft. Knox 64, Owensboro 53, Frankfort 62, Lexington 60 and Bowling Green saw peak of 50 mph wind gusts. In Ohio Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton saw the most extensive damage with almost 2.6 million people who lost power. Ike was a category 2 Hurricane. Hurricane Laura is forecast to strength to a category 3 Hurricane just before landfall. Now I'm not saying will see the same conditions again with this storm but we all should be preparing now. Now lets take a look at what Laura may bring to our area. The models are having a little differences in the rainfall totals. Two the Canadian and GFS are showing 2-3 inches for rainfall totals. The UKMET model is showing about the same 1-3 inches. The difference is is shows western Kentucky getting slammed. With 5-7 inches by the time Laura moves out. In any case we could see some widespread flooding this upcoming weekend. For now, Thursday afternoon into the overnight hours looks like the best chance. All the normal severe weather threats modes will be possible. Damaging winds, large hail, tornadoes, heavy rain, and cloud to ground lightning. Thursday afternoon into the overnight hours looks like the best chance. The chance for severe weather will be there again for Friday but the threat will be lesser. I will be closely monitoring this situation and post updates whenever possible.
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    Yet somehow states like Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee are pulling it off, but Kentucky can't.
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    I would rather lose a 1/4 of a season due to a positive test and having to quarantine, than to have no season at all. Something is better than nothing.
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    Everybody on the team not named Winker should be hitting 8th (or lower).
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    KHSAA website has been updated to show Bowling Green at St.X on 9/11.
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    Dave says he believes. So do I, that this team is not very good and he is an even worse manager.
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    If we were concerned about mental health everything would be open.
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    The extension pays Fickell $3.4 million a year starting with the 2020 season through 2026.
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    For advocates of playing spring, I think by playing in fall and getting some games in means would have to play less games in spring if fall season were to get cancelled. So if get fall season in great. If not, then finish in spring.
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    Yea no its called the Mingua Beef Jerky Bowl held each year at Douglass, plus I just talked to the coach.
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    Hey at @Tigerpride94 your guys game on Nov. 6 is at Douglass not at Lex. Cath.
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    JV & FR games will be even harder to schedule for everyone.
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    And there are also states that have decided they can’t pull it off. The point is There’s not a simple/one size fits all solution.
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    So this is the current schedule for the Tigers, correct? Sep 11 vs. Bowling Green Sep 18 - OPEN Sep 25 vs. Trinity (at Cardinal Stadium) Oct 2 - OPEN Oct 9 vs. Manual Oct 16 at Butler Oct 23 vs. Pleasure Ridge Park Oct 30 at St. Xavier (OH) Nov 6 vs. Frederick Douglass (at Lexington Catholic)
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    UPDATED: Sep 11 - OPEN Sep 18 at Cooper Sep 25 at Henry County Oct 2 vs. Paducah-Tilghman Oct 9 vs. Christian Academy-Louisville (District) Oct 16 at Western Hills (District) Oct 23 vs. Mercer County (District) Oct 30 vs. Meade County Nov 6 at South Oldham
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    They shut down contact until they have documented protocols in place. This could be a day or a few days, but the season isn't cancelled.
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    Schools are waiting for guidelines from KHSAA regarding fans and should be out this week.
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    I was in favor of playing in the spring like many other states have done. In short, the likelihood of completing a season in the spring is far greater than in the fall. To answer your question, I'm not sure what backup plan would have worked. Maybe a schedule that accounted for a shutdown and reboot in the spring. Or a plan that outlines how we're going to deal with the cancelled games that we're doomed to have (not sure if that was discussed or not). It just feels like "now or never" isn't a plan. It was a way to please the masses.
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    A little clarity from Sayre's head coach: “Sayre will actually be able to compete as the fourth seed in Class 1A District 7 after the KHSAA Board voted to allow that to happen to take the place of Jenkins, (which) dropped its program,” Pennington said. https://www.kyforward.com/solid-foundation-in-place-sayre-prepares-for-first-full-season-of-varsity-football-since-1976/
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    I never saw that confirmed. It was on the KHSAA meeting agenda like three different times but I never saw that it was discussed. I'm curious if Sayre might have agreed to be the 4-seed and not play the other opponents since (at least pre-Covid) finding a place on those schedules would have been difficult.
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    Just saw on FB that CovCath is working on pay per view for their home games.
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    I do not know. I'll be by the school tomorrow and will inquire as to what the plan is, if they have one yet.
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    Trinity will have their home games streamed through NFHS. Eastern is their only "away" game, and does not allow Trinity to radio broadcast from their stadium.
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    I understand that completely. I live in the metro area. But do you honestly believe based on the meeting last night that JCPS has intentions of playing this year and starting with everyone else? Or do you think they voted to proceed with some / many on that board knowing full well they'll probably either squash the season entirely or delay further when they meet in a few weeks? Everyone has to be sure they can do things safely. But most everyone is proceeding with intentions to play this year, but understand things can happen to change that. I'm not so sure JCPS is proceeding with that same intention. That's all I'm saying. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I guess we'll see.
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    https://www.al.com/news/2020/08/alabama-updates-covid-19-testing-results-for-college-students.html To date, more than 75,000 students attending colleges in Alabama have been tested through the GuideSafe program. Those tests have yielded a 0.75 percent rate of positivity or approximately 563 students, ... Notre Dame, conversely, tested nearly 12,000 students before returning. Only 0.28 percent (33 students) were positive, Notre Dame announced the day classes began Aug. 10. These seem to be the 'real' positivity rates - less than 1%. Not 3, not 5, not 7 or 10% of the overall population, but less than or around 1% are coming up positive (but likely asymptomatic in most cases). These university testing efforts are yielding much more accurate picture of this "pandemic" than any other numbers it seems.
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    And not everybody has the means or ability to transfer and pay $10k+ to go to school, and maybe get to play sports. While there certainly may be a few, it’s just simply not an option for everyone.
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    Sep 11 at Lincoln County Sep 18 vs. Perry County Central Sep 25 at South Laurel (District) Oct 2 vs. Southwestern (District) Oct 9 at Pulaski County (District) Oct 16 vs. Whitley County (District) Oct 23 vs. Walton-Verona Oct 30 at Wayne County Nov 6 at Trinity For Reference: North Laurel - 2019 Schedule
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    The Laura's path is pretty close to Ike's. I'll post more on what Kentucky might see later this evening.
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    Nobody is going to be able to transfer and play this year. So unless you think this will be an ongoing issue, I don't think there will be a mass exodus to private schools.
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    They have about 41,000 students and staff. 560 is 1.4% of the that. Sounds about right.
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    St. X is supposed to play Central on September 11. Central already has a game scheduled for September 18 so it isn't an easy switch, unless there are some others switches happening down the line.
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    Also people need to understand that JCPS is dealing with a tough situation as their area has been hit harder than most by COVID. They have to be sure they can do things safely, as they not only want to limit the possible spread within JCPS, but also to other schools they may be playing. This stuff isn’t easy.
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    Laura is sure looking like Hurricane Ike from 2008. Paths almost identical which means, I guess, that KY-OH-IN is going to see some interesting weather.
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    There are about 40,000 season tickets. They will go by CAF priority points (Similar to what you described) to determine who gets what seats and where. If you are a season ticket holder and don’t get tickets this season, your balance will carry over to next season. Same will happen if you choose to opt out this season.
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    Is the BG game getting moved up a week?
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    Risk of COVID fatality to those under 30 in Kentucky - 0.0%. What has more risk of death than COVID to those under 30 in Kentucky based current statistics - everything. Suicide attempts have skyrocketed. As have overdoses. COVID is not a concern of the young at this point when compared to suicide and drugs and abuse.
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    "Thing will get worse when people go inside." No kidding. The number one indicator of mortality rate of COVID is Vitamin-D deficiency. No sun - no vitamin-D without supplements. Point is - without sports kids will NOT be outside and will suffer vitamin-D deficiency and will be more susceptible. So you may be create the situation with the vote tonight.
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    Jefferson County does NOT have a 10% positivity rate among actual people Ms. Duncan. The statistics are not related to people. They are related to tests, that we do not know the demographics of. So far it looks like the state has less than a 1% positive rate from looking at UK and UofL numbers.
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    Marshall wants to have a Jefferson County Championship this year to ensure none of the other districts that are not as wise as Jefferson County don't spread the COVID to anyone from Jefferson County.
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    Point made that CDC now says it does NOT recommend testing if you are asymptomatic. (Likely because asymptomatic people are not spreaders).
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    Kolb says playing sports puts the whole community at risk. In fairness he did "ask" what is different about waiting any longer. He says at the end of the day they are a school system and wants to get kids back in school and his point is that adding sports to that mix contributes to the spread of the disease. He also says testing in Louisville is useless because it takes too long to get test results. He says if we would have locked down more blah blah blah. Kolb is a hack.
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    The Nolan trilogy is basically perfection in my opinion. I’m extremely curious to see this movie, but it’s impossible to have great expectations because it will always be judged against the Nolan trilogy. This trailer does look promising though.
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    The Speedways in Somerset are both very clean, I hope they stay that way.
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    So, do I need to use my Speedy Rewards that I never use?
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    I find it harder to believe that they didn't announce who they were. The defense ALWAYS says the police didn't announce who they were. A local Constable shot FBI Agent, his first defense was that he didn't know who it was. FBI had blue lights going and were calling him out on a PA by name, announcing they were the FBI and had a warrant for him.
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