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    Shoutout to the KHSAA fighting for a season. Hats off to them. Unfortunately IMO football gets “postponed” again tomorrow.
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    Only with proper precautions. I work in the medical field, I’ve seen most of this first hand, long before this virus. The SEC recently announced ECG test/blood work for infected athletes. The NFL is doing the same. The high school kids will be at the highest risk. My opinions aren’t popular but I’ve seen enough in my life to put safety first, with the subject at hand.
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    Cancel is also option so hope they choose the phased in approach.
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    Matt Jones deleted the Tweet about Lexington Christian, and at least one LCA parent has stated on Twitter that the school has not yet notified anyone about moving to NTI. My guess is someone had their wires crossed about Lexington Catholic vs. Lexington Christian.
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    He’s so much fun to watch. 43,17 and 13 today plus a game winner.
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    Fellas, it is the same old same old. Not enough contact hitters and some of the arms this team has need to be done for good. Although for me the worst part of this team is one David Bell. Moves upon moves upon moves because the computer says so which leads to loss after loss after loss.
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    The outcry from citizens to let fall HIGHSCHOOL sports happen is amazing. Any decision to shut them down is a dictatorship at this point. I went to a great AAU tournament in Ohio this weekend with masks everywhere. My son hasn’t looked this energized and happy in months.
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    I think people, even those who have no use of the mask game, do this to support the business and not put it a risk from the "health officials", who may be monitoring from afar.
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    That stinks. I understand, but man that just stinks. If it was me I’d show some clips from Rudy just to show that just because you don’t dress doesn’t mean your roll is less important.
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    Congrats to Sr WR/RB Grant Goodman!
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    If football doesn't happen, it won't be because of the KHSAA. They've already done all they can do.
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    I bet most of you that hate fishing, don't see a problem with this photo.
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    I wish we had a better accounting of deaths of despair. I believe if we stay on our present course of mitigation deaths of despair will progressively get worse during the cold, cloudy, gloomy weather over the winter. A friend of mine from high school left this Earth a couple of days ago and I have another friend hurting bad. It is hard to pin down causation but I am pretty sure it is depression/mental illness in full bloom at least in part due to COVID.
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    What's Driving Excess Deaths for 25 to 44 Year Olds? https://covidplanningtools.com/whats-driving-excess-deaths-for-25-to-44-year-olds/ "It appears that the excess death count during the COVID-19 outbreak in the 25-44 age bracket cannot be wholly attributed to the virus. Less than half can be accounted for by current COVID-19 numbers from the CDC (which may be lagging). It is unlikely that deaths in this age bracket are related to other common COVID-19 comorbidity conditions. It is likely that these are deaths related to suicide, despair, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence; collateral effects of various public policy mitigation measures. One can reasonably conclude that the lock-downs and stay at home orders may have had significant negative effects. This is a cursory analysis and will be refined as data becomes more complete." Let's end the shutdowns. Let's get back to school. Let's get back to normal lives.
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    PP1 - God love you for trying, but some folks are not cut out for fishing, and I'm pretty sure you are one of those people. There are many different types of fishing. What you were doing is called "Bair and Wait." Put your worm on a hook, throw it out there and hope for the best. IF you ever get the urge, or if your son gets to urge to go fishing again, have somewone go with you who knows what they are doing. I would have brought a couple of poles, already rigged up, and some wax worms, and we would have caught some bluegills - they are easy to catch. I've never used a hot dog in my life, some kids do, but red worms (not nightcrawlers) and wax worms stay on the hook, and you would have probably caught something. Bass fishing and ocean fishing are something altogether different. I was lucky. Although my dad did not fish, I had two uncles who did, and they included me, along with their kids in their outings. We started with cane poles and caught bluegills. I was hooked (not stuck) for life.
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