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    We've had 63 kids working out since June 15. Of those 63, we have had ZERO cases of Covid. I hear similar stories from other coaches. Most of the time, if they do have a Covid case, it comes from an outside source... not a football workout. We work out in the morning. The first two groups are 7 am. Last two groups are 9 am. It's been good for our kids. They have something to do. They are with their teammates and coaches. We can enforce compliance and guidelines with 14-18 year old males more effectively than most any other place they could be. I'm starting to think that having football, keeping those kids occupied, may actually contribute to holding Covid case numbers down. I sure hope so.
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    By every virus measurement I have looked at, Indiana is SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE than Kentucky. This is the point I have made several times here on BGP. Kentucky is one of the the best states in the US in managing the virus. Using the virus measurements to make the playing decisions, if Kentucky can't play football then no one should be playing. Performing well on all of the restrictions has to be rewarded at some point. Time for Kentucky to get some positive reinforcement for what has been accomplished in controlling this virus. Time to play football.
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    New Albany (IN) at East Central (IN) scrimmage. Looks like decent amount of fans in stands. I believe Indiana allowing 50% capacity with distancing.
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    I’m getting antibody test Wednesday through UofL immunity study. I had some type of respiratory illness in March so will be interesting what results say.
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    Greenup County has replaced Portsmouth West on the 25th of September. The game is at Greenup County.
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    The Red Cross is testing for anti-bodies at no cost if you donate blood.
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    The Indiana High School Athletic Association has revealed COVID-19 guidelines for all schools that will participate in fall sports, including the restrictions on fans. The IHSAA says fans will be allowed to attend events this fall, but each set of bleachers will be capped at 50% capacity or 250 people, whichever comes first. Families will be able to sit together but must be six feet away from another family.
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    I feel the same way, we got back from a 7 day cruise in mid February, changed planes from San Juan in Newerk, workers were wearing mask already, never thought much about it, but for the next two weeks, my wife and I coughed our heads off, drank cough syrup like water, finally just went away, plus I work at the airport , so I have had to been exposed.
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    If I saw the news report correctly Utah has started HS football. Game was played with limited attendance. Players had their own water bottles and were spread out a little more. I am sure other protocols were followed. Let our games begin!!
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    Waivers have limited value in any legal situation. "Negligence" can not be waived and that is what is claimed in most lawsuits. COVID would just add to the list of other possible liabilities an institution may face. Things like death or injury from things like heat stroke, staph (locker rooms), etc. are always in play and likely covered under a liability insurance policy. The big question may be - what do the insurance companies thing think the exposure is? And what are they going to charge the institution to cover that exposure? The challenge is insurance rates are based on data. While the data indicates college age and younger have a essentially a zero percent chance of dying from COVID, the long term affects are not well known.
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    Gosh, Winker is absolutely in a zone!!!
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    Students started arriving here at UofL on Wednesday, and I'm pleasantly surprised at the mask wearing. Everyone is wearing them, even outside.
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    I want to give it some time on safety and if all appears to be well I will strongly consider getting the vaccine. To your second, I believe that is to be determined and I should add again for the record I believe I had COVID at the start of the year.
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    The part that's being left out in this analysis, is the impact sports has on overall attendence and alumni support. Sports are a great recruiting tool, even for students who don't play sports. I don't know how you measure that impact, but it's real.
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    Lake house every single day and it’s not even close.
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