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    Of course it was the Marlins. Both because it's in Florida, but also.... it's the Marlins. They always find a way to screw things up.
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    Any mention, discussion, and media regarding politics or political figures is expressly prohibited on BluegrassPreps. This includes, but is not limited to the mention or names of any elected or publicly appointed officials, both domestic and foreign, by name, title, or by the offices held (e.g. - president, governor, chancellor, minister, senator, congressman, commissioner, attorney general, county clerk, magistrate, Beshear, Clinton, Lincoln, Merkel, Obama, Putin, Reagan, Roosevelt, Trudeau, Trump, etc). Any direct references or inferences to political terminology and activities, (e.g. - government, Democrat, Republican, GOP, conservative, liberal, campaign, lobby, legislature, filibuster, caucus, etc) and anything else deemed political in nature by the BGP staff is also prohibited from the site. Likewise, this also includes 3rd party links to articles that are political in name or in nature. Additionally, the use of names/nicknames deemed by the BGP staff as references to political figures (e.g. - Andy, Donald, Tricky Dick, Slick Willy) will not be permitted on BluegrassPreps. Keeping in mind BGP's core purpose as a sports-discussion community, discussion of the the managing bodies specifically serving over high school, college, amateur, and professional sports leagues (KHSAA, NCAA, IOC, MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL et al), along with the officers, officials and the titles held by the individuals within those organizations is permitted on BGP. Similarly, high school and college/university administrators and officials, when discussed in a strictly non-political manner, are all permissible on BGP.
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    To my knowledge there are only two district games prior to September 18: Scott County/Great Crossing and Owensboro/Breckinridge County, both on opening weekend. The September 18 games (I only saw one or two with a cursory glance) have in most cases been moved to that date to avoid playing fall break, so in most cases those teams have an open spot where a game could be moved. If the first few weeks were canceled, I'm sure the KHSAA would give those schools an out to eliminate the contract to get in a district game. You'd probably see quite a few teams trying to get games to fill in open dates, too.
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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 27, 2020 Student-athlete participation increased for the third-straight year in Kentucky High School Athletic Association sports and sport-activities to reach record levels in 2019-20. A total of 107,166 rostered participants competed across the KHSAA’s 13 sports and six sport-activities according to information submitted by the membership, surpassing last year’s then-record total of 106,931. Football was one of 12 offerings to show an increase from the previous year, breaking a trend of declining participation for the last three years by adding 202 new student-athletes [freshmen, JV, varsity] during the 2019-20 season to remain the state’s most popular sport with 13,277 rostered participants. “The continued rise in student-athlete participation the last three years emphasizes the importance of school-based athletics in the fabric of the educational experience for these young adults,” said KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett. “The importance of these coach-to-student and student-to-student relationships is only amplified in these uncertain times, as we strive to return to some form of normalcy in our lives. Even with the likely understating of spring sports numbers due to Covid-19 and the usual rise in roster counts as those seasons go along, these numbers show how important it is that we offer an opportunity for our schools to create participation opportunities.” Participant counts are cumulative among all KHSAA rosters and continue an upward trend in participation across the board according to the data submitted to the National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS) in Indianapolis. Overall participation is up 7,523 from where it was seven years ago (an increase of 7.2 percent since the 2012-13 season) with 31.5 percent of student-athletes competing in multiple sports. Several KHSAA offerings enjoyed participation growth in 2019-20, led by Volleyball (331), Wrestling (265), and Soccer (229). The majority of spring sports, meanwhile, showed reduced participation across the board as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the cancellation of the 2020 season eliminated the opportunity for teams to finalize their rosters with additions through the course of the year. Participation numbers have been impacted over the last nine years by the addition and growth of six sport-activities (Archery, Bass Fishing, Bowling, Competitive Cheer, Dance and Esports) and the sport of Field Hockey. The sport-activities of Archery (5,253) and Competitive Cheer (5,131) both topped 5,000 participants during the 2019-20 season. KHSAA participation in 2019-20 was also boosted by the continued growth of the Unified and Adapted Track & Field and Bowling programs, which accounted for 474 participants last season. Participation numbers submitted to the NFHS do not yet include esports, which was sanctioned for the first time in 2018-19 and featured 521 student-athletes from 46 member schools participating in Rocket League or League of Legends during the 2019 fall season. Football retained its spot as the state’s most popular sport in terms of participation with 13,277 student-athletes across all levels (121 females) competing for 224 schools. Soccer was the second-most popular sport in Kentucky last year with 12,679 participants, followed by Basketball (12,325) and Track & Field (11,348). On the girls’ side, Volleyball was the most popular sport with 6,593 participants, followed by Soccer (5,949), Softball (5,527), Basketball (5,380), Track & Field (5,141) and Competitive Cheer (4,968). Overall female participation reached a high of 49,458 rostered participants in 2019-20, with 11,207 multi-sport student-athletes (29.3 percent of all female participants). Among boys’ sports, Baseball was second in the state behind Football with 7,077 participants. Basketball ranked third overall at 6,945 student-athletes, followed by Soccer (6,730), Track & Field (6,873) and Cross Country (3,138). Overall male participation totaled 57,708 rostered participants, with 14,468 multi-sport student-athletes (33.5 percent of all male participants). Basketball ranked as the most-sponsored sport across Kentucky with 275 schools offering a team. Volleyball had the second-highest number of teams with 266, followed by Baseball (259), Softball (259), Cross Country (258), and Track & Field (257). The complete NFHS participation report, along with historical data, is available online at https://khsaa.org/general/resources/membership-reports-and-data/.
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    I believe we will get good news tomorrow. The consensus is that switching spring & fall sports would not be good for most student-athletes. Athletic Staff/Facility Logistics, risking no baseball/softball two years in a row in case of a spike, and very difficult/tough on the bodies for kids to play a football season in the spring and then turn around and play again in the fall... not enough recovery time. Mr. Tackett has been great in seeking input from the KY HS Football Coaches Association both through the Elected Council and Regional Reps. I don't know what the final plan will look like, but the process has included our coaches and we are appreciative that has been the case. Bottomline, for the most part, we want our kids to have a season and we are willing to do what is necessary to make it happen... and protect the vulnerable the best that it can be done.
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    One more team outbreak and I think that will be the end of the MLB season. They are playing under a narrow window and I don't think they want to get involved with scheduling a slew of double-headers to fit the 67 day schedule.
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    Fake noise wins by a landslide over howlers.
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    I finally agree with you on something.
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    In the Scott Co/Great Crossing case it wasn’t done to avoid fall break. Scott Co takes their bye week 11. I think Great Crossing is around week 9. I believe Scott Co is playing a district game that week. That whole arrangement could be sorted out some how do big deal or it could get messy. I don’t know if I would be surprised either way.
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    Great to see this trending up. A few of the new sports (Archery, Dance, eSports) will help continue this trend for the next few years. Outstanding to see football growing, as the safety of the sport has really been challenged the last few years. Biggest shock? There are 121 females playing at some level of high school football. I'd have guessed maybe a dozen at the most. Hurray for them!
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    I know but if the plan extends throughout DEC-JUN it limits the athletes and takes away from other sports. I agree partial season is better than none- but hope Ky doesn't look a model like that one.
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    That's what the restriction is. I am sure plenty didn't follow it though.
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    For some teams JV could be a big risk for extra exposure for the virus to spread between teams. JV plays and then practices against/with the varsity. A JV player become infected from playing a JV game and now spreads it to the varsity program. Some teams won’t want to run that risk and others can’t afford to run that risk.
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    I love peanut butter, but I’d rather have the cheese and crackers.
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    Dish not having the Reds for over a year was awful. The NFL drop was final straw for me. Last week I signed up for Hulu Live. It includes Fox Sports Ohio and Fox Sports South. I’m paying $54/month now instead of the $120/month for Dish. I did, however, change my internet provider to a higher quality in order to stream best. I still figure I’m saving about $20/month total AND get to watch the Reds.
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    Ohio going to play fall sports as scheduled.
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    Have to go Peanut Butter and Crackers. Austin Peanut Butter and crackers are the goat.
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    That is my only fear. I could just continue to work out at work. Or even do activities outside but I really prefer going go the gym.
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    Stand alone bars closed and restaurants back to 25% capacity for 2 weeks in KY. Starts tomorrow at 5pm I believe.
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    Not to belabor the point, but just heard it again. Of course, not from the direct person that it happened to though.
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    I’m certain it will be lol.
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    Pull 12 players up from the Marlins reserve roster and play ball. Sanitize the visitor clubhouse in Philly, bring in the Yankees and play ball. I am totally serious in both those comments.
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    My guess is the Friday after Labor Day. That takes away the first three weeks but doesn’t cost any district games other than Scott County/Great Crossing and Owensboro/Breckinridge County, which would either have to be rescheduled or counted as a win/loss for both (Tackett referenced this in the last meeting). They might even allow games to be plugged in during scheduled bye weeks, although making that work could be difficult. It will be interesting to see if the same playoff format is used or if it might be reduced. Could we see Week 11 eliminated and have playoffs begin a week early? I suspect everything is on the table. Bottom line, if Buchanan is referencing a delayed start and the KHSAA agenda has three sets of sports to be discussed, then a modified season is inevitable.
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    I've heard that exact same story from at least 10 people. I don't believe it for a second. Until I hear it from a direct source, I just consider it not true. That being said, I'm not taking the situation any less seriously and will continue to wear my mask when out in public.
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    Agreed. I’m not sure why they put so much travel into the schedule in the first place. If you’re playing division opponents five times at home and five on the road, why not play a five game series and avoid some travel? Same with the interleague opponents. This isn’t why the Marlins came down with COVID but to me if you are wanting to limit things, making every Sunday a getaway day was ill planned and unnecessary.
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    Will life be better in December?
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    I have heard many rumors too. I won't believe anything until I hear it from the KHSAA. I still don't know how you justify football (and sports in general) when many districts are starting the year off in NTI.
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    I personally think with only a 60 game season a manager has to manager totally different in relation to his pitching staff as compared to a 162 game season. Meaning your starting pitchers if on their game can go 7 or 8 innings instead of 5 or 6. Heck I mean at most they are going to get is 15 starts total.
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    I’ve heard rumors that we will get two more weeks of the current state. After that practice will start and weeks 1-3 will be eliminated so teams will play weeks 4-11 with a full playoffs. I have no clue how true that is or where those people got their information. The meeting is tomorrow at 10 so by this time tomorrow we’ll have an idea.
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    Yes. A 14 day self isolation is part of the MLB and MLBPA protocols.
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    I just hope the entire Bardstown saga can be resolved and the right people brought to justice.
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    Just adding context to it.
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    How much are they saving on maintenance by being able to play multiple sports for multiple years without ever having to seed, water, or mow?
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    On KHSAA transfer form it has cessation of a sport as exception to transfer rule.
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    Just off the top of my head and in no particular order Feldman - NDA Bradshaw - NDA O'Hara - Highlands Listerman - Highlands Crittendon - Ryle Johnson - Ryle Holtman - Ryle Lillard - Ludlow Lockard -Dixie Reinhart - Dixie Turner - NCC Heck- NCC Lind - Cooper Freihofer - Cooper Allen - Scott Meredith - Scott Kiefer - Brossart Koeninger - Campbell Co
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