Boone County 42 St. Henry 33

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    I was trying to look through past threads for any Boone/St Henry predictions. Came across this one, under "9th Region Draw"

    "Boone certainly got a favorable draw. Three of the four best teams end up in the same brackett. Boone should be well rested come finals. Hopefully not at the top of the game, since the should be able to sleepwalk to the finals. "

    I don't think Boone was expecting that kind of game from the Cru! St Henry coach Brian Coburn coached a great game. Going into the 4th quarter, score was 26 to 22 Boone. This was no pounding over the Cru. St Henry played smart and played tough. They kept it under control--did not let the score get away from them. Until the 4th quarter when Boone worked it out and figured out how to get the ball to the amazing Sydney Moss---who can clearly score a bucket from any distance, any angle.

    Congratulations to the Rebels and and to their coach! It goes without saying that she has a fine program at Boone. But did the Rebels "Sleepwalk" to the finals? I think not! The Lady Cru gave them a pretty loud "wake-up" call!
    Great gameplan and it kept SH in the game. Yes, Boone did sleepwalk and I, for one, just slept. You can bet Boone is well rested. Even though SH kept it close, Boone didn't have to exert much energy and Nash should be very well rested.

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    Congrats to the seniors of St. Henry!! While I am sure that losing your last basketball game is tough, alot of them still have the one thing that most NKY kids don't, a State Championship Trophy (Soccer).

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    Also, Congrats to Boone County on the victory!! I would be very surprised if they are not in Bowling Green later this week.

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    Moss scores half the points, what can you do. Great player. Her hairdoo makes her look taller too.

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    Congratulations to the Lady Crusaders for a great game plan, and another outstanding season. This senior group can leave with their heads held high. In their four years, the Varsity program totaled 68 wins. I have to believe that could possibly be a record for the St. Henry Girls' basketball program. They weren't able to capture an All 'A' championship or a Regional championship, but nevertheless, they have brought some new found respect to the St. Henry Girls basketball program. Three straight Regional Semi-Final appearances is something of which to be proud. These seniors have represented St. Henry very well, both on and off the court. There is talent and new leaders waiting in the wings. The incoming freshman class should be strong. The coaching staff is extremely solid. All part of developing a good program.

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    I picked a rough game to watch Sydney Moss play for the first time. St. Henry's game plan was great, but man it tough for me to enjoy the game. However, that is the only chance they had...very good coaching.

    I kept saying to may dad, "If I was Nell I would start trapping a little more...force the issue". Sure enough when BCHS did that, they got some turnovers. I need to coach haha jk.

    Moss didn't do a whole lot in the first half, but man she came out strong in the 3rd. She definitely lived up to the hype in my opinion. I'm thinking about venturing out tomorrow.

    Go Lady Rebels!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJAlltheWay24 View Post
    She definitely lived up to the hype in my opinion.
    Moss really is a treat to watch. So smooth. Not so fun to play against, but enjoyable to watch.