Williamsburg vs. Bath County

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    Williamsburg vs. Bath County

    I dont really know alot about Bath Co., but this week the Jackets travel there for a road contest. Williamsburg continues to impress on offense with triggerman Ryan Moses showing improvement each week. Aaron Brock and Dusty Moses have really come on at the receiver slots, and both Will Moses and Jake Moses had impressive nights rushing the ball. I thought the offensive line gave a flash of what is to come against Clinton Co. and hope they will continue to improve as a unit. Tyler Rollins looks really good at tackle and the interior play of Abner, Phillips, Collins and Hopkins will be the key for a win against Bath. Defensively, the return of Jordan Hughelett was evident. Jake Moses and Garret Phillips also provided some spark at the LB slots, and Lowery seems to be improving at safety. The d line is young and mistake prone, but gives alot of effort. I'm impressed with that freshman class and look for big things as they gain more experience.I'm guessing that Bath will be big and physical and will be a formindable opponent this week. Since we bleed orange, I'll go with the Jackets in a nail biter, 34-30.

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    "Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War"

    Bath @ Bath by 12. They (Bath) played decently against Prestonsburg @ P'burg. W'burg is still not consistently stopping teams or keeping their scoring totals low enough to be comfortable in this game. They did hold Clinton to just 6, but have given up a lot of points to the rest. D, or lack of it, will decide this game for the Jackets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DADDY CAT
    . D, or lack of it, will decide this game for the Jackets.

    I have to agree until Williamsburg shows they have some kind of consistency on defense it is hard to pick them in what appears to be a tough game on the road. Their offense may put up some points but without some sort of consistent defense they will have a tough time winning.

    Bath 35 Wburg 26