Snappy Tomato Pizza Pick 4 Contest Results (Week 3)

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    Snappy Tomato Pizza Pick 4 Contest Results (Week 3)

    We have a back to back repeat winner!! 83birds I think this is only the second time this has happened (although I don't keep stats, I think Thunder Bird did it once before?) The magic picks were Highlands-52, Trinity-49, Williamsburg- 59 and Fairdale-61 for an amazing 221 points.

    Great job by all!

    The contest will not be final for 24 hours. All contestants have until then to challenge the results. When it goes final the winner should contact theguru at to claim the prize. Remember to please support the people that support this site, and pick up a Snappy Tomato Pizza today!!

    Here is a list of everyone else's score:

    JBauer24 216 (Keeping right on those heels!!)
    4chs 212
    snakesnot_2000 207
    raiderbird 203
    ThunderBird 203
    Oxnard 202
    WKYfootballguy 197
    Rebel 197
    Bright Horizons 197
    chief_07 195
    fair or foul 195
    Big Slick 192
    3wishes 189
    coldweatherfan 188
    That's Pat 188
    newarkcatholicfan 186
    steelers 186
    swforever 180
    raiders12100 178
    Beechwoodfan 177
    AcesFull 174
    Cat_n_the_hat 164
    pirate1960 122 (Mercer Co. is not on the list)