Newcath Vs. Holy Cross

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  • Newport Central Catholic

    66 95.65%
  • Holy Cross

    3 4.35%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsfan34
    If you want to call me out, call me out. I'll try to be a politically correct as I can. Unlike most of the posts throughtout the threads I know HC's limitations. Believe me, I would love to see HC win. But, I think with my head and not my heart. HC can very well be very competitive this yr., but the talent has to be utilized. That is HC's weakness, they don't utilize the talent they have. I don't think I'm one to talk smack, just one that lives in the real world. If you read the poll for this will see who I think will win. Again, believe me, I will be pulling strong for HC to win. Unless things have changed tremendously in 2 is unlikely.
    Im not calling you out, because you actually have shown up on here, and I respect what you say because unlike alot of people on here you are actually being realistic about your teams chances...I was talking more about the people who last year, was on here saying all kinds of stuff, and arguing with everyone. Now none of those people are here to be seen, since Holy Cross isn't really good like last year. Alot of Holy Cross people had ALOT to say about ALOT of things, and talked about how Holy Cross had arrived with the Beechwoods and NCC and would say there...Well now we see they are not, and now these people are gone and not saying anything, that is who I was calling out..So I definitely respect you for being on here!