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How unique is your school's nickname? Odds are, not very unique at all. Of the 280 KHSAA member schools, 27% have one of six nicknames. As you might expect the top six are all of a rather generic variety. Eagles is the most common mascot in Kentucky, found at 17 schools. There are 15 Wildcats in the state, 13 Panthers and Tigers, and 10 Bulldogs and Cardinals. Just below those are 9 Colonels and 9 Cougars, along with another 8 Raiders.

Fifty-five schools have mascots not found at another school in the commonwealth (this is stretched slightly as Ashland, Bethlehem, Louisville Collegiate have separate nicknames for their boys and girls teams; it also should be noted that this article makes no distinction among school who use 'Lady' in front of their girls team names).

Some of the most unique include animals (Bracken County Polar Bears, Campbell County Camels, Greenwood Gators, Notre Dame Pandas, Owsley Count Owls), colors (Bowling Green Purples, Manual Crimsons), jobs (Danville Admirals, Estill County Engineers, Marshall County Marshals, Washington County Commanders), weather (Hopkins County Central Storm, Meade County Green Waves, Paducah Tilghman Blue Tornado), and the just downright absurd (Bethlehem Banshees [girls], Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts, Louisville Collegiate Amazons [girls], Sacred Heart Valkyries, St. Francis Wyverns).

Most likely there is a reason your school uses the name it does. I encourage you to research their name, colors, and whatever else you can about your school. No matter the nickname, all 280 schools in Kentucky are unique!