Henlsey Rating System Class 1A Top 10 - Week #5

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    Henlsey Rating System Class 1A Top 10 - Week #5

    Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in the three seasons that I have done the Hensley Rating System, I have decided to start doing the ratings for the regular season and not just the playoffs.

    I must not take any credit for the numbers that are produced...however, all the credit goes to both the Louisville Courier-Journal's LitRatings and the Lexington Herald-Leader's CantrallRatings. All that I have done is to enter the figures from both papers into an Excel sheet, added them together and divided by two, sort them into order from highest to lowest, and post them.

    I will be maintaining the HRS for the remainder of the season so please be sure to post your comments about them and to keep checking back each and every week for updated standings.

    The standings for Class 1A are:

    1. Beechwood 88.75
    2. Lexington Christian Academy 83.05
    3. Mayfield 81.15
    4. Frankfort 80.25
    5. Pikeville 71.80
    6. Hazard 68.15
    7. Lou. Holy Cross 64.05
    8. Raceland 62.65
    9. Bellevue 59.40
    10. Cumberland 58.30

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    I can't really argue with any of the numbers. I have thought LCA should be higher then they have been for a long time, somewhere around the end of December. Beechwood definitely deserves to be number one, Mayfield, Frankfort and Pikeville need to be up there as well. I don't know as much about Hazard as I should, but they, more then likely deserve their number six spot, as well as Holy Cross deserves at least number seven. Raceland is good, but with injuries, I don't know how they stack up. Bellevue and Cumberland I only have heard what has been said on BGP, but sound like solid teams.

    Looks good statman, thanks.

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    These look pretty good, nice job statman . I have thought that LCA should be at #2 all along. Overall these look about right.

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    I believe Mayfield is possibly the #1 team but should be the solid #2 team.

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    I think that Evarts has earned a spot at number 10 but we will settle the whole battle with us and Cumberland when we play.

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    Mayfield just handled Graves Co who was suppose to be good. I would put them as the #1.

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    Mayfield played great defensively against Graves and with there QB out, they'll have to rely on that defense to keep them in games for awhile, but, I think Beechwood still deserves the #1 spot. I don't know enough about LCA to say one way or the other, but, they have played great thus far and I can't argue with it. Frankfort and Pikeville are also very good. Outside of these 5, I really don't see anyone else making a real run to LVille...