Garrard County 54 Jackson County 0

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    Garrard County 54 Jackson County 0

    I don't have stats, but Garrard County thoroughly dominated the game. Jordan Phillips caught a touchdown pass on the opening play of the game and the rout was on. After one period the Lions led 35-0. At halftime the score was 47-0 and a continuous clock was used in the second half.

    The game was never close, but I thought Jackson County had some decent players. Garrard just took care of business and never allowed the Generals to get into the game. One complaint would be too many penalties for Garrard. Several "block in the back" penalties hurt and then a couple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties showed a lack of discipline.

    I'm not sure how the Lions will stack up with Somerset next week. It will probably be the first chance to see how this team can compete in district play.

    On a side note, the game was delayed with two minutes remaining in the third quater when the lights went out on the visitors side. It rekindled memories of 1994 when the Garrard/Harrodsburg game was moved to Lincoln County at halftime due to light going out! Tonight's game was delayed fifteen minutes and then restarted.