Dixie Heights 2012 Goose Cohorn

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    ...And I'm hearing Josh Harris couldn't stop him up in Pittsburgh...
    I was in Pittsburgh and watched that 7-on-7 match, which was actually last spring. Remember, Josh Harris is out with an injury right now. Goose is a good WR and caught some balls, but Josh Harris had him covered most of the time, IMO. I hope Goose gets D1 offers, but at 5'11" he needs 4.3 to 4.4 speed for D1.

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    Good luck to him. He will certainly reach 1000 yards receiving this week or next.

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    He would have a great career at TMC or Gtown.

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    california...and not the warm one

    So where is he leaning towards?

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    I talked to his dad at the Dixie/SK game friday. He named off many schools interested in him and that Goose has been visiting colleges for the past few months on Saturdays. He said they have been to some D2 and D3 schools, some NAIA and some D1 schools. Sounds like where ever he ends up, education and playing time are going to play a major part in the decision process. I've been around Nky. football for a long time, and around the Dixie program over 30 years now. I have some so many good football players and Goose Cohorn has really impressed me. Great hands, runs good routes, and from what I hear has a good work ethic on the field and in the classroom. It's just good to hear that he's thinking of his education in the future also, rather than just football.