Did anyone see the halftime interview with Lynn Ray?

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    Coach Ray's feeling about Highlands goes back farther than Dale. Remember, he went to Boone County High school as a kid. Also, I'm pretty sure that there was a [B]coach before Dale that might have soured him against Highlands more than any other.
    I don't know why Ray would be soured by "the coach before Dale". Heck I remember a Cov. Cath. vs. Highlands game in those years when Highlands didn't even get a first down.
    IMO that was the era that cemented the rivalry. I remember both schools had to leave helmets and shoulderpads on and put clothes, blankets, and towells over the windows in case the glass broke. The fans were horrible toward each other. I went to HHS with my family in the eighth grade and didn't think we were going to get out without a fight, the next year when I was a frosh at CCH it ended up being about the same for the Bluebirds fans. Thank god those days are gone. I even recall that the police were part of the problem as well, allowing the home teams fans to slide when it came to confronting each other.

    Intense, mean spirited, and nasty. The teams on the fields were better behaved then the stands back then IMO and that ain't saying much.