Bolin Picks Up First Offer

Page 2 of KY offered a 2013 QB the other day from GA. Bolin is a great kid in addition to being an excellent QB.... 19 comments | 1540 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    KY offered a 2013 QB the other day from GA. Bolin is a great kid in addition to being an excellent QB.

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    He is a big time player. I like his feet in the pocket and he steps into every throw which seem to be right on the money.

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    Last year CovCath played against qb's that will go to Harvard, Miami, Oh, Auburn, UC, UK and potentially one more that will play at the next level. Of all of those QB's and there are obviously some vey good ones, I thought Bolin was the best at reading keys and quickly moving down his progressions. He wasn't on the same level athletically as some of the other QB's, but he was also only a sophomore. I think he has the potential to be very special by the time he moves to the next level.

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    Is he waiting on an offer from Notre Dame? Seems like I read somewhere that he and his mom are high on Notre Dame and that if they offer he will likely accept shortly after the offer. Has anyone else heard or read anything similar?

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    I watched the kid from the start of the season to end.Not only Bolin but the growth of the offense was amazing.I think there was a switch at OC about mid way through the season and it was off to the races.I havnt seen these other QB's but his athleticism in my estimation was top of the charts. I saw him dominate games offensively with his leggs and his arm. This kid has a feel for the game that is impressive.I always herd some athletes see the game in slow mation and it looked like he does aswell. Congrats to kyle and good luck to him and all the Knights ,I also hear from alot of people he is a fine young man aswell.