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We have reached the point of the season we were all waiting for. First Henry Clay gets us there early by defeating Scott County. Then we get the long awaited matchup between Frederick Douglass and Scott County and Frederick Douglass showed that they are worthy of being called the best team in the Lexington/Central Kentucky Area. Now this week we have the ultra heated district rivalry matchup between Boyle County and Lexington Catholic. And then next week we get Frederick Douglass against Henry Clay. This is football overload right now because these are the best teams in the area but once you dig in youíll see that there is plenty of action not only from the traditional powers but from many teams throughout the area. Check it out.........

Top Ten:

1. Frederick Douglass(6A, 8-0) Frederick Douglass has shown this season that they are one of the best teams in the state overall. They have studs all over the field on both sides of the ball and we have reached the point of needing to begin acknowledging how strong their defense has proven to be. Teams are averaging just under 8 points a game against them and anyone who watched them hold Scott County to 10 points last week can attest to just how good that defense is. Seven different players had at least one tackle for a loss last weekend and two players finished with double digit total tackles. Devin Neal led the way with 17 total tackles(2 TFL) and Ramarcus Thompson finished with 13 total tackles(1 TFL). With this team having the offensive weapons that they have it is easy to see why they are one of the best teams in the state. Frederick Douglass has a BYE this week as they prepare for their October 19th showdown at Henry Clay.

2. Boyle County(3A, 7-0) Boyle County is still rolling along and getting some much needed healing time for some injured players. Some depth was added to the repertoire last weekend as there were several injured players who didnít play in last weekís 49-6 victory over Garrard County and that didnít stop the Rebels from taking care of business. Reed Lanter dominated this matchup as he finished 11-16 for 243 yards and 5 touchdowns. Reiley Colwick had 113 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns. Boyle County expects to get back a lot of their injured players this week as they will face Lexington Catholic in what is easily the Game of the Week this week.

3. Henry Clay(6A, 4-3) Henry Clay is playing their best football of the season right now as they rolled Dunbar 41-9 last week. This time it was Langston Jackson showing out as he had a kickoff return touchdown, an interception return touchdown and 88 yards rushing. Henry Clay has definitely shown us that they are capable of being a problem in 6A. They will face Bryan Station this Friday in a game that they should win with ease and then the showdown against Frederick Douglass will take place on October 19th. Yes, I am looking ahead to that game and I am not ashamed.

4. Scott County(6A, 5-3) Scott County has struggled recently but they do still have time to right the ship. Since they will be in the playoffs they have time to figure out where they went wrong against Henry Clay and Frederick Douglass and work on ways to improve themselves as a team. They have cleared the toughest part of their schedule and have two remaining games that they should win. Then it will be on to the playoffs where they will likely be on the road. Scott County is a well coached team with an offense that isnít easily stopped so while they may be down right now, I am certain this isnít the last we have heard of them.

5. Anderson County(5A, 7-0)
Anderson County remains undefeated and if we are being honest they havenít had a tough schedule but in their defense they have performed as they should against those teams. When you add in the fact that Charles Collins took on a role we arenít sure he was expected to take it makes their season very impressive. They face what I feel is their toughest test to date this Friday against Montgomery County but all signs say that if they play the way they have been they shouldnít have too much trouble this Friday night. Weíll find out soon enough.

6. Lexington Catholic(3A, 5-2)
Lexington Catholic got back to winning ways in a thrilling 49-42 victory over Western Hills. Now comes their biggest test of the season as they face district rival, Boyle County at home on Friday night. Boyle County has won the last two meetings in convincing fashion but this yearís version of Lexington Catholic is proving to be better than last yearís version. Beau Allen is arguably the best QB in the state but as mentioned, his toughest test will come this Friday in this weekís Game of the Week.

7. Taylor County(4A, 6-1) Another week, another strong district win for Taylor County as they shut out East Jessamine 34-0. They are now 2-0 in their district and will lock up the #1 seed if they can emerge victorious over Mercer County on Friday. They have outscored their district opponents 80-0 so far and they look to continue that domination going forward. Mercer County is playing their best football of the season so this game shouldnít be as easy as their other district games have been. With what is on the line this game has Game of the Week potential. It will interesting to see how it turns out.

8. Montgomery County(5A, 6-1)
Montgomery County is still having a great season as they secured a 56-34 district win over Madison Southern. Next up will be their toughest test this season as they will face district foe, Anderson County in what is likely the game that will determine the top seed in the district. This game also has Game of the Week potential as these two teams have a combined 13-1 record. Montgomery Countyís loss to East Jessamine is still puzzling to me but they can erase those doubts about them that I have with a victory over Anderson County this Friday night.

9. Madison Central(6A, 5-2)
Madison Central defeated Tates Creek 33-18 as they continue to focus on improvement weekly. They will face a Lafayette team that isnít the same team that they were when Walker Wood was the QB but they still have enough talent to cause problems if you overlook them. Madison Central should win this district game and then face a test on October 19th against George Rogers Clark but again, they should not be overlooking Lafayette.

10. George Rogers Clark(6A, 5-2)
George Rogers Clark makes a return to the Top Ten after a 26-7 victory over Lafayette. Nitavius Thomas continues to carry the load for George Rogers Clark as they have now won three in a row since losing to Montgomery County. They will face Tates Creek this week in a district game and as was just mentioned on October 19th they will face Madison Central in what should be a district game that will determine the top seed in their district.

Be On The Lookout For:

Mercer County(4A, 4-4)
If Mercer County defeats Taylor County they will definitely get some consideration for making the Top Ten.

Lincoln County(5A, 5-2) Lincoln Countyís rally to come from behind and beat Pulaski County fell short and things wonít get easier as Southwestern is up next for them.

Lexington Christian(2A, 5-2)
Lexington Christian takes on a very good Somerset team. If they pull off this victory then they will have a strong argument for the Top Ten.

Franklin County(4A, 5-2)
Franklin County has won their last three games and next up is a strong Knox Central team. They can put 4A on notice with a win on Friday.

Paris(1A, 4-3)
Paris will never crack the Top Ten but I wanted to give them some love after their victory over Nicholas County. If they defeat Bishop Brossart on Friday they will win their district so I wanted to make sure they received some CKY love for their success.

Player of the Week:

Demarco Fishback-Frederick Douglass- 167 yards rushing, 1 TD, 30 yards receiving.

Top Performers:

Reiley Colwick-Boyle County-113 yards receiving, 2 touchdowns

Reed Lanter-Boyle County-11-16 passing, 243 yards, 5 touchdowns

Wes Oliver-Taylor County-143 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns

Lavonte Sanford-Paris-96 yards rushing, 3 touchdowns, 3 tackles, 1 sack

Bryson Yeast-Mercer County-185 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns

Last Weekís Game of the Week:

Frederick Douglass 28
Scott County 10

Frederick Douglass used a stout defense and a diverse offense to defeat Scott County 28-10. In a game that kind of felt closer than the final score indicates, Frederick Douglass showed the kind of poise and resiliency that is needed for postseason success. Demarco Fishback was a difference maker in this game as Scott County could not stop him when he had the ball in his hands. An electrifying run that involved Fishback hurdling a defender like Edwin Moses was called back due to offsetting penalties but that dynamic run is etched in my memory for a lifetime. Frederick Douglass leaned on Fishback when they needed yardage and utilized their many weapons at wide receiver to keep the Scott County defense off balance. Speaking of defense, the Broncos defense did an outstanding job of not allowing Scott County into the end zone more than once. Scott Countyís offense makes it tricky to figure out who the ball carrier is but Frederick Douglass was ready every time as the potent Scott County offense had trouble scoring. This game was everything I hoped for and I am grateful that PrepSpin allowed me to see this matchup in the comfort of my living room.

Game of the Week:

Boyle County at Lexington Catholic

This game will determine the district winner this year as it usually does. Yes, I know Boyle County still will have to play Western Hills but if the Rebels win against Lexington Catholic then I will feel pretty confident that they will defeat Western Hills. If Lexington Catholic wins then I am certain they will defeat Garrard County. But on to this game.

Reed Lanter vs the Lexington Catholic defense. Lanter had his way with this defense last year and Lanter is better this year than he was last year.

Beau Allen vs Boyle County defense. Allen is also better than he was last year and I feel like the Boyle County defense was a little better last year. Definitely something to keep an eye on in this yearís matchup.

Lexington Catholicís running game vs Boyle County defense. I could be mistaken but I believe Beau Allen is Lexington Catholicís leading rusher. I donít feel like that is a recipe for success against a Boyle County defense that is annually very strong against the run.

Boyle County running game vs Lexington Catholic defense. Lexington Catholic has given up over 1200 yards rushing on the year through 7 games. I repeat, Lexington Catholic has given up over 1200 yards rushing through 7 games. One more time for clarity. Lexington Catholicís defense has given up over 1200 yards rushing through 1200 yards.

Looking at all of these factors....I canít lie.....Iíll be shocked if Boyle County loses. I expect Tanner Crawford and Landen Bartleson to run wild on Friday night. Stranger things have happened though. Iíll definitely be watching this game in my living room once again thanks to PrepSpin!!!!! Those guys are awesome and they put together a beautiful picture with a great broadcast. If you arenít at the game be sure to tune in Friday night!!!

Wandale Robinson Watch:

Last week vs Lexington Catholic

4-5 passing, 64 yards, 1 INT
202 yards rushing, 4 TDs
37 yards receiving
14 total tackles(2 TFL)
3 Forced Fumbles
1 Interception, 98 yard interception return TD

Yearly stats:

7-9 passing, 138 yards, 1 TD, 1 Int.
1379 yards rushing, 21 TDs
367 yards receiving, 7 TDs
69 Total tackles(5 TFL)
3 Forced Fumbles
3 Interceptions, 134 INT return yards, 1 INT return TD