St. Henry 67 Conner 56

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    St. Henry 67 Conner 56

    #20 Crews for Conner lit it up. Not sure of his point total but seemed like he scored 30. St. Henry had no one to match his quickness.

    Not sure of the scoring totals for St. Henry, seemed like a well balanced night for them with I think all 9 who played scoring. They were probably led by Rechtin with about 12 points.

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    Crews has been scoring a lot lately, but Conner needs some offense from the inside.

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    Crews seemed to never miss. He played well defensively and offensively. He led the game with 25pts. I believe Rechtin led St. Henry with 13 and Matt Strohlendorf followed with 12. Matt played a great game and grabbed 7 rbs.

    Good to see St. Henry get back on track and didn't have to rely on Lenhof again who was held to 6pts, hitting two 3pters.

    Next up Boone Co. Should be a good one.