Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2020

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    Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2020

    This thread will be used for tracking all open coaching jobs, and all of those jobs as they are filled. If anyone has information on a new job coming open, any updates on an ongoing coaching search, or finds out a job has been filled, please feel free to start a new thread on the opening/filled position. If there is a thread already out there, don't hesitate to add your info. We're all glad to hear it.

    I will link the thread for each open/filled job to streamline your searching.

    1) Apollo
    2) Butler
    3) Caverna
    4) Greenup County
    5) Phelps
    6) Pike County Central
    7) Shelby Valley
    8) St. Mary - FILLED
    9) Villa Madonna
    10) Whitley County

    1) St. Mary - Chase Denson
    2) Caverna - Blake Button

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    Open jobs

    Now that the season is officially over, what jobs will be open? Who is likely to fill these positions?