Covington Catholic 59 Highlands 54 (9th Region Finals)

Page 4 of Cov Cath handled business in the first 3 quarters and the Birds come back from a 13 point deficit in the 4th quarter to bring it within 2. Colonels pul... 48 comments | 8888 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    No denying Joey Moser was a huge contributor in the Colonel’s victory. IMO, the most underrated guy on the team (perhaps the entire region) and that may have a lot to do with him being injured and missing a lot of games. Plays with a lot of fire! And confidence! Great stroke! Last I looked he was second or third on the team in shooting percentage and most of his points aren’t coming from underneath. Go Joe!

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    The Colonels certainly are the team to represent the 9th Region at Rupp for 2020. No denying that. Congratulations to the Colonels. Highlands, Conner, St. Henry and Beechwood all have a lot coming back next year as well as Cooper improving at the end of the season (hats off to Sully). I believe we will have an even tighter race next year.

    Neil Green is the MVP. I agree, Vinson played a tremendous tournament...but i don't think they give MVP to a member of a team that loses? Nor should they, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Double Deuce View Post
    Vinson making 12 of 12 from the line, in that building, with that much on the line, is really impressive. The rest of his stat-line is rather pedestrian, but the kid is a big-time player, a really nice young man, and has a bright future ahead of him. Hope he stays healthy, stays on the grind, and maximizes his ability.
    Sam Vinson made 12 of 12 against CovCath last night. That performance ties the 9th Region Tournament record for "Most Continuous FT Made In A Game" set by Scott Draud in 1985 against CovCath.

    Also, Sam Vinson was 22-26 from the FT line in this year's 9th region tournament. The record for most Free Throws made in one tournament is 24, set by David Dinn of Boone County in 1985 when Dinn made 24 of 31 attempts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WSLandor View Post
    If I remember correctly Green had 7 points at the half. Vinson was excellent, pure talent and guts. But Green was just as tough and the Colonel’s won after he seized the last rebound and made it to free throw line.

    (It was cool to see Neil share his moment by personally congratulating every other member of the all-tournament team.)
    My fault for messing everything up with the “9th Region MVP” comment. I was referring to Disken who had zero points at Half, and was the D1 Player of the Year...I called him the 9th Region MVP. Not looking for a debate-titled my man Grant in the wrong way and just proud of my boys.