Book on Ashland's 1961 State Championship team

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    Book on Ashland's 1961 State Championship team

    LCRW gave me a copy of Mark Maynard's book on Ashland's 1961 state championship basketball team that had Larry Conley on it. It was a great read. Simply great. Frankly I didn't know anything about that team until I read the book (as folks know, I'm not very knowledgeable about basketball). Book gave some great background, was very informative and was a very easy read.

    That was one heck of a basketball team that I understand is still considered one of the greatest high school basketball teams in Ky history. I believe the team is going to be honored at the championship game tonight. Very impressive that not only did they win the Ky championship that year, but they beat the team that won the Ohio state championship and the team that won the Georgia state championship.

    To those that like Ky high school basketball, I highly recommend the book.