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Regional Tournament Preview

Hard to believe that the season is coming to a close. I hope to see some of you at NKU on Saturday. I wonder if the weeklong furlough will adversely impact the performance of some of these young men that have worked so hard to get to the regional tournament.

Game 1: St. Henry vs. Cooper.

Time: 12:00.

Preview: I would assume that both Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Faust would have preferred to not play at 12:00 in the afternoon. Both squads must remain focused all week in order to perform at a time that, perhaps, they only have had only one opportunity to experience. Cooper is playing the best basketball that they have played all season and I predict a game that will be decided by 9 points or less.

Game 2: Covington Catholic vs. Newport

Time: 1:30

Preview: The Wildcats probably feel that almost all of NKY did not anticipate seeing them this week in Highland Heights. Newport’s fear of having to face the Colonels has come to fruition, but there are about eight other teams in the 9th Region that covet their position. I expect a tough-nosed game in the first quarter with Cov Cath methodically pulling away the final three quarters for a +20 victory.

Game 3: Conner vs. Beechwood

Time: 6:30

Preview: Both teams are playing good basketball right now, but it has been a long time since Conner lost. The Cougars did beat Beechwood in the regular season and the Tigers will be looking to avenge that loss. This has the potential to be a high scoring affair that will probably come down to the wire. I expect a close game that stays within 9 points or less from horn to horn.

Game 4: Highlands vs. Dixie Heights

Time: 8:00

Preview: On paper, it looks like a game that points all the way to the Bluebirds. On February 5th, Highlands did get the victory over the Red Colonels, but Dixie was able to put up 72 points. Highlands does come in favored and I believe only one Courageous Warrior, that will remain nameless, stuck his/her neck out there to predict a regional birth for Dixie Heights; however, the 34th District Championship was a close game and Coach Stainforth will work very hard to prep his boys for this one. I do see Highlands avoiding the upset and advancing to the semi-finals.

Players to Watch:
For the Crusaders

Wyatt Beith

Jude Bessler

Cody Teeten

For the Jaguars

Gavin Rabe

Kevin Centers

Jacob Deere

For the Colonels

Grant Disken

Neil Green

Donovan Stocks

For the Wildcats

DaeShawn White

KeAndre Nelson

Kaleal Davis

For the Tigers

Scotty Draud

Will Downton

Mitchell Riley

For the Cougars

Jalen Scott

Riley Osterbur

Jared Hicks

For the Dixie Height Colonels

Ian Snelling

Jay Flynn

Jason Summe

For the Bluebirds

Sam Vinson

Luke Muller

Oliver Harris