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Well friends, the original plan was to provide one more piece of amazing literature prior to Cov Cath's trek through the State Capital (yes, I know). Due to some unfathomable circumstances, our sports lives have come to a screeching and painful halt. I am sure we are all praying and hoping that this, what I consider to be, historic event will pass as soon as it possibly can. We all, even the students, want to return to our normal lives.

These are just some random thoughts on the 19-20 basketball season. There are no rankings or a list of the best players or teams. I just wanted to give you all some kind of BGP-Closure.

I read this morning that Sam Vinson has taken home the honor of POY. I have not confirmed this but I assume @Rocket Man knows what he is talking about. I saw Sam play on three occasions this year and was very impressed at his skill level, demeanor, and athleticism.

Congratulations to Coach Dawn this season on his 500th win and Coach Faust on his 400th. Several players hit milestones in total career points and rebounds.

We already have a head coaching vacancy in the region with Coach Dilts leaving Villa Madonna. Coach Dilts seemed to give his all to the Vikings and is not leaving the cupboard bare.

There were three new coaches to the region this year in Keeton Belcher (Ryle), Ron Kinmon (Dayton), and Nathan Browning (Boone County) and each left a good impression on their teams. I hope to see these three programs continue to build on the foundation that was set.

I thought Holmes improved a lot from last year to this year. Coach Carr seems to be trying his hardest to rebuild this program.

Newport had an up and down year but played well when they desperately needed it in the district tournament.

The Beechwood Tigers made the 9th region tournament in back-to-back seasons for, what I think, is the first time in school history and the Conner Cougars followed suit with their second consecutive appearance.

Congrats to the Crusaders for their performance in the All A and for the Jaguars for continuing to improve as the season progressed.

For everyone that saw the 9th Region Championship game, you were treated to a very exciting 4th Quarter. I desperately wanted to point out an officiating flaw at the end of the 3rd Quarter, but did not want to spew negativity after a great effort. I am curious if anyone else noticed and how it could have had an extreme impact in the last two minutes when Highlands pulled to within 2 points.

The Bluebirds never backed down and at times had the Colonels on their heels. The Colonels, if memory serves correct, hit six consecutive free throws with their season hanging in the balance to always stay beyond the reach of the Fort Thomas faithful. To hit those free throws with everyone standing and watching took extreme poise and focus.

I thank each of you for reading my weekly articles and I hope they made the season more enjoyable for you.

While we all have a feeling of wanting and unfinished business reminiscent of Bastion in The Neverending Story, let us keep in mind that this too shall pass and even though some seniors feel cheated, they will end up being just fine in the end... as will you.