This weeks run down will be brief. I am out of town on business, I will keep it short and sweet. Next week however, I will provide an in depth district tournament preview along with my final 3rd Region Rankings and scoring leaders.

1. Ohio County Eagles (22-5)
7 wins in a row. 2-0 this week vs Whitesville Trinity by 26 and Edmonson County by 8. Close the season against Logan County and Madisonville.

2. Owensboro Red Devils (16-10)
Loss to Bowling Green by 1. Win against Owensboro Catholic by 22. Close the season vs Henderson.

3. Muhlenberg County Mustangs (16-11)
Defeated Breckenridge County in double overtime and lost to Hoptown. Close the season with Todd County Central and Owensboro Catholic.

4. Breckenridge County Tigers (17-8)
Lost to Muhlenberg in double OT and defeated Hancock County by 15. Close the season with Central Hardin and Whitesville Trinity.

5. Owensboro Catholic Aces (17-10)
Losses to Central Hardin and Owensboro. Won against Union County by 23. Close the season with UHA, Castle, IN and Muhlenberg.

6. Mclean County Cougars(17-10)
3-0 this week against Daviess County, Butler County and Dawson Springs. Close with Crittenden, Faith and Apollo.

7. Butler County Bears (18-8)
Win against Franklin Simpson. Loss against Mclean County. Close with Cloverport and South Warren.

8. Edmonson County Wildcats (11-12)
Wins against Caverna and Russellville. Loss against Ohio County. Close with Hart County, Grayson County and Greenwood.

9. Grayson County Cougars (7-19)
2-0 this week with wins over Whitesville Trinity and St Mary. Close with Daviess County, Edmonson County and Hancock County.

10. Daviess County Panthers (7-19)
Lost to Mclean County. Won against Apollo. Close with Grayson and Union County.

11. Apollo Eagles (5-22)
Won against Hancock. Lost to Henderson and Daviess County. Close with Madisonville and Mclean County.

12. Hancock County Hornets (9-14)
0-2 this week against Apollo and Breckenridge County. Close with Henderson, Cannelton and Grayson County.

13. Meade County Greenwave (8-14)
0-2 this week to North Hardin and North Oldham. Close with N Bullitt and Central Hardin.

14. Whitesville Trinity Raiders (9-19)
0-2 this week against Grayson County and Ohio County. Close with Webster County and Breckenridge County.

15. Cloverport Aces (3-21)
Lost to Ky Country Day. Close with Ft Knox, Butler County and St Francis.