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Final Rankings:

1. Madisonville North Hopkins – BGP #7
Season record: 26-3
Madisonville-North Hopkins finished the season with a 15 game winning streak dating back to Jan 4. They have been a powerhouse all season long and have been ranked in the BGP top ten then entire season. They are led by Kenny White, Region 2 Player of the Year, who averages 18.4 ppg and 8.1 rpg. Ksuan Casey is the other big man. He averages a double/double per game in 17.4 ppg and 10.1 rpg. Add in Deljuan Johnson (11.1 ppg), and the Maroons are a very difficult team to handle, and they are front runners for the region 2 title averaging a region best 71.8 ppg as a team.

2. Henderson County
Season Record: 19-11

Henderson County found their groove after the holiday tournaments. Since the Middletown Holiday Classic, the Colonels are 11-4. They look to be the second best team in the region after defeating Webster County and a surging Hopkinsville. They are led by Daymian Dixon (15.8 ppg) and Noah Curry (11.0 ppg). They have a bye to the 6th district championship game against either Webster County or Union County. Either team will be a tough game as they went to overtime with both teams a few weeks ago.

3. Webster County
Season Record: 23-5

Webster County rebounded nicely the last two game, defeating University Heights by 1 point at home. They won 4 of their last 5 games, but that loss came to Henderson County who they will play for the 6th District title if they defeat Union prior to. They are led by Tyler Camplin (16.7 ppg), Destin Allen (13.2 ppg), and Hunter McNaughton (12 ppg). They are averaging 69.7 ppg as a team.

4. Hopkinsville
Season Record: 14-16

Hopkinsville has come on very strong at the end of the season. Much of that is due to Alijah Watts rejoining the team after a long absence. He has sparked the Tigers into being a completely different team than we have seen all season. With wins against Bowling Green and Paducah Tilghman, then an overtime loss at Henderson, shows the immense improvement the team has made. They still will have to beat Christian County in the first round of the 8th district to reach the region to have a chance to show their stuff.

5. University Heights
Season Record:14-12

The Blazers struggled over their last 4 games, losing 3 of them, including to Caldwell County and Webster County. They should easily win their first round district game, which will advance them to the region tournament. They are led by KJ Crump, who averages almost 21 ppg. Amani McGee (14.1 ppg)and DJ Quarles (15.6 ppg) are also major contributors, although Quarles has not played in the month of February.

6. Lyon County
Season Record: 20-9

The Lyons are another team that has been playing very well to end the season. They have won 10 of their last 11, including their last 6 games. They have shown they can play with anybody in the 2nd region, including Madisonville, who they only lost to by 7 points in late January. They are led by the region’s most prolific scorer in 8th grader Travis Perry, who averages almost 27 ppg. Sophomore big man Jackson Shoulders also averages 15.7 ppg and leads the region in rebounding at 11.5 rpg. Lyon should win the 5th district, and they will be a tough out in the region tournament. This team is going to be very good for years to come.

7. Caldwell County
Season Record: 15-14

On February 10, the Tigers snapped a 5 game losing streak, since that game, Caldwell is 6-0 including a win over University Heights. They will play Hopkins County Central in the 7th district opener. They are led by the tandem of Adarius Riley (12.9 ppg) and Tripp Branch (12.7 ppg). While not at the level of the top teams in region 2, they could still cause some disruption in the region tournament.

8. Christian County
Season Record: 10-18

Christian County has been in a downfall since the beginning of January. They have only won 4 games since the holiday tournaments finished. They have a very difficult first round game against Hopkinsville in the 8th district tournament. However the Colonels did defeat Hopkinsville both times they played them this year, but Hoptown is a different team, and the third time will be much more difficult. Stephen Bussell is their leading scorer with 14.2 ppg.

9. Crittenden County
Season Record: 15-15

Crittenden has won 3 of their last 4 and hopes to carry that into the 5th district tournament. They will play Trigg County to start things off. They have 3 different players who can score. Gabe Mott at 16.2 ppg, Eric OLeary at 15.3 ppg, and Preston Turley at 14.4 ppg. After those guys, things drop significantly.

10. Hopkins County Central
Season Record: 8-20

On January 7 of this year, we were wondering if the Storm would ever win a game this year as they were 0-13 and only two of those games were close. They were coming off a 30 point loss to Caldwell County, but then something clicked. They are 8-7 since that game and are much improved. They will face that same Caldwell County team in the 1st round of the 7th district. A team they only lost to by 9 a couple weeks ago. They have three players, Sam Almon, Johntize Miller, and Blasin Moore who average 10 ppg.

11. Union County
Season Record: 9-20

Union County took a huge hit when they lost 3 starters including Kale Gaither, one of the best players in the region, back in January. Since then the Braves have struggled to get wins, although they pulled a huge upset of Henderson County on Feb 4. They will play Webster County in district play, a team that beat them by 35 points two weeks ago.

12. Dawson Springs
Season Record: 13-17

The Panthers have had their ups and downs this year, and they finished the year off with a win versus Todd County Central. Unfortunately, they will have to play region 2 juggernaut Madisonville-North Hopkins in the first round of the 7th district tournament. Skyler Clark paces the team with 17.3 ppg.

13. Trigg County
Season Record: 11-18

The Wildcats have only won 2 game since Jan 19, however they did win the last game of the regular season against Fort Campbell. They will play Crittenden County in the district tournament, a team they beat in overtime on Jan 27. They can redeem their season with another win against them on Tuesday.

14. Fort Campbell
Season Record: 9-20

For the first time since 2008, the Falcons won both their first and last game of the regular season. The games in between those were not exactly what they wanted, but it is good to end the season on a high note. They play University Heights in the first round of district play.

15. Livingston Central
Season Record: 3-27

The Cardinals had a rough season, not winning their first win until Jan 27. They will play Lyon County in district tournament play. They were led this year by Max Downey at 14.3 ppg.

Players to Watch – in no particular order.

Travis Perry, 8th grader, Lyon County
Perry is only and 8th grader, but he the second leading scorer in the state at 26.8 ppg. He shoots almost 36% behind the arc, hitting 70 this season. He also is very good at going to the bucket and drawing contact, as he has been to the foul line 220 times this season, hitting 78% from the line.

Jackson Shoulders, Sophomore, Lyon County
Shoulders is 9th in the state in rebounding, pulling down 11.5 rebounds per game. He also adds almost 16 ppg for the Lyons to compliment Travis Perry.

Kenny White, Senior, Madisonville-North Hopkins
White was name the 2020 Region 2 Player of the Year. He is very exciting to watch, averaging 18.4 points per game and 8.1 rebounds per game. He shoots 61% from the field including the occasional three, which he is hitting at a 37% clip. He also leads the team in free throws made and attempted. White has committed to Tennesee Tech.

Ksuan Casey, Senior, Madisonville-North Hopkins
At 6’9”, Casey is one of the premier big men in Kentucky. He averaged a double/double for the season pulling down 10.1 rebounds and dishing out 17.4 points per game. He is not a threat outside of 12 feet, but inside that range, he is a beast. He currently has offers from multiple small D1 schools.

KJ Crump, Senior, University Heights Academy
Crump is the leader of UHA and is averaging almost 21 points per game. His 39% clip from three point range is a big part of his game, throwing up 145 shots this year from behind the arc. He is also shooting 82% from the free throw line.

Don Victor, Senior, Hopkinsville
Victor is leading the Tigers at 19.2 ppg. He is shooting almost 40% from three point range, however only 68% from the three point line. He also pulls down 6 rebounds a game, second on the team.

Alijah Watts, Junior, Hopkinsville
Watts has had some trouble staying on the floor the last two seasons. He joined the Tigers for their last 6 games, and he was a huge difference maker. He was averaged 14.5 ppg in that short time period, but more importantly, the Tigers got some big wins.

Daymian Dixon, Senior, Henderson County
Dixon is leading the Colonels in scoring and on the floor. He is scoring almost 16 points a game and shoots around 35% from three point range. He is a good defender and really stepped up the last half of the season.

Tyler Camplin, Senior, Webster County
Camplin is averaging 16.7 points per game while shooting 52% from the field. He will shoot from downtown, but not as often as his 36% rate says he should. He is very good from the free throw line hitting 80% and getting there often, 151 attempts this season.

Stephen Bussell, Senior, Christian County
Bussell is averaging 14.2 ppg and leads the Colonels. He pulls down a decent 4.6 rpg as well. He will shoot from three, but only hits about 30% and he also struggles from the free throw line, barely hitting 60%.


District 5 – games played at Lyon County (2/25)
Lyon County will be the favorite in the 5th district tournament. They have one of the states best scorers and best rebounders. They have a chance to do some damage at the region level as well. Should be a preview of years to come. The Crittenden/Trigg game should favor Crittenden, but these teams went into overtime just a couple weeks ago, so it should be a good game.
Lyon County vs Livingston Central
Trigg County vs Crittenden County

District 6 – at Webster County (2/24)
Henderson will get the bye in the first round as the top seed. However, Webster County should easily defeat Union in the first round and then host Henderson in the championship. Being that it is at Webster, all advantages that Henderson has will be neutralized. This will be a very good game.
Webster County vs Union County
Winner vs Henderson County

District 7 – at Madinsonville-North Hopkins (2/25)
Madisonville-North Hopkins is the easy favorite for this district and for the region. Although Dawson Springs gave Madisonville a game earlier this year, don’t expect a repeat. Should be a convincing win for the Maroons. The Caldwell County/Hopkins County Central game looks like Caldwell should have the easy win, however Hopkins Central has improved quite a bit and it showed in their last meeting.
Madisonville-North Hopkins vs Dawson Springs
Caldwell County vs Hopkins County Central

District 8 – at Christian County (2/25)

For most of the year, University Heights looked like the team to beat in district 8. However, Hopkinsville has been very good lately and has a great chance to be top dog instead. First however, the Tigers will have to beat Christian County on their own floor. The Tigers lost twice already to the Colonels, but the third time will be different as the teams are heading in opposite directions. UHA should have an easy first round game.
University Heights vs Fort Campbell
Christian County vs Hopkinsville.