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Final Rankings and Review:

1. McCracken County – BGP #10
Season Record: 25-5

McCracken was able to hold off a determined Murray team in overtime to finish the season on a 4 game winning streak. They won 18 of their last 19 as well. They are led by region 1 Player of the Year Jackson Sivills who averaged 21.9 ppg and 7.9 rpg. Noah Dumas helps by getting almost 14 ppg. The Mustangs will be favored to win the Region championship, however things have tightened up lately with both Murray and Marshall improving as well as teams like Calloway and Graves.

2. Marshall County
Season Record: 20-10

Marshall has won 13 of their last 14 games in closing out the regular season. The Marshalls have only lost 5 games to Kentucky schools, two of those were to McCracken County, both were close games. They will play either Murray or Calloway for the district 4 title, both of those teams are fully capable of beating Marshall. Calloway knows, because they recently did.

3. Murray
Season Record: 23-6

The Tigers have been improving all year long and they are ripe to win a district and/or regional championship. They have lost only one game all year by more than 5 points, and that was to Marshall back in December. They could easily be 28-1 and the number one seed in the region. Yes they are that good, only allowing 50 pts/game on the year. They are led by freshman Grant Whitaker who averages 18.3 ppg and 5 rpg. Darius Duffy averages a double/double with 10 points and rebounds per game. The Tigers have been an underdog all season, don’t make that mistake going into the tournament.

4. Paducah Tilghman
Season Record: 19-10

Tilghman had a very convincing win at Calloway County which solidified their spot as the number 4 team in the region. The Tornado have been a much more consistent team this year versus the past few. They will play St. Mary in the first round, which should be an easy win, before playing McCracken County for a third time this season in the title game. They are led by Micheal Laster with 17 ppg and Eli Brown with 14.4 ppg.

5. Calloway County
Season Record: 17-12
The Lakers had an up and down season, but have improved. They are the only team beside McCracken who defeated Marshall County. They unfortunately play in the toughest district in the region, and therefore will play Murray in the opening round and must win in order to advance to region play. They are led by Chandler Steele (15.3 ppg) and Cade Butler (12 ppg).

6. Graves County
Season Record:12-18

The Eagles don’t have the record as some of the other teams in this area of the rankings, but their gameplay has shown they deserve to be here. They defeated Mayfield and Calloway in the past month, and played McCracken and Marshall very close. They get a bye in the 3rd District tournament, and will most likely face Mayfield in the title game. They are led by Seth Thomas with 15.4 ppg.

7. Mayfield
Season Record:18-9

Mayfield had a late start to the season, but slowly rose in the rankings as they improved. They have not lost a game by more than 10 points since early December, which shows they put themselves in a position to win every game. They should have and easy time with Ballard Memorial on Tuesday, and then a tough game for the district title versus Graves County. They are led by DeAngelo Brooks, who averages 14.8 ppg.

8. Carlisle County
Season Record: 18-10

The Comets looked really good at the end the year winning 8 in a row before losing in a close one to Murray in the last game of the regular season. They will face Hickman County in the first round and should win that easily before facing the Fulton County/Fulton City winner. They should be in control of that game as well. They are led by Reese Anderson with 15.2 ppg and Blake Elder with 13.7 ppg.

9. St. Mary
Season Record: 12-18

The Vikings did not close the season like they had hoped, losing 11 in a row and 13 of 14. At one point this season, St. Mary was 11-5, and looking good. They will play Paducah Tilghman in the first round of the 2nd district. This will most likely end the Vikings season as the last game versus Tilghman, St. Mary lost by almost 40. Colin Doss is the team’s leading scorer with 15 ppg.

10. Fulton County
Season Record: 13-14

The Pilots almost got to the .500 mark for the season but fell one game short. They will play crosstown rival Fulton City in the first round of district play. The two teams split their regular season games. Fulton County has three players who average 10+ ppg: Hayden Murphy, Dylan Hammond, and Colton Henderson.

11. Fulton City
Season Record: 11-13

Fulton City is another team who just missed the .500 mark for the year. They will play Fulton County in district play hoping to advance against Carlisle County. They have been led by Brennan Walker who is scoring 17.2 ppg and pulling down 10.7 boards per game.

12. Hickman County
Season Record: 10-16

The Falcons finished the season much better than they started, going 6-4 over their last 10 games. They open against Carlisle County in the district tournament, which may prove too much for them. They are led by Jackson Midyett with 19.5 ppg.

13. Ballard Memorial
Season Record: 4-26

The Bombers were able to pull off an upset of Trigg County from Region 2, but other than that, things have not been well, losing 13 of 14 to end the season. They will play Mayfield in the 3rd district opener. Dequin Donlow leads Ballard Memorial in scoring with 20.5 ppg.

14. Community Christian
Season Record: 1-29

The Warriors do have one win this season, but haven’t been in very many games. They have a true David and Goliath matchup versus McCracken County in the first round of district play.

Players to Watch – in no particular order

Jackson Sivills – McCracken County
Sivills is the Region 1 Player of the Year and Murray State commit. He averages almost 22 points per game while hitting over 40% from three point range and 82% from the free throw line. He also contributes almost 8 rebounds per game so he is active both on the inside and outside at both ends of the court.

Micheal Laster – Paducah Tilghman
Laster averages a tick over 17 points per game for the Tornado. He only shoots 45% from the field, but his low three points percentage is what brings that down. He is good around the basket, but shoots too many threes for such a low percentage (28%).

Dequin Donlow – Ballard Memorial

Just because you are on a bad team, doesn’t make you a bad player. Donlow is the third highest scorer in region 1 averaging 20.5 ppg. He his almost 40% from three, but his free throw shooting has a lot to be desired (53%). He is very active on the board averaging 7 rebounds per game.

Jackson Midyett – Hickman County
The fourth highest scorer in the region, Midyett gets 19.5 points per game and he a great free throw shooter hitting nearly 84% of those. He is not great from behind the three, but it doesn’t stop him from shooting from back there.

Zion Harmon – Marshall County
The most well known players of this group and the state. Has offers from multiple high D1 programs including LSU, Maryland, Kansas, and Louisville. He is averaging 25.4 points per game, but in reality can score from anywhere at will. He can take over a game himself as witnessed multiple times throughout his career. Could improve from three point range, but is almost money from the free throw line.

Jonathan Stokes – Marshall County
Stokes plays second fiddle after being the guy last year in Harmon’s absence. He averages 14.4 ppg and almost 10 rebounds per game. He is a good defender and is pretty slick around the basket. He can step out and hit the three, and a pretty good free throw shooter.

Grant Whitaker – Murray
The best freshman in region one and maybe in all of Western Kentucky. He averaged 18.3 ppg including a region leading 45% from three point range. He could use some better poise at the free throw line, but that will come hopefully. Very fun to watch.

Chandler Steele – Calloway County
Steele is the backbone of the gritty Lakers. He averages 15.3 points per game and 8.1 rebounds per game. He is very good within 12 feet of the basket and steps out about once a game to shoot the three, but that isn’t a strength at all.

Seth Thomas – Graves County
Thomas is the only player for the Eagles who can be relied upon to score regularly. He averages 15.4 points per and shoots 39% from three. He could work on his free throw shooting, especially as often as he handles the ball and ends up at the line.

Reese Anderson – Carlisle County
Anderson puts in 15.2 points per game for the Comets. He is not the best shooter from the outside, but he is decent from the free throw line. If he could improve from beyond the arc, Carlisle could be a real threat.

Postseason District Tournaments

District 1 – at Hickman County (2/24-2/25)
Carlisle County has the advantage in this district. None of the teams are considered a threat for the region championship as this is the weakest of the four districts in region 1.

Carlisle County vs Hickman County
Fulton County vs Fulton City

District 2 – at McCracken County (2/24-2/25)
McCracken is the favorite to win the 2nd district and the Region 1 tournament. Paducah Tilghman could give them a run for their money, but that game wasn’t close at all last week. Both have an easy first round game.

McCracken County vs Community Christian Academy
Paducah Tilghman vs Hickman County

District 3 – at Mayfield (2/25)
Graves County is the number one seed in this district, however you can’t sleep on Mayfield, especially since they are hosting the tournament. Both teams are similar in talent and have had experience in the postseason the past few seasons. It should be a great game for the title.

Mayfield vs Ballard Memorial
Graves County vs Winner

District 4 – at Marshall County (2/25)
This is without a doubt the toughest district in region 1. It is a shame that one of these schools will not be playing in the region tournament as they all deserve to be. Marshall County is the favorite, but Murray is playing as good as anyone in this region and could take both the district and region. Calloway is good enough to play Cinderella as they have already defeated Marshall County just a while ago. Keep an eye out for this district.

Murray vs Calloway County
Marshall County vs Winner