Week 4 is now in the books. Ashland proved this week, not only are they at the top of the heap for the 16th region but they are able to play with good teams from other regions as well. Rowan County continued their winning ways as well. Outside of that, things are still a little jumbled. We look to get a little clearer picture over the next 10 days.

1) Ashland (Season: 12-0 This week: 3-0)
This week was a big week for Ashland. Ashland hosted and won the 65th Annual Ashland Invitational Tournament. This was quite a big accomplishment based upon the amount of talent in the tournament. Ashland had wins over Lawrence County, Warren Central, and Louisville Butler. Ashland is approaching one of the best starts in their storied history.

2) Rowan County (Season: 9-3 This week: 2-0)
Rowan County traveled to Freeport, FL to bring in the new year. They went 2-0 last week with victories over Winter Park, FL and Troy, AL. Both were low scoring games with Rowan scoring 43 in one game and 39 in the second. Rowan continues to play there this week with a game on the 30th and 31st.

3) Boyd County (Season: 6-6 This week: 1-2)
Boyd County spent the holidays close to home as they also participated in the Ashland Invitational. Boyd County started it out on the right foot with a win against Scott County. The ended the tournament with losses to Warren Central and Butler

4) Greenup County (Season: 8-2 This week: 2-0)
Greenup County hosted the Stultz Pharmacy Holiday Classic last week. Greenup went 2-0 at the classic with victories over Rockcastle and Portsmouth West (OH). It was much of the same for the Musketeers with Nelson and Dryden providing a one-two punch. Against Rockcastle, Dryden went for 27 points and 15 rebounds.

5) Raceland (Season: 8-2 This week: 1-1)
Raceland traveled to the Buckhorn Lake Christmas Classic last week. There were 1-1 while there. They played these games without one of the regionís top players, Kirk Pence. Kyle Broughton did his best to make up the difference averaging 14.5 points a game in the Classic. Raceland had a win against Lee County and a loss to Betsy Layne.

6) West Carter (Season: 4-6 This week: 1-2)
West Carter participated in the Mountain Schoolboy Classic last week. They were 1-2 for the week with a victory over Belfry and losses to Magoffin County and Shelby Valley. The Comets had a different leading scorer for each game. Webb (25), Leadingham (17), and Dean (17) each took a turn as leading scorer for the Comets

7) East Carter (Season: 5-5 This week: 1-1)
The Raiders visited Greenup for their Holiday tournament. They went 1-1 for the week. The Raiders lost to Rockcastle and recorded a victory against Portsmouth West (OH). The next 10 days should really show us who the Raiders are this year with scheduled games against Russell, Morgan, and West Carter.

8) Lewis County (Season: 3-9 This week: 0-3)
Lewis County participated in the Ashland Invitational this week. The Lions suffered losses to Warren Central, Lawrence County, and Christian County. This extends the Lions losing streak to 8 games. OíKeefe continued to be the leader on both ends of the court.

9) Russell (Season: 3-5 This week: 2-0)
Russell traveled to Pigeon Forge this week for the King of the Smokies tournament. Russell won over Copper Basin (TN) and Louisville Holy Cross. The impressive piece for the Devils was against Copper Basin, which was 8-1 going into the game, the Devils stingy defense only allowed 16 points in this game. Jadon Argo lead the Panthers in scoring 2 of the games with

10) Fleming County (Season: 4-6 This week: 0-3)
Fleming County went to Bath County for the Dan Swartz Classic. The Panthers were 0-3 at the Classic this year. They were handed defeats by Iroquis, Estill County, and Powell County. Dugan taking the honor in the 3rd.

11) Morgan County (Season: 4-7 This week: 2-0)
Morgan County participated in the Mountain Schoolboy Classic last week. They were 1-0 at the Classic with a victory over Sayre. The Cougars then had a road game at Fairview that they won in a lopsided way. Helton averages 27 points a game this week for the Cougars.

12) Elliott County (Season: 5-6 This week: 2-1)
Elliott County went 2-1 at Bath Countyís Dan Swartz Classic last week. They recorded victories over Estill County and Shelby Valley and a loss to Iroquis

13) Bath County (Season: 5-8 This week: 2-1)
Bath County hosted the Dan Swartz Classic during week 4. It proved to be a good week for the Wildcats, going 2-1. They won against Powell County and Shelby County but had a loss to Iroquis in the championship game. Otis, Williams, and Brooks provided the scoring this week for the wildcats.

14) Fairview (Season: 3-7 This week: 0-2)
Fairview went 0-2 for the week with a home loss to Morgan County and a road loss to Dawson Bryant (OH). Johnson and Manning each took a turn leading the team in scoring with 13 points this week.

15) Menifee County (Season: 4-9 This week: 1-2)
Menifee County participated in the Dan Swartz Classic week 4. The Wildcats had losses to Shelby Valley and Estill County and a win over Powell County. Dalton Martin lead the way in scoring this week, averaging just over 22 points a game.

16) Rose Hill (Season: 2-8 This week: 0-1)
Rose Hill had 1 game during week 4, hosting Nicholas County. The Royals played well early, with good shooting. However things cooled off in the second half as Nicholas got the win.