NewCath 8 Beechwood 5

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    Hey, the Breds only have three losses so their record does show they are a very solid team. And you are right that teams that don't make mistakes win more than their fair share. That is what the Reds have done for the last two years. And that is what Beechwood didn't do in that game. I think that is why some people are saying Beechwood gave this one away. I agree with you that NCC took it away but I also say Beechwood didn't play well and gave that opportunity to the Breds. Kudos to them that they took advantage of the opportunity.

    I wish the Breds the best as I always want our region's representative to bring home hardware. But I am not sure the pitching after Cain is good enough to to make it happen. I am rooting for them to prove me wrong.

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    Not sure about depth. After Cain it gets slim to none. And none's in the lead!