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A few years back I posted a thread ranking the top fifty football programs in Kentucky. I did something similar the next year for basketball. Rankings were based on district/regional titles, playoff wins, state championships, etc.

While sitting with my son at the state tournament last week and discussing successful programs, it dawned on me that I could do the same thing for baseball. Baseball in Kentucky is unique in that, unlike basketball and football, it has went through several postseason formats. The methodology I composed for ranking baseball programs is somewhat complex so I'll list it before we start.

I. Region Championship - 1 POINT
-There have been either 8 or 16 region champions since baseball began in 1940

II. Section First Round Win - 1 POINT
-Sectional tournaments of four teams each took place between 1976-2002

III. Section Final Win - 2 POINTS
-Sectional winners advanced to a statewide final four from 1976-2002

IV. Semi-State Win - 1 POINT
-Best-of-three semi-state tournaments were held from 2003-2009 and began again in 2019 as one game tournaments

V. State Tournament First Round Win - 1 POINT
-From 2010-2018 all sixteen region winners advanced to the state tournament

VI. State Tournament Quarterfinal Win - 2 POINTS
-Wins awarded to "first round" winners from 1940-1975 and then regular quarterfinals from 2003-present

VII. State Tournament Semifinal Win - 3 POINTS

VIII. State Championship Win - 5 POINTS

Added note: Ties were broken first by number of state titles won and then by number of regional championships.