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    This is a real pitfall for far-right GOP candidates. If you take the holier than thou stance, you better live up to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter

    I agree that it was hypocritical for Newt to criticise Clinton for his extra-marital affair. But the charterization that Newt and Clinton "did the same thing" is perhaps a misleading or at least an incomplete characterization of their conducts given clear differences between the two. Newt did not commit a crime and Clinton clearly committed a felony. Also, once the truth came to light, Newt resigned and Clinton did not. So while there are clear similarities in their conduct and similar transgression deserve similar criticism, I felt it necessary to point out that there are also clear differences in their conduct.

    First of all I have nothing against Gingrich, I'm responding to his electibility. (sp?) He carries too much baggage for the populace to "forgive and forget." Just as I believe the nomination of Hillary Clinton will mobilize the GOP the nomination of a Gingrich would do the same in the Democratic base.

    As for Bill Clinton, I don't defend him at all. IMHO he is what you think he is.

    That said, Newt didn't commit a crime but was censored and fined by the House for "Unethical actions" and I might add this was a house controlled by the GOP. Newt's resignation wasn't about his extra-marital affairs that had been long rumored, it was that he lost the Speaker spot and was being fined for his activities. He did not make a confession about the affair in the late 1990's until recently.

    He carries a lot of luggage for the GOP because he is in the midst of his 3rd marriage and he had other "liasons" during previous marriages that have been documented or confessed about.

    The hairs can be split over a felony versus all of this that Newt has done but the American public sees it as the same issues. It should also be noted that I don't think Clinton was convicted of perjury. He was impeached by the House but not convicted in his trial by the Senate. I could be missing something here but I don't think there is an acutal conviction on the record. (That doesn't mean I think he didn't lie to the judge)