Democrats boycotting states who have planned earlier primaries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyrayjoebob
    Any politician would crawl 9 miles over broken beer bottles and then tell 27 lies if it would get them one more will be the same old same old whenever and wherever a primary takes place...

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    As a Kentuckian, I have always hated the whole primary process. I get really wrapped up in the Presidential elections, but I feel that it is always over before I get a chance to participate. The candidates never bother coming here until the general election and they just swing through to raise money at the last minute. I've never understood why such small states as NH or IA get such a big say in choosing our candidates. We'll never get a chance to see a Tancredo, or Huckabee coming to visit us, but they will be at every coffee shop and every pancake house and every VFW hall in Manchester and Aimes meeting all the people. There is an excellent shot that our candidates will already be picked 3 months before we get a chance to cast a vote...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SportsGuy41017
    Ok, if the smaller states go first, then it is more likely that candidates would stay in the race, as the big states are still there, this would make the smaller states have a say in who will represent their party more than now. If the bigger states go first, even just a few of them, then the primary states in smaller states like Kentucky won't mean a thing.

    If states like Ca, NY, Mi, Fl, Tx and Pa would go first and on the same day, it wouldn't matter what any of the other states want, it would be over on the first day. That's why I say if they change anything then the smaller states should go first going in order of population, as everyone has a chance to catch up and or win with the bigger states still to come.
    As I said and as I read the article, the complaints of Florida and Michigan, big states, were that the candidates are pretty much chosen before they got to them. So your solution is the complaint of the big states.