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Cincinnati at Indiana Predictions/Updates

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Keys for a UC win from what I've seen in the first two games:

1. Tressel hasn't blitzed much these first 2 games after having a reputation as one of the better DC's in the game when it comes to how he uses his LB's to create havoc at the LOS and in the backfield. Pressure the hell out of Penix and make him uncomfortable. He will turn the ball over at some point with how good UC's secondary is.

2. IU is going to try to run the ball early and often to get the offense going. I think using a 4-2-5 instead of the 3-3-5 might be more beneficial for UC against an IU O line that has struggled. No reason the UC D-Line shouldn't dominate this game. 

3. Establish the run with Jerome Ford. He needs to get 20 carries. Dude is a workhorse and has big play capability any time he touches the ball.

4. Win the turnover battle and limit penalties. Can't give Indiana any extra opportunities on offense. 

5. Indiana has a lot of talent out wide with Fryfogel and Matthews. Have to keep them in front of you and not get beat deep. Those two against Sauce Gardner and Coby Bryant should be a lot of fun to watch.

I think UC wins based on how each team has looked so far and personnel of each team. IU still has a lot of talent and are capable of winning this game... BUT, if UC is as good as I think they are, they should win by double digits. 

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