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I think we’re all in agreement that moving on from the Indians makes sense, especially the imagery. I wish they had went with Spiders like the original Cleveland team name. Looks way better than what they’ve put out this morning. 


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42 minutes ago, Jumper_Dad said:


Awful name. Awful logo.

I'm on board with the name needing to be changed, but damn, that's easily the worst team name in MLB. Of all the things to pick as an homage, the name is a reference to 4 relief sculptures from the bridge over the Cuyahoga River that ends right by Progressive Field where the team plays ...the sculptures are known as the "Guardians of Traffic."

Looking at the makeup of the logo, I'm guessing the weird G's straddling a baseball are supposed to nod to the way the piers holding the art deco "Guardians of Traffic" sculptures straddle the bridge, and the wings on the back of the G's are an even more direct nod to the winged petasos hats worn by the figures in the bridge sculptures.

I give it a C for the effort, and a D- overall, considering the fact that they're replacing a 106 year old name that belongs to a 127 year old team.


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The nickname is VERY XFLish.    The logo is bad, but at least represents the city and a landmark therein.   I will give them the new font and what I assume will be the "C" logo on the cap.  That is sharp.

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