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Cam Hergott (Beechwood '22) Recruiting

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That pretty much locks it up for me, coming back is the right decision for Cam. Congrats Cam!

Enough conversation about the motivations for using the re-do year or your personal feelings about it. Cam is allowed to repeat his senior year, and he is repeating it. We've had plenty of other

The rule was put in place for those who struggled academically, not those who didn't like their scholarship offers.  His decision has nothing to do with his academics.  You can't fault the kid for mak

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3 hours ago, Voice of Reason said:

How is it different? Why does a student athlete choose to repeat 7th or 8th grade and how is that different?

A thoughtful answer is requested over a cryptic slur.

Because the 7th or 8th grader really has struggled with his academics and to his parents, that is the most important part, not to fall behind his classmates.  The 7th or 8th grader hasn't spent four years in high school and hasn't had issues with academics.  The 7th or 8th grader doesn't have relatives on record saying the decision is solely based on trying to get an athletic scholarship and nothing to do with academics, which the COVID rule was put in place for.  The 7th or 8th grader is not planning to repeat his senior year for academics, yet is going to leave half way through the year and head to prepare for his college football season, which tells you everything you need to know about this decision.  Do you want me to keep going?

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Here we are again, we are going to take a break from this thread.

Speculation about the "intent" of the Kentucky Supplemental School Year Program (SSYP) is inherently political in nature and not a topic allowed under our Terms of Service.

In short, intent doesn't matter at this point, student-athletes are allowed to repeat a year and play sports period. 

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