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Anderson County 51 Oldham County 46

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Long history of great games between those two. Congrats to Coach Hyatt and his Bearcats. They haven't been getting a lot of love early on (when they were winning) because they were playing a weak schedule or later in the season (when they were losing).


Tremendous defensive battle between the two best scoring defenses in the 8th Region...


The extremely close defeats at the hands of top 20 Collins and in 2 OT on a last second three by Spencer should probably have clued everyone in that AC was on the cusp of bursting out.... Looks that finally happened!


The win serves notice that the 30th won't simply be a three-horse race. For Anderson, a huge boost of confidence just before the tournament.


Kudos also to Oldham County. Though the Colonels lost, it ended a magnificent 15 game winning streak, and OC deserves some props for that.


Former 8th Region coach Jason Holland was saying just the other night that people just don't fully realize how difficult it is to get a run like that. A sick kid, an untimely injury, an ineligible player, a bad shooting night, a bad call, ad infinitum....there are so many ways a run like that can come to an end (and then there are those teams you're playing that are doing their darnedest to help you end the streak!) So...kudos to Coy Zerhusen's squad on the long streak.


Of course, the 29th district teams might have preferred that Oldham go into their tournament a little more "fat and complacent"....guess that won't be happening now that Zerhusen has a platform to stand on to "rally the troops."

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