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BGP QOTD: What are your favorite college campuses that you've visited?

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I've visited a few in the United Kingdom including Oxford and Cambridge, which I'll go ahead and disqualify for my own sake...just 'cause.


For me, I don't know if I could put them in any certain order, but:


University of Notre Dame

Chicago University

University of Virginia

Miami University

Tulane University

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I exclude those I've attended.


University of Wisconsin (Madison Campus)

University of Notre Dame

University of Florida

University of Miami

Flagler College


University of Wisconsin is really cool...I hadn't thought about that on, for whatever reason.

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Funny thing about this topic. I had family connections at Penn and at Virginia. When it came time for son to enter college, he got turned down by Harvard and waitlisted by Duke. His next top three were Penn, Virginia and Vandy. Of those three, Vandy gave him/us the best deal.


And his first job after receiving his PhD from Washington - Harvard.

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