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10th Region (and beyond) Morning Thoughts

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1. Beechwood looks like the real deal, beating Scott and Brossart.

2. I am surprised; I thought the D1 transfer to Silver Grove would move the needle more.

3. Mason still trying to figure it out. Nice W for Bourbon.

4. Campbell back on track.

5. GRC good win over Madison Central.

6. Paris over MoCo...again.

7. Pendleton +35 W in a district game.

8. Robertson continues to look like the real deal. What balance!

9. Scott handles Harrison.

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I'm surprised by Mason County's struggles. Plenty of time to turn things around, but I didn't expect this.


Agree on Robertson County. While they have yet to notch what I would call a signature win, I think Coach Kelsch's Black Devils are legit. The 38th District is going to be very interesting to follow throughout the season, especially considering Robertson hosts the District Tournament.


Beechwood's wins over Scott & Brossart were eye-opening to me. The former simply because they won & the latter because of the margin.


I feel like it's a three-horse race for the 10th Region. Scott, Campbell, & GRC. That's the order I'd rank them too.

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