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Spencer Back at Elliott County?

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He’ll be eligible because he’s transferring from a non member KHSAA school


Not correct, can't transfer back from a prep school and be automatically eligible because you coming from a non member school.


See Trace Young from Huntington Prep and the kid who went back to Waggener from Findlay Prep after a year.


However the difference between those two and Spencer is, Spencer is going to his home school. Young not sure what his home school was he played at Ohio County, Apollo, Huntington, Cordia and finished at North Hardin. The kid at Waggener, his home school wasn't Waggener even though that is where he went as a freshman before transferring his home school was something else and that is where he would have had to go to be eligible. Waggener appealed and he eventually got eligible late in the year.

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I am surprised he isn't transferring from the Hargrave Senior Center. How old is this kid? I have heard he might be a little old to still be in high school.


Everyody states those rumors about everyone held back, same rumor will be started on Collin Porter at Elliott County when he becomes a senior as well.


Not sure of Korbin Spencer age but he will turn 19 sometime after August 1st this year so he is eligible.

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