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Chris Mack to Louisville (Rumor)

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Reports are the announcement is to be made on Weds. Not sure why the delay?


Everythig I’ve ever seen about Mack suggests he’s a class act. Wouldn’t shock me if he wanted some time to stop and talk to some folks up around Dana and Victory before he made the drive to Louisville to meet his new team.

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Good luck coach Mack. Just cannot turn down this opportunity. Chance to coach in ACC, lots more money and only about 1.5 hours away from family and friends.


Also forgot about his wife's family in Louisville.

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Deuce was on this from the start. I bow to his being right on target. Louisville is my 2nd favorite team. Xavier is my 4th. Don't like any of my favorites gaining at the expense of another. Good luck to the Cards and the Musketeers.

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