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BluegrassPreps - Western Kentucky Power Ranking - 10/8/17

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BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings - Week 7 Edition


Sometimes football is second. Thanks to our good friend @silo11, who reported the news of the Tragic Loss of Hopkinsville Freshman football player E.J. Austin.

Police Investigating Accidental Death of Hopkinsville High Student | Your Sports Edge

We all love the game. That is why we visit this site to gain info, trade info and give a verbal elbow on occasion. But it is through events like this that life becomes crystal clear and the finality of the loss of this young man with so much promise not only on the football field but across all those he encountered is simply devastating to a program and community just getting out of the shadows of the 2015 tragic death of Hopkinsville football player Jay'von Quarles. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Hopkinsville community for this very sad loss. For the remainder of the regular season, the Western Kentucky Game of the Week will be known as the EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week.


Concerning the top football story line this week: We have 2:

1. It is the popular BYE time of the season. What are the Top 3 things teams need to focus on when going through the BYE week:

A. Heal Your Players! You can't win in the playoffs without a majority of your team near 100%.

B. That July 7on7 and August scrimmage seems like a far distant memory now! Focus short term and prepare to take down that local rival to set yourself up well within your district for a favorable playoff seeding!

C. If you want to be playing late in November & December, this week is your springboard - Mentally! Take time to rejuvenate and come back to practice with the resolve for long term success! Good Luck!

2. We had 2 Special Highlight Games this week:

4A Logan County 13 vs 4A Hopkinsville 12!!! So many angles for this game. However, one is most clear for me. NEVER, have I EVER known of ANY team to have a long (much less 50 game) losing streak and then go on an 8 game win streak immediately on its heels!!! This takes A LOT of Guts and Fortitude by the Logan County Players & Coaches! Congratulations on this Big Win!!!

2A Ballard Memorial 74 at 1A Crittenden County 70 - Are You Kidding Me!!! 144 points in a high school game with no OT. Did either team ever run the ball? If ever there was a live Nintendo Game this was it! Many teams won't score 144 points for the whole year. This one jumped off the page on me! Congrats to the Bombers who are on a 2 game win streak!!! Good for them! But now they head to Mayfield!!! Ruh-Row!!!


Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version - Week 7:

1. Bowling Green 5A (5-2): BYE Week

2. Mayfield 2A (6-1): BYE Week

3. Christian County 5A (7-0): Win 43-21 vs 5A Apollo

4. South Warren 4A (7-1): Loss 31-17 at 6A Ravenwood (Brentwood), TN

5. Caldwell County 3A (6-1): Win 39-7 at 3A Trigg County

6. Franklin Simpson 4A (4-3): BYE Week

7. Glasgow 2A (5-2): BYE Week

8. Madisonville North Hopkins 4A (5-2): BYE Week

9. Logan County 4A (7-0): Win 13-12 vs 4A Hopkinsville

10. Owensboro 5A (3-4): Win 56-6 vs 5A Marshall County


Week 7 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 6A McCracken County (4-4) 40 at 6A Henderson County (3-5) 25. This was an excellent game. Tied at the half and nearly tied mid-3rd Quarter. But give McCracken County credit, as they made the plays late and were the stronger team in the 4th Quarter. For Henderson to improve in these type games, they are going to have to consider improving their pass offense. But never fear, Colonel Fans as you still will likely host a first round playoff game!!! And if you recall, I said that would be a win in my book back in the preseason (especially considering your tough schedule)!!! Mustang fans, you have to feel good with this one and likely winning your district!!! BIG WIN!!!


Week 8 - EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster: 4A Logan County (7-0) at 4A Madisonville - North Hopkins (5-2). Originally had another game here, but after the Cougars big win vs Hoptown, felt they earned it!!! This is a bigger game for Madisonville IMO as you would expect Logan County to have a bit of a let-down. Madisonville has been off for a week resting. The Maroons are at home and are the favorite. But will the Cougar Magic Wand come out again up in Hopkins County on Friday Night??? Get out to there and find out Sports Fans!!!


Honorable Mention: Christian County at Graves County; Allen County-Scottsville at Warren East; Owensboro at Apollo; Monroe County at Glasgow; and Union County at Paducah Tilghman.


Meat & Potato's Version Week 7 Top 10:

10) Owensboro (5A) - LW: 9 - Preseason Rank: 6 - 2017 Record 3-4; [District Record 1-1] Week 7 Results: Win: 56-6 vs 5A Marshall County (3-5). Good to get a win Red Devil Fans! Upon further review, felt you deserved to drop a bit more due to your record and Marshall County has little available to boost you on a power basis, but still a lot to play for O fans!!! Week 8: District Buster at 5A Apollo (5-2)! Is this the shortest distance for an away game in the state (3 miles)? You tell me... Apollo hasn't beaten Owensboro since 2004 (33-12 at Rash Stadium). This is a must win game for both sides, as the loser will almost assuredly be assigned Week 1 of the playoffs at either Bowling Green or South Warren. Not good and not where you want to be. Can Owensboro put together a complete game without the turnovers and costly penalties? You tell me...


9) Logan County 4A (6-0) - Last Week (LW): 11 - District Record: 2-0 - Week 7 Results: Win vs 4A Hopkinsville (1-6) 13-12! Was this the biggest win in Cougar History? You tell me... What a gutsy win!!! This win passes the Cougars 1996 squad who started the season 6 and 0. I believe and @CoachAdler can correct me, that this is the best start to a regular varsity football season in Logan County History!!! How's that for BIG!!! The Cougar D was lights out keeping the Cougars in the game in the first half. They held Hoptown to 3 for 15 on 3rd downs on the night!!! That paved the way for SO QB Tyler Ezell to play one of the gutsiest games in Logan County history completing 8 for 16 for 71 yards on the night. But it all came down to the final 72 yard drive with just less than 5 minutes to go in the game. And with 2.8 seconds to go from the Hoptown 4 yard line, Ezell scrambled right and chose to run and dove into the end zone and pandemonium on the field with all kinds of people on the field!!! What a Game!!! If you haven't seen the final play, watch it here:

Ezell's game-winning TD lifts Logan County over Hopkinsville, 13-12 - Sporting Times

Week 8: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: at (5-2) Madisonville-North Hopkins. Hopkinsville was knocked out by a tough, physical Madisonville-North Hopkins squad that brought a lot of intensity to their game and handled Hoptown surprisingly easy. For Logan County, they have to be on Cloud 9 right now, but Madisonville plays a tough physical style of football that will really test the Cougars. Can Logan keep the Madisonville rush attack below 200 yards in the game??? You tell me... Should be a great one!!! District Title will be on the line!!!


8) Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A - LW: 8; Preseason: Top 15 - 2017 Record: (5-2) [District Record: 2-0] - Week 7 Results: BYE Week. The Maroons should be well-rested coming into arguably the District Showdown with upstart Logan County. Week 8: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster vs 4A Logan County (7-0). Well, Maroon Fans, I bet you didn't expect to battle Logan County for the District Title this season, but here you are. I look for the Maroons to try to wear down Logan County with a very good rush attack. Can the Cougars stand up to it for 4 Quarters? You tell me...


7) Glasgow (2A) - LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; 2017 Record 5-2; Week 7: BYE Week. Scottie Fans the district is on the line Friday Night! I think Glasgow has the athletic advantage, but Monroe is a scrappy group and will battle you for 4 Quarters no doubt about it! Week 8: District Buster vs 2A Monroe County (6-1). The Falcons are flying high this year, but they must land in hostile territory here as the Scotties look to lay the law down and pluck the Falcons!!! Should be a pretty high scoring affair as both offenses have been prolific most of the season. Which defense can rise to the occasion? Which team has the better kicking game? You tell me...


6) Franklin Simpson (4A) LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 4-3; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Hopefully you get some nagging injuries healed up Wildcats, but in case you didn't, I'd say you can hold them out next week too! Week 8: District Game vs 4A Warren Central (0-7). The 2017 season has been unkind to the Warren Central Dragons, as the last 3 games were played against teams with far superior numbers and depth and thus they have been shut out the last 3 games. Now coming off the BYE Week they should have more pep in their step. RB/QB/Everything Back DJ Tyner is a really good football player. But after you see him run the ball the first couple times and you know it's coming with not much else in the play book; that's a recipe for a long night. Add that to the fact that the Franklin Simpson defense has gotten MUCH better over the last couple games and this one should be over quick!!! Get the win and avoid injuries Wildcats is your goal here!


5) Caldwell County (3A) LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 6-1; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win: 37-6 at 3A Trigg County (4-4). Lot of chippiness in this one, as Trigg just isn't on Caldwell's level right now. Our good friend @CCHSTiger10 reported that he witnessed a Trigg County Chain Gang Guy get escorted out of the stadium. That's when you know you have a chippy game!!! Week 8: District Game vs 3A Fort Campbell (2-5). Fort Campbell has wins over 1 win Fort Knox and an uneven Marshall County squad looking for answers. Fort Campbell won't find many answers in Princeton on the 13th, as Caldwell County is playing as well as anyone right now. Think it would be good to see if Franklin Simpson might be mutually agreeable to get back into a home and home with Caldwell. Although, Caldwell's schedule only has 1 lower tier game for them and they might like it as it is. But I remember the Lightning Bowl, when it was a Great Game over in Princeton and sure would have liked to see how that one played out. Think it would help both teams come playoff time as well. Just my opinion mind you...


4) South Warren (5A) - LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 7-1; District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Loss: 31-17 at 6A Ravenwood (Brentwood), TN (6-2). According to our good friend @jcarter, South battled a tough Ravenwood, TN squad on their Homecoming Night. South had a couple chances to take leads and just couldn't do it. But the game changed when ultra-talented DT Jacob Lacey experienced a "shoulder stinger" and did not return. Lacey commands at least a double team, so when that went away it really helped Ravenwood. But, never fear Spartan Fans as this game means nothing concerning your District Standing. Week 8: BYE Week. I am coming from a mindset that in order for it to be a good time for a BYE that you need to win the game right before the Bye. If you don't, isn't that too long to go without getting that loss out of your system? You tell me... But it is a Great Time to get healthy! And boy, boy, boy will your next game be one to see, when the Spartans trek across town to El Donaldson Stadium for a tussle with the Purples!!! BIG GAME on October the 20th!!! It's been a long time coming and the District Championship will be on the line!!! Make your plans now sports fans to be at the El on October 20 for this one! You won't be disappointed!!!


3) Christian County (5A) - LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 7-0; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: Win 43-21 vs 5A Apollo (5-2). According to our good friend @SomewhereOffTheMap, the Colonel D really came to play last Friday night as they had 2 Pick 6s, a fumble returned for a TD, and a blocked punt returned for a TD. Apollo "could" have been up 14-0 had they not fumbled on the Christian County 2 yard line. But you can't make that many mistakes against a good, opportunistic team like Christian County! Week 8: District Buster - at 5A Graves County (4-3). This is gonna be a good one Sports Fans, as ever since Graves lost to Apollo, I have looked to this game as giving the Eagles a chance at redemption. Can they do it? You tell me... They are the underdogs no doubt. But I remember another Graves County team that was the underdog and they shocked my Purples, so I think they have a shot in this game! Will we see QB Kolbi Langhi running much in this game? Will be interesting... If I were closer, I'd definitely try to make this one! Good luck Colonels!!!


2) Mayfield (2A) - LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Good to get some players healed up and some nagging injuries back on the road to recovery, but if it's not quite fixed, I'm sure Coach Morris can hold them out again with no problems. Week 8: District Game vs 2A Ballard Memorial (2-5). The Bombers got their first win of the season on the September 29th and won a Thriller in Crittenden County on Friday 74-70. If you add up the points from the scores of the Mayfield v Ballard Memorial games for the Bombers starting with 2016, it will take you 8 games to add up the Ballard Memorial scores to equal/surpass 74 points. So don't look for them to add a third straight win vs Mayfield at War Memorial Stadium this season as last week was the Bomber's Super Bowl. Should be a good warmup for the Mayfield JV guys and maybe Frosh as well. Since 1998, Ballard has never beaten Mayfield. I think @Toothpick told me some time ago if Ballard has ever beaten Mayfield. If I had to bet, I would bet they haven't beaten them. But I did see that the 2008 game was the closest one I could find with Mayfield winning in Barlow 42-38 with Taylor Edging gaining 132 yards rushing and 2 TDs. Ballard also earned a receiving TD and a Pick 6 and a Kick 6, so it took all that to get close. Don't see the streak ending anytime soon! Sorry Bombers...


1) Bowling Green (5A) - LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 5-2; District Record 2-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Good to get away for a bit and re-energize to gear up for another run in the playoffs Purples Fans!!! I get the sense there are multiple 5A teams that feel it is their year to take the 5A crown. Hoping the Purples will use that as motivation to begin playing their best football after the break! Week 8: District Game vs 5A Poor Ole' Barren County (0-7). Barren County has only beaten BG twice (in 1984 and 1985). Barren County is winless on the year and sets to come to El Donaldson Stadium looking for their first win on the season. I look for there to be no room for them in the INN!!! Just a very tough spot for the Trojans. For BG, you want to test your starters to the running clock and then likely get them out as you'll need them ready for South Warren the following week. HUGE District/Rivalry Game on the 20th Purples Fans!


Next Tier 11 Thru 15 -


11. Tier:

Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 10 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 5-2; [District Record 0-1] Week 7 Results - BYE Week. Coach Hood has to be gnashing his teeth after not playing as well as I know he would have liked against a very good Franklin Simpson squad. But definitely want to shoot for hosting a playoff game, so Week 8 is critical!!! Week 8: District Buster at 4A Warren East (4-3). The Patriots make the 30 minute trip up to northern Bowling Green to the Smurf Turf for a battle with the better than expected Warren East Raiders. This was a 7 point game last year and I expect another close game this year as Warren East has some excellent athletes. Gear up for another trip to Smokey Pig Barbeque Patriot Fans, you won't be sorry you did!!!


Owensboro Catholic (2A) - LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 5-3; District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results - Win: 43-8 vs 2A Hancock County (4-3). I don't have any stats or updates to report, but the score speaks for itself. Simply district play for the Aces. Week 8: District Game at 2A Todd County Central (5-2). Todd County is a good story this year. They were terrible last year, winless, and allowed Logan County to break their LONG losing streak. Now look at them!!! Good for the Rebels and Coach Broady! However, against OCath I don't like their chances at all. Possibly to stay out of the running clock - maybe, but that's the high water mark I'd say!


12. Tier:

McCracken County (6A) - LW: 14 - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 4-4; [District Record 3-0] Week 7 Results: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK: District Buster: Win at 6A Henderson County (3-5) 40-25. The Mustangs have regrouped and come home from a successful road trip vs your strongest District foe. You scored more on Henderson than everyone but stout Evansville Reitz & tough Caldwell County. Of your 4 losses on the season the only 1 I think is a bad loss is the 8 point loss to Northeastern out of Clarksville, TN, as I think you were the better team. So from that vantage point gaining a new coach and all, you have to like how your season is now shaping up!!! Week 8: vs Dyer County (Newburn), TN 5A (3-4). The Choctaws make the roughly 2 hour trip north to take on the Mustangs. I simply don't know a ton on Dyer County other than they are listed by MaxPreps as being nationally ranked at 7,239, while McCracken is nationally ranked at 4,660. So the Mustangs should clearly have the advantage here and I will be pulling big time for you as I do ALL KY teams playing TN teams!!!


Graves County 5A (4-3) - Last Week (LW): 12 - District Record 1-1 - Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Good time for the BYE Week Eagles Fans as you pummel poor ole' Marshall County last game and get set for a BIG ONE in Mayfield come Friday night. You know since you lost to Apollo you need to beat either Christian County or Owensboro to have a shot at the top 2 seeds in the District. You get both those teams at home this year. I think you can get one of those wins, but which one? You tell me... Week 8: vs 5A Christian County (7-0). I expect the Eagles to be recharged! Get ready for your last 3 games where you host both District stalwarts Christian County and Owensboro. Do you split those? Do you win both? Do you lose both? In a lot of ways, Graves County still has control of their District and post season destiny. This is it Eagles!!!


13. Tier:

Apollo 5A (5-2) - LW: 12 - Preseason: Not Ranked (NR) - District Record: (1-1) - Week 7 Results: Loss at 5A Christian County (7-0) 43-21. I didn't expect you to beat Christian County on the road Eagles. But I bet you'd like a re-do as giving up 2 pick 6s, a fumble 6 and a blocked punt 6 is a formula for a running clock. But all is not lost Eagles - Keep Fighting!!! Week 8: District Game vs City & District Rival 5A Owensboro (3-4). This game is always a big game inside Daviess County. However, it's usually a foregone conclusion that the Red Devils will likely win the game. That is not the case this season, as the Fire Cracker Eagles are playing as well as I can ever remember. Not-with-standing the loss they just took to a fine Christian County Club. Should be a Great atmosphere off Tamarack Road this Friday night. Come out to the Eagles' Nest Apollo fans and support your team!!!


Warren East (4A) - LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 4-3; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Raiders have played well up to this BYE Week. They have some injuries for sure; so time to heal up as you have tough games ahead vs district rivals Franklin Simpson and Allen County-Scottsville. Important games indeed!!! Week 8: District Buster vs Allen County-Scottsville (5-2). The Patriots are still stinging from a rough and tumble round with the solid Franklin Simpson Wildcats. I'm sure Coach Hood will have his crew ready to go. SO should the Raiders, as both teams realize this is a critical game, as a home playoff game is likely on the line. Should be a good one!!! Get out to the Smurf Turf and support your team Raider Fans!!!


14. Tier:

Henderson County (6A) - LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 3-5; [District Record 2-1] Week 7 Results: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK - District Buster: Loss 40-25 vs 6A McCracken County (4-4). I think you played a fine game Colonels, but as our good friend @Cols 51 said Henderson doesn't play from behind well and their pass attack will need to be improved in order to compete against top tier clubs. But I don't think you quit and continue to strive to get better. Week 8: District Game at Daviess County 6A (3-4). This is typically the spot for a letdown Colonel fans. You knew the McCracken game would be a tough one. But Daviess County still has hopes of hosting a playoff game, just like you, so they will come in hungry. Will you??? I say Coach Boston will have his troops ready! But DC WR Marquel Tinsley will be worth the price of admission Colonel Fans. Get over to Owensboro for some Old Hickory Barbeque and support your team!!! Lot to play for Colonel Fans!!!


Union County 3A (5-1) - LW: 15 - Preseason - NR - Week 7 Results: Win 25-21 at 3A Fort Campbell (2-5). This is what happens when you circle a game on your schedule and you have your home fans pack the stadium and you lay an egg against a very strong team. Then go on the road vs an inferior team and finally break out of the fog and get a district win and move on. Shake it off Braves!!! Week 8: District Buster at 3A Paducah Tilghman (2-5). Braves will make the hour and a half trip over to Paducah to take on the always dangerous Blue Tornados. This is a game that will most likely determine the #2 District Seed and more important give the winner the right to Host a First Round Playoff game! Big Deal! I expect a very competitive game here with the run-first Tornados battling the pass-first Braves. Should be a Great game to watch! Get out there and support your team Braves Fans!!!


15. Tier:

Monroe County (2A) - LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 7 Results: BYE Week. Heal up Falcons as you need your best effort of the season this week in arguably the most important game of the season!!! Week 8: District Buster at 2A Glasgow (5-2). On paper, this one is a mismatch, but paper can't measure Grit! And the Falcons got Grit-to-Burn!!! While I look for Glasgow to pull away in the second half, don't be surprised to see Monroe hangin early. Don't forget the great equalizers - turnovers and penalties - So anything is possible Falcon Fans!!!


Edmonson County 3A (4-3) LW: Not Ranked - District Record 1-1 - Week 7 Results: BYE. Just thought we needed some new teams in this week, as Hopkinsville just has too many defeats on the season (6) to be in the top 20 right now. So the Edmonson County Wildcats get the nod! Get Ready Wildcats and Congrats!!! Week 8: District Game vs 3A Hart County (1-6). Hart County has really struggled this season. Just don't see them being able to stay with Edmonson in this one.


Others Receiving Votes: Hopkinsville, Greenwood, Daviess County, Russellville, Paducah Tilghman, Metcalfe County, Ohio County.


Week 7 Players of the Week: (I am trying to pick different guys for this list to try and provide more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. Also, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)


1) Logan County vs Hopkinsville -

Tyler Ezell - QB - 8 for 16 for 71 yards; but it was his memorable 4 yard go ahead TD run as time expired that earns him this position! Congrats!!!

2) Crittenden County vs Ballard Memorial -

Ethan Dossett - WR - With 6 TD receptions and 347 yards receiving (13 receptions).

3) Ballard Memorial at Crittenden County -

Drew Cox - WR - With 13 catches for 321 yards and 3 TD's.


Week 7 Teams Moving Down

Apollo (5A) - Down - I didn't put Apollo here because they lost against Christian County. I put them here because of the NUMEROUS turnovers and costly mistakes they made vs Christian County. Not trying to bash you Eagles Fans, but sure you'd like try again and control those mistakes and this game is much closer!


Henderson County (6A) - Down - No shame in losing a hard fought game vs a talented McCracken team, but the "What could have been" thinking immediately came to me following this game. But chin up, as I still like you guys this week in a HUGE game vs Daviess County.


Week 7 Teams Moving Up

Logan County (4A) - Up - @CoachAdler is going to have to send me a Logan County T-shirt, as I've been pretty open about pulling for Cougar Nation!!! BUT, this Hopkinsville win is absolutely huge from a momentum standpoint. Does anyone question if the Cougars are bought in now??? I guess not. Good luck next week as you play for the District Championship at Madisonville!!!


McCracken County (6A) - Up - What a BIG District Win Mustangs!!! You likely sealed the deal on winning another District Championship! That is Really Big!!! Now if you could finish the regular season strong (very doable), host a first round game (doable), and compete strongly in the playoffs (doable); then this season turns from one beginning in what could have been turmoil as former Coach Jackson chose to leave VERY LATE to one that will be remembered. You match up with the Central Hardin District for the Region. I think you can win the Region 1 Championship!!! Now go get it Mustangs!!!


Broke Their Maiden - In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don't get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that's significant:

NONE - Hopefully next week!


AND THEN THERE WERE 2! Both these teams deserve all the accolades they will get, as it is tough taking everyone's best shot at this point in the season!! Good luck to both teams!!!

Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challenger(s) remaining)

(In alphabetical order):


Christian County (55%) (At Graves County)

Logan County (45%) (At Madisonville-North Hopkins)


The Sullen 7: These 7 teams remain winless on the season! It may be very likely that this list stays this way through the end of the season. I hate that as this is a sport that demands participation throughout the year. To not get 1 win during the season is REALLY Tough! Chin up guys and Best of Luck!

Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining)

(In alphabetical order):

Barren County (35%) (At Grayson County, Edmonson County)

Breckinridge County (5%) (? Maybe at Hancock County)

Butler County (10%) (Hancock County, At McLean County)

Calloway County (0%) (No Chances Left this season)

Caverna (15%) (Fort Knox)

Fulton City (5%) (? Fulton County)

Warren Central (0%) (No Chances Left this season)

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Thanks @Purples88 it is the best start ever for a Logan County football team!! We were battle tested Thursday night, but our kids stepped up. I'm so proud of them and the way they never quit fighting. Friday should be a war, Madisonville is a good football team and they are very physical. Our defense has been our backbone all year. They will have to bring it again this week to give us a chance. Well be ready to put it all on the line Friday night.

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There is no better sports writer in the Bluegrass than P88! This one may be your best yet.


Class Act to name game of week after the young man from Hoptown.


Reading this article and writing this post on our balcony in Myrtle Beach during our Fall Break. Pretty cool!


If you get a chance look at the stats for Vito Tisdale at BGHS. averaging more than 10 yards a carry and scoring about ever 4th touch or so. Although he is rarely in backfield his numbers are pretty amazing.


Ready for some more HS football!

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OK, The Week 7: Question of the Week is this: How many Western Kentucky Teams advance to the State Championship Game this season (Not win necessarily, but make it to Lexington)? That means that they have to beat the other regional champion in the State Semi-Final Game.


How many and who are they? I will get you my picks a little later...

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