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1/6 Simon Kenton vs Scott Predictions

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Wanting to hear people's opinion on the rivalry game.


I'm going to take SK by 10 due to just the pure athletism that they have. Meier has been stepping up in the post and is starting to get her feet under her. Niece over the Christmas break has been scoring close to 30 points a game along with 8 rebounds. Should be a fun one to see.

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This newly formed rivalry will be a good game to watch if both teams come to play! As far as athleticism, I'd choose Celephane over any SK player when it comes to that. SK does have an advantage when it comes to Meier. She is big, aggressive, and finishes at the basket. Niece will hurt Scott if they let her get in rhythm. I say this is a closer game, and goes down to who has the ball at the end of the game.

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SK girls have had a Jekyll an Hyde persona this year. If the the same team shows up that I saw against Ryle, Walton and St. Henry, they could well lose. Is Kalmayer(sp?) healthy?


Kallmeyer is still out, unfortunately. Scott is going to miss her in this game! But she should be back soon i heard.

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Sk is still missing harmeir as well.

Keys to this game:



Limit Scott transition points and force them into jump shooters

Limit drives to basket

Move the ball on offense; to many open players not getting the ball

Rebound and attack



Prevent niece from getting into the lane

Try to create turnovers with pressure and convert them to points


Allow Sk to be one dimensional on offensive end which will limit their offensive output

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