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Who is your top 5 players you have seen play this year?

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1. Erin Boley - ETown

2. Jaelynn Penn - Butler

3. Blair Green - Harlan County

4. Grace Berger - Sacred Heart

5. Seygan Robins - Mercer Co


& I'm going to add a sixth since she looked VERY good when I watched her last week - Ally Niece - Simon Kenton

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I haven't seen some of the high level girls listed on others lists here, but so far this year -


Ally Niece - SK

Lily grimes - Breckinridge

Hallie Ison - Walton

Deja McClendon - holy cross

Emma King - Lincoln county

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I would agree and add the Ashland girl is close to this or on here as well.


Berger and Robinson are top kids. Mykasa Robinson is at #6 in the Nation I think according to ESPN in the 2018 Class. Berger is top 25. Blair Green is at #18 or somewhere in there and Seygan Robins and Ally Niece are all Top 100 kids in the 2018 class. Uconn, Notre Dame UK UL in the mix for these kids as well as anybody who is a top school. The 2018 Class in Kentucky is one of the best in the nation.

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