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2014/15 NKY Basketball Contest Sponsored by Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing (Week 5 Results)

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Here are the results for this week's Northern Kentucky Regional basketball pick'em contest.


The NKY Contest is sponsored by Joe Lay & SonsPlumbing. Joe Lay & Sons are proud sponsors of all NKY high school basketball teams. For all of your plumbing needs please contact Joe Lay & Sons at:


Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio




As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.


Click below to claim your prize:

Contest Prizes and how to claim your prize! (Updated 3-19-2012)


Results of the games in this week's contest:

Scott 77 Campbell County 68

Dixie Heights 68 Conner 55

Boone County 64 St. Henry 57

Covington Catholic 58 Newport Central Catholic 48

Lloyd Memorial 46 Beechwood 43



Only one perfect score this week and it was the first entry in this week's contest. Congratulations once again to 16thBBall Fanon winning the Week 5 contest; his second victory in a row! In a sad commentary on this week's scoring, nobody else came close.


Here are this week's scores (please double-check for errors and send me a PM if I messed up):


16thBBall Fan 18

All State Baseball 13


polarbear98 11

raiderbird 11

Can'tcoach 11

Rebelstat 11

foremanwc 10

kygirl 9

kinglouie 9

Qryche11 9

dmh115 9

gold sunrise 8

PurplePride92 8

The Professor 8

Rez 8



sealedpower 7

StatMan28 7

spindoc 7

Slugger Parker 7

mspencer63 7



afi100guy 5


Season-to-date standings coming soon.



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Season-to-date standings. Again, please check just in case I erred.


Can'tcoach 74

16thBBall Fan 74

The Professor 69

kygirl 68

Rebelstat 68

raiderbird 67

Rez 67


gold sunrise 65

sealedpower 63

Qryche11 61

polarbear98 61


Randy Parker 60

TAC 59


spindoc 58

afi100guy 55

foremanwc 55

dmh115 54

kinglouie 53

StatMan28 49

All State Baseball 48

Jack of all Trades 47

mspencer63 47


2-3-Zone 45

dd734 40

Cru Bat Boy 40

3Goggles 38

4Runner 37

stinkyboyII 35

FieldhouseKrazy15 24

Coach W 19

Devil4Life33 17

sfg024 17

GoRoyals 17

CatsFan47 15

ennam_iv 14

Lawnboy13 13

Underdog_25 13

On Point 12

ballhog 12

PurplePride92 11

silo11 10

Hilltopper71 8

hoops5 6



Week 1 - Cru Bat Boy

Week 2 - All State Baseball

Week 3 - 2-3-Zone

Week 4 - 16thBBallFan

Week 5 - 16thBBall Fan


Week never - Randy Parker, polarbear98

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polarbear98 11


Slugger Parker 7


A moral victory is still a victory to me



Randy Parker-58




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Randy Parker-58



Kinda like saying that you've got the best navy in Iowa.

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