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  2. Some coaching background knowledge. These are some notable head coaches in our state, current/former...where they are most known for and some background at their previous stops before taking/getting BETTER jobs. Robbie Lucas- Somerset Head coach at Lincoln County in 02 & 03, compiling a 4-16 record. He goes back to Somerset as an assistant, takes over for Jay Cobb before the '09 season. Won it all in 2019 and constantly has his Briar Jumpers in the mix, and ALSO had an O'fer season is maybe 13 or 14? So you're talking three years at two different schools where his teams went 4-27, despite all the success he/they've had. Ty Scroggins- former Head Coach, Lou. Central. Head coach at Doss 03-06, 18-24 record, only one winning record, no playoff wins. Central had always been a good program, but he took a corvette and turned into a supped up Maserati. Chris McNamee- Pikeville ('10 Current), Two State Titles & 1 Runner Up Head coach at Pike County Central 05-08, 16-26 record, never had a winning record, no playoff wins. Goes back to Pikeville as an assistant in '09, gets the HC job there in 10 and the rest is history. Doug Preston- John Hardin (formerly of Franklin-Simpson from 12-19) Head coach at Paris (97), Rowan County (03-05), Lou. Western (06-07), Bullitt East (08-10). Has a combined record of roughly 10 games below .500 at those stops (was the 4A State Runners Up at Bullitt East in 08) before getting the Franklin-Simpson job in '12. Goes 3-9 in 2012, then proceeds to make THREE STRAIGHT TRIPS to the 4A finals his last 6 years, winning back to back titles in 17 & 18. John Edge- Apollo (formerly of Owensboro Catholic 134-66 and 3 State Runner Ups) He also went to South Spencer (IN) for the 18 & 19 seasons & went 3-17. Sam Harp- former Head Coach, Danville ('88-'11), winner of 7 State Titles Before coming to Danville in '88 (replacing Tom Duffy who left for Highlands), Coach Harp had been FIRED at Calloway County, then heads to Anderson County as their HC where they win the Region Title in '87. Kevin Wallace- St. X (Formerly of Bowling Green '96-'17), winner of 5 State titles. From early/mid 80's- same of the 90's, he's the head coach at Warren East High School for 10 years. NEVER had a winning record, NEVER won a playoff game.
  3. Going into the 2021 season, since 2009: Alabama National Championships: 6 Tennessee Head Football Coaches: 5
  4. He will in the conversation for Mr. Basketball in a couple of years.
  5. The rankings posted in here were just summarized down to the top 10. The actual rankings are top 25.
  6. Almost like a fan base that ran Greg Schiano out of town for literally no reason doesn’t deserve to be happy...
  7. Not breaking news obviously, but Geisler is gone. Best of luck to him.
  8. Supposedly the Reds asked for Gleyber Torres and others for Castillo. Yankees said no.
  9. Today
  10. I appreciate the time that you took to shed light on the struggles that schools have in finding enough folks who feel comfortable with the PA/Broadcasting duties et al. I once gave it a whirl and just froze on the air. LOL! Imagine that, B-Ball-fan who can’t stop typing can’t find a word to say when he’s like a deer in the headlights. Yes indeed, it takes a special kind of person to feel comfortable behind the mic. I do like your idea that @nkucardsfan concurred in finding bright kids eager to establish, and nurture their announcing/public speaking talents. In truth I meant no offense with my petty little pet peeve to whoever was manning the mic for this game, and I certainly appreciate any effort that schools make in providing keyboard/recliner warriors like me the opportunity to keep up with the games, and though there’s nothing like being there; be able to enjoy them in the comforts of our homes. Thanks again for the insight BrosefStalin, and glad you found a good platform from which to express it. We owe a lot of thanks to those offering their time, talents, and dedication for providing us with essentially a free service to keep us sports enthusiasts pacified and entertained. It’s really nice even more so now because of the complications that COVID has surprised us with, so that parents, families etc... can take joy in staying in tune with their children's school activities.
  11. I like it when they say way to early ranking and they only give you the top 10. Yea they are tops but I would like to see the top 25 because that is part of the rankings.
  12. Yeah, I saw that. But it's like the whole NL Central is tanking, so the Reds are just the best of the worst. But, if they trade Gray and/or Castillo, there's no way they can still be considered the favorite, right? Anyway, the thing I don't get is, that if everyone else is going to be down, isn't this the year where you'd like to improve your team and take advantage of it? This just seems like a total rebuild. Now I've seen Krall has come out today and say the Castillo rumors are completely false. But, where the heck has he been for the past month? I suppose the Gray, Suarez and Moustakas mentions are all just rumors, too, huh?
  13. Everyone cheats! It just seems like the Vols a team I cheer for is getting caught.
  14. So wait you’re telling me that Tennessee started off the 2021 class hotter than any team in the country in recruiting, they then lost a ton of those recruits and some people were naïve enough to think something fishy wasn’t going on? That’s good Ole Rocky Top for ya...
  15. This was the difference between Alabama and everyone else this past year. They got players to come back. Now we have Ruckert, Mumford, Togiai, Garrett, and Smith coming back. These are all huge and likely means they have seen enough from Stroud to know he can lead them for another playoff run.
  16. While I will agree they did come on towards the end of last season but they’ve still had back to back losing seasons and the two years before that they went 6-5 that’s the definition of struggling to me. Now they aren’t having 1-9 seasons but they haven’t had a good season since 2014.
  17. I have a bunch friends up at Alter! They do it right up there! Great program!
  18. Oh, he has the resume & financial portfolio to do whatever he wants. But Cal is also a proud guy. I just wonder if that pride would allow him to leave after his worst year. Of course, he also likes to prove to people he was right, and what better way to do that then go to Indiana and rebuild them to a giant again. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  19. 1. Lyon County (5-0): The Lyons rolled past Caldwell County 80-66 in the 2nd Region All "A" Classic title game. Lyon County is 5-0 after opening the 2020-21 boys' high school basketball season with wins over Crittenden County, Community Christian (Paducah), Webster County, University Heights and Caldwell County. Freshman Travis Perry is averaging 26.2 points per game for the Lyons. Along with Perry, Jackson Shoulders (16 ppg) and Brady Shoulders (10.8 ppg) are averaging double figures in scoring for 2nd Region frontrunner Lyon County. The Lyons are scheduled to meet Caldwell County (Jan. 18, away), Graves County (Jan. 22, home) and Calloway County (Jan. 23, away) in Week 3. 2. Madisonville-North Hopkins (3-1): Reigning 2nd Region champion Madisonville-North Hopkins recorded back-to-back wins in Week 2, defeating Warren Central and University Heights. Senior Kale Gaither is leading the Maroons, averaging 22.5 points per game. Following Gaither, Ashton Gaines is averaging nine points per game for the Maroons. Madisonville-North Hopkins is scheduled to host Crittenden County on Friday, Jan. 22. 3. Christian County (0-0): Still sidelined, Christian County isn't scheduled to make its debut in the 2020-21 boys' high school basketball season until later in the month. Christian County is scheduled to host Owensboro Catholic in a season opener on Tuesday, Jan. 26. 4. Hopkinsville (0-0): After being sidelined for a lengthy time due to COVID-19, Hopkinsville is poised to open the 2020-21 boys' high school basketball season on the road at Trigg County on Tuesday, Jan. 19. The Tigers' schedule for Week 3 includes additional games versus University Heights (Jan. 22, home) and Daviess County (Jan. 23, away). 5. University Heights (1-5): The Blazers are on a three-game skid following losses to Lyon County, Madisonville-North Hopkins and Warren Central. DJ Quarles, KJ Crump, William Bryan and Amani McGee each are averaging double figures in scoring for the Blazers. University Heights has away games slated versus Muhlenberg County (Jan. 21) and Hopkinsville (Jan. 22) in Week 3. 6. Webster County (4-2): The Trojans won two of three games in Week 2, notching wins over Hopkins County Central and Apollo while dropping a matchup to Evansville Reitz, an opponent from nearby Indiana. Destin Allen is averaging 20 points per game for the Trojans while Hunter McNaughton, Aaron Harmon and Bradin Nelson are delivering as well. Webster County is due to face Calloway County (Jan. 18), Union County (Jan. 22) and Livingston Central (Jan. 23) in home games during Week 3. 7. Henderson County (2-1): Returning to the win column in Week 2, Henderson County held off Daviess County 53-49 in the Argigold Winter Classic at the Owensboro Sportscenter. Gerard Thomas, Eli Wilkes and Noah Curry are averaging double figures in scoring for the Colonels. Henderson County has games on tap with Evansville Reitz, Ind. (Jan. 19, away), Evansville Central (Jan. 22, away) and Ohio County (Jan. 23, home) in Week 3. 8. Caldwell County (2-3): The Tigers notched back-to-back wins in Week 2 before falling to talent-heavy Lyon County. Jabrion Spikes and Tripp Branch are combining to average nearly 40 points per game for the Tigers. Caldwell County is slated to visit both Russellville and Trigg County in Week 3. 9. Crittenden County (1-3): The Rockets dropped back-to-back games to Muhlenberg County and Caldwell County in Week 2. Crittenden County is scheduled to visit Madisonville-North Hopkins (Jan. 22) then host Whitesville Trinity (Jan. 23) in Week 3. 10. Union County (4-2): Following a loss to Henderson County, Union County notched wins over Evansville Day (Ind.) and McLean County in Week 2. Izaiah Manuel continues to lead Union County in scoring. The Braves haves away games scheduled versus Owensboro Catholic (Jan. 19), Webster County (Jan. 22) and Apollo (Jan. 23) in Week 3. 11. Trigg County (1-2): The Wildcats did not play in Week 2. Trigg County hasn't played since outlasting Hancock County 59-57 on Saturday, Jan. 9. The Wildcats have upcoming games scheduled versus Hopkinsville (Jan. 19, home), Caldwell County (Jan. 21, home) and Cloverport (Jan. 22, away). 12. Livingston Central (1-2): The Cardinals dropped a game to Caldwell County before beating Ballard Memorial 63-57. Livingston Central is scheduled to visit Christian Fellowship (Jan. 21) and Webster County (Jan. 23) in Week 3. 13. Hopkins County Central (0-2): After opening the season with back-to-back losses to Union County and Webster County, Hopkins County Central has been sidelined via COVID-19. The Storm are scheduled to host rival Madisonville-North Hopkins on Friday, Jan. 29. 14. Dawson Springs (0-0): The Panthers remained sidelined due to COVID-19 as well. Dawson Springs is scheduled to host Trigg County for a season opener Saturday, Jan. 23,
  20. Archbishop Alter also throws a great fundraiser called Alterfest. I’ve helped their sports programs a good deal over the years at that thing lol.
  21. This is the best way to do it, it creates a great broadcasting opportunity at every school. Highlands, St. Henry, Cooper, Conner, and maybe more are all using this model.
  22. John Hardin game was a bit closer than the score indicates. Don't get me wrong, John Hardin was never in danger in that game, but for most of the 2nd half, it was a 5-8 point game and then towards the end, when BE extended their defense to try to force some turnovers and take some chances, it led to some open layups and real easy looks for John Hardin. The Chargers are young and will no doubt improve as the season goes along. BE will play 8-10 guys, but a majority of their scoring comes from 2 players.
  23. Spot on. Which is completely bogus. Add Doug Preston to that same boat. Which blows my mind, because in the GCL “area” you have household names like Colerain who run the flexbone as good as anybody, and win BIG doing so. Kettering Archbishop Alter around Dayton bases out of the Wishbone (but, will get in the “spread”) and there aren’t but a handful or two of teams in KY that want any part of that smoke (I think they are smaller private school as well).
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