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  2. Obviously not the first loss of the year, since they lost on opening day. Wife's been working me too hard on a bathroom remodel for me to think right.
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  4. If Dunn is in, so should Bruce. So my guess is yes.
  5. Congrats to Ben Johnson on the win, but this is a serious question. Why does it take 4 months to name a Mr Football winner, but votes for Mr Basketball must be turned in before the Sweet 16? Why the rush to get Basketball turned in, when the AP was clearly in no hurry to announce Mr Football? I think anybody that watched the Sweet 16, would like to recast their vote, or maybe would have at least reconsidered their vote.
  6. As expected, Sam Vinson got the snub for a kid from Lexington.
  7. Not really since the time frame is only 5 years, even the best programs have periods of blah results. I think a more meaningful presentation would be one that ranks each decade or one that takes an average annual score for a coach over that coaches timeframe at a team.
  8. They have big hill to climb in 6A. Good luck to them! Will be beating up on each other.
  9. Cayson Conner, Marshall Co. committed to Murray State last Thursday. Congrats Cayson! #shoesup
  10. I feel like he did a ton of philanthropy while he was playing for Cincy.
  11. Well at least they were able to comeback late yesterday, which won them the series.
  12. Probably the #1 highlight from the 2010's decade. Always seemed like just a good guy.
  13. He didn't. Reds fall 6-3 with 16-K's. First home loss of the year. Knew this would be a tough one.
  14. Not 100% sure, but wouldn't the runner have had to come back and touch home plate first, before returning to third?
  15. I don't think that will happen, and it shouldn't because of one year. I've confirmed with a former voter that the ballots are cast before the Sweet 16, and have been since the award was started in 1954. How would fans of mountain basketball have felt if Cawood's Phil Cox hadn't won it in '81? Troy McKinley of Simon Kenton is tournament MVP and the Pioneers bring home the 9th Region's first championship. Cox, like Lex Cath's Ben Johnson this year, never made a tournament appearance. This happens often. Just trying to keep the conversation lively 😃. I voted for Sam in the poll above, and you "liked" when I bumped this thread a few weeks ago. I'm a fan, even if I prefer a different shade of blue. Do you think Ross Neltner would've traded his '03 award for a chance to play in and win the tournament that year? Do you think Sam would? I think the vote would've been close pre tournament. At that time, Johnson had more "exposure" from being on the top ranked team and the numbers he put up. Vinson showed out in the Sweet 16 after votes were cast. Truth is, there isn't much of a correlation between being a great player on a title winning team and being awarded Mr. Basketball - it happens about 25% of the time. Winning the tournament MVP, the state championship, and Mr. Basketball trifecta is even rarer - it's only happened to a handful of players since the MVP award was revived in 1981. Again, I'm a fan of Sam. I wonder too, when there are now MaxPreps (which Sam has won) and Gatorade Players of the Year (which includes postseason performance), how relevant Mr. Basketball is today. Lots of folks in the Kentucky may know the history and the significance of winning Mr. Basketball, and I think that group skews older. The two newer awards don't always align with the older one either. MaxPreps and Gatorade have each have a big nationwide social media presence. Would more people recognize the winner of those awards as a more legitimate POY? How do today's players feel about it? In the end, I wouldn't be surprised if either Johnson or Vinson wins Mr Basketball. Both have had great careers, and both have bright futures. And remember again please, I'm a Vinson fan. 🤓
  16. ^^^This The kid has done an incredible job getting himself into shape. He’s not going backwards tOSU to me is the biggest threat to flip him.
  17. Well I know for certain that Basketball has had there share of “ overly involved parents” and IF you have spineless administrators....this is what happens.
  18. Doesn’t sound like the parents had much to do with this situation . . . more like a screw-up from their administration.
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