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  2. I’m gonna say he’s talking about those too.
  3. Player A and Player B are tied through 17 holes. Both are near the 18th green playing their third shots. Player A is in a greenside bunker. While he’s standing next to the bunker figuring out where to land his shot, his caddie jumps into the bunker and tests the sand with his finger. Loss of hole, Player B wins the match. I’ve watched a whole lot of golf in my time and I’ve never seen anything remotely like that.
  4. I'll see him play next Friday if he is indeed at Charlestown.
  5. I'll be at the Battle for 403. Silver Creek @ Charlestown It's a newly formed rivalry, as SC just restarted their program 5 years ago. They were very good last year, I believe finishing the regular season 9-1.
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  7. Pirates 26-12 vs Reds last 2 years, unreal!!
  8. Some of the COVID vaccines are DNA vaccines. https://clinicalresearch.itmat.upenn.edu/clinicaltrial/6408/covid-19-coronavirus-covid-19-dna-vaccine/ Wiki on DNA Vaccines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA_vaccination From above: Talk about uncharted territory that is being rushed into.
  9. Anything that comes out in the next two years would almost, by default, not met the "safe" criteria. Rushed supposed vaccines did serious and permanent damage back in one the previous scares.
  10. Sadly, and scarily this is a fact. People would be shocked if they really read the actual state laws.
  11. That website is specific for campus students and staff (is not inter-related to general testing by UK Healthcare). Students have be tested and then do the daily questionnaire. However, staff that is on-campus is NOT required to be regularly tested or even one time tested. They do now have to fill out the health questionnaire daily (even weekends). I think these testing efforts of large but not too-large populations with specific demographics will be interesting. Hopefully less noise in the data with a more controlled population. So far 10,595 test, 70 positive. 0.7% - about 1/10th the rate of the statewide numbers. They keep reporting between 5 - 6% positivity rate statewide. But when I run the number I keep getting around 7%. Not sure where the disconnect is.
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  13. I am trying top find the best match ups for Friday August 21st in the surrounding states since play has been delayed in Kentucky. The game that I was planning on attending, Warren Central vs Center Grove, was cancelled due to WC players and coaches being quarantined. Oh by the way, WC game 2 vs Trinity was also cancelled. Should be an interesting season. Hope we can make thru to championship weekend the second week of December.
  14. I want to give it some time on safety and if all appears to be well I will strongly consider getting the vaccine. To your second, I believe that is to be determined and I should add again for the record I believe I had COVID at the start of the year.
  15. Good thing the CFP would finish in 2021!
  16. Coach Eric Swords has resigned as head coach at Berea.
  17. And how will you determine if it is a safe vaccine or not? Regardless of how you measure that, the vaccine is going to be safer then getting the virus itself to develop herd immunity, right?
  18. NCAA president says no championships in 2020.
  19. God love Thom Brennaman, who has the uncanny knack of putting earrings on whatever pigs we are playing no matter how bad they are.
  20. The B1G is calling everyone’s bluff. We’ll look really smart, or incredibly stupid.
  21. Dude is a sorcerer. You can't convince me otherwise.
  22. If you believe in herd immunity, wouldn't you be in favor of people taking the vaccine?
  23. I've never paid much attention to his stunts, but I really enjoy his on-the-street magic.
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