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  2. Gonna go with Corbin because of that D, but they have to find some offensive rhythm to pull it out.
  3. JV highlight reel this week. Just like Anderson, "ugly early".
  4. Standing near the Bearcats during the Boyle game doesn't give me confidence that they will compete. No spring ball and a very short run up to the season was hard on everybody. But it was horrible for teams under a 1st or 2nd year coaching change. Anderson is better than their record and they have some kids who can play, but man you talk about bad timing with a coaching change. They are struggling.
  5. They will play either LCA or Somerset if they lose to LCA this week, so I do think they could go out in the first round.
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  7. The language in the writing for #2 and #3 is interesting. It would appear that Male also struggled offensively in the first half, right? None Jefferson schools always get the shade.
  8. That’s really impressive. Dixie has a really good freshman QB in Brach Rice, who is also the backup varsity QB. Did he play in the game, or has he moved up for good now? Either way that is an impressive win for Highlands.
  9. I believe Cooper already has Highlands on the schedule for the first week of November, which is the last week that freshman are allowed to play. Unless with all this Covid stuff this year, rules have changed and freshman are allowed to continue playing after the Varsity playoffs start. Usually freshman teams are not allowed to though.
  10. Ukat1 basically already answered it. Cooper had two solid 8th graders that started freshman football for them last season. They are now true freshman and already had a year experience playing freshman football as 8th graders They got a player back who played for Covcath’s middle school team last year. Which Cooper is actually their home school where they live, and his older brother was the starting QB for Cooper a few years back. So he just decided to go to the school where he lives at, instead of Covcath. Then I would just say probably some of those players from that 8th grade team have just grown some and gotten better. Like the QB for Cooper is really good, and he played for that Cooper middle school team last year, and has made great improvements like others have and is one of the top QBs in freshman football now.
  11. Of course it seems like LCA should roll in much the same fashion as Somerset did against Danville but LCA needs to be wary of a letdown game. They just came off a tough, intense game against a very solid Somerset squad. Danville is eager to get taste of the Somerset loss out of their mouth especially since their game vs Washington County was postponed last week. The recipe is there for a game much closer than most of us imagine it will be. Expect a game that’s close for a half to three quarters with LCA pulling away in the fourth.
  12. Lexington Catholic (2-2) takes a trip down the Bluegrass Parkway to Lawrenceburg to take on Anderson County (0-6). Fortunately for the Knights the trip shouldn’t be too long. Anderson County’s best hope is to find a way to run the ball and eat tons of clock. If not Lexington Catholic will by licking their chops to take their spread offense up against an Anderson County secondary that has been unable to stop the pass. Any hope that Anderson comes away with the huge upset and gets their first win of the season?
  13. Boyle County has rolled through district play so far by a combined score of 96-0. Bourbon County should pose more of an offensive threat than Anderson County but don’t seem to be a real threat to Boyle’s hopes of a victory. Bourbon County lost last week to Lexington Catholic 52-0. That would be the same Lex Cath squad that Boyle beat 40-0 just a couple weeks ago. Can Bourbon give Boyle any type of a challenge or will the JV squad get to play another half of varsity football?
  14. The Randall K. Cooper Jaguars travel to Fort Thomas to take on the Highlands Bluebirds Friday night at 7:00. The 3-3 Bluebirds are coming off of a crushing defeat in Park Hills 0-42. The 2-4 Jaguars had a convincing win over Boone County 28-8. Highlands won this matchup last year at Cooper 14-7. This years matchup features dueling dual threat QBs in Cooper's Jeremiah Lee and Highlands' Charlie Noon. CalPreps predicts a Highlands victory 31-13. The question going into this game is which Bluebirds are going to show up. If Highlands plays like they did against Conner they will pull away with a three score win. If they play like they did last week Cooper should have a good chance. Jeremiah Lee is a very good, very fast, very experienced football player, if given the opportunity he can win the game. School Season District Points Cooper 2-4 1-2 97/-165 Highlands 3-3 2-1 132/-129
  15. So far in the Cowboys game tonight the Dallas fans are getting a look at Andy in prime time I think this will be at least 6-20-1. He didn't have much help tonight with Elliott's two fumbles and the Cowboys terrible defense.
  16. Beechwood by as many points as they want. I don’t think they lose another regular season game.
  17. Tigers had their chances to close out the game late in the 4th quarter just couldn't put it away. The personal foul was huge on St.X's last drive of the 4th quarter.
  18. It has been 15 years since Beechwood lost a regular season district game. The last time Newport beat Beechwood was in 1999. With Mr. Football candidate QB Cam Hergott leading the way, the Tigers are a strong favorite to keep those streaks alive after winning their first two district games by a combined score of 97-6. Newport also comes into this game 4-2 overall and 2-0 in district play, but the margin of victory in their two district games is a total of 7 points. The matchup to watch is Newport's pass defense, #6 in 2A, versus Hergott and the Tigers, whose pass offense is #4 in 2A.
  19. Two high scoring teams! E-town has a great senior class of guys that excel in basketball and football! I see that RB Montgomery is at Bethlehem this year and not Bardstown. He was the difference in Bardstown's playoff win last year.
  20. This should be good one. Last year they split with Franklin County winning in regular season and Central winning in playoffs.
  21. Hated it, but had a friend who drank it all day.
  22. Watching the game now, both team’s DL are standing out early.
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