Flashback scenario? Elite gaggle at top could gag BCS again

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    Flashback scenario? Elite gaggle at top could gag BCS again

    Flashback scenario? Elite gaggle at top could gag BCS again

    It's beginning to look a lot like 2003. That is not necessarily good news for Oklahoma, LSU, USC or the BCS.

    You remember the halcyon days of '03 don't you? That was the year the Sooners, Tigers and Trojans finished 1-2-3 in the BCS. Each had one loss. Each made claims to play for the national championship.

    Only two did. Whether they were the right two is still a point of discussion. LSU and USC became the first split national champs of the BCS era.

    The math, as you may recall, didn't work. Three one-loss teams don't fit into two championship berths.

    The BCS blew up again. Based largely on strength of schedule, USC, No. 1 in both human polls that year, was left out of the BCS title game. Oklahoma lost the Big 12 title game and remained No. 1 in the BCS, playing No. 2 LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

    OK, it's only mid-September, but it's never too early to stir up the angst, especially with the same three teams hovering near the top. To me, Oklahoma, LSU and USC seem to be the three strongest teams in the country, with Florida coming on strong.

    Project ahead to December and the top three could look a lot like it did in 2003. Oh, and guess what? The same problems could still apply.

    The BCS commissioners never have made it mandatory that a team playing in the championship game must win its conference. That means an Oklahoma, LSU or Florida could lose its conference title game and still, conceivably, end up playing for it all. Or worse, not even win its division (see: Nebraska, 2001)

    It's still possible for the No. 1 team in both polls to be left out of the title game. The schedule strength component that doomed USC in '03 has been dropped. So has the quality win component. The BCS has since dropped AP in favor of the Harris Poll. It also assigns a percentage of poll points instead of averaging poll standing, but that doesn't remove the bug from the machine.

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    That year was bad, so was the year Nebraska made, and also the year where Auburn got left out...People just need to face it, college footballs way of crowning a national champion is the worst in any sport. They need to have some sort of playoff system...